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  1. Hi All, The 14mm and the 24mm are still available after sale fell through. Doc
  2. For Sale Eyepieces: Having a bit of a reorganization of my eyepieces and so the following are up for sale: 1.25” Explore Scientific 14mm 82° £90.00 SOLD 2.0” Maxvision 24mm 82° £88.00 SOLD Both in mint condition and very little used! Both have dust caps and original boxes. Prices include First Class Recorded delivery. Thanks for looking! Doc
  3. Eyepiece For Sale Consolidating my current collection and this not getting much use, so it can go to a new home! In ‘As New’ condition Will be well packaged up and sent via Royal Mail First Class Recorded Delivery. Paypal (friends) or Bank Txfer fine. ES Maxvision 82°, 24mm, 2.0”, with original box & end caps, reduced price £80.00 Can't go any lower on price than this!! Here's some pictures: NB: 11/02/18 Advert now also on UKABS. Thanks for looking! Space Beagle.
  4. Great find, and some really good advise so far on how to make even better for not a lot of cash! Well done you for the find!
  5. Yes, 4mm - 6mm is about right for max usable magnification for the scope. Of course there are big varriables like the seeing conditions and what you are actually looking at etc etc! I have used the scope to look at the Moon on a nice clear night with very good seeing conditions at silly magnifications like 400x plus and it's given pretty good views at times.. Good fun! You will find what suits you best after a while on varrious different targets and magnifications, of course and that's part of the fun! One other thing I use to help me find targets and just general observing was
  6. Hi Steve, The crosshair eyepiece adaptor I have is the one that came with my Tal 100rs, it is the one in the pictures in this thread: I'm not sure where you'd get them to be honest, apart from somewhere like Astroboot. There are some ideas on that thread about how to make one if you should want to! You can get some illuminated crosshair eyepieces, which would probably work to align things, but they seem to be more expensive. Ther's one on the FLO site for £51.00! Yes, the long black thing on the OTA is indeed a Teltad mounting plate. I didn't want to go to the hassle of p
  7. Oh yes! Srellarium !! Good shout Alan! Very good for planning a session and just getting to know your way round the night sky. Telrad's not difficult to use at all, but, I find mine very helpful indeed! If you can get hold of an eyepiece with a cross hair in it, that can really help aligning the finder to the scope too ! I was lucky and one came with my Tal 100rs. Sorry about all the exclamation marks, I must stop doing that ! Sorry. Doc
  8. Steve! Glad you like the 200p and the Dob mount, I miss it !! You are now in the 'Dob Mob'!! Also, listen to John, above, he kind of knows his stuff..!! Regards, Doc
  9. Hi Darknight, Er, plan? What plan? This was one of those make it up as you go along jobs to be honest! However, this one did actually turn out quite well and it works just as well, if not better, than the factory dob base for my 250px! There's not much info in it, but here's a link to the original thread on here just after I made it: The chap mentioned 'Rusty Strings', is the guy to ask, or at least look up his threads on making dobsonians here on SGL. He really knew what he was doing..!! Regards, Doc
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