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  1. I did a google search and come up with these Latitude Longitude 53.36716 -2.84711 Hope this helps
  2. Very nice Shaun, its one of the better M64 images i have seen
  3. paulbeer


    I know the feeling I manage a mental health support agency which runs 24/7 so I just grin and bare and grab every opportunity available
  4. Now i cant get that image out of my head
  5. Fingers crossed i dont fancy putting the tent up in the rain
  6. paulbeer

    Butser Hill Pano

    very nice pano mate, i must take the camera up there during the day
  7. so a 15ft by 28ft tent is going to be tight
  8. Does anyone have any idea what size the pitches are going to be(roughly).
  9. Hi am i right in thinking that the Version 2.05 cannot be upgraded to Firmware version 3.27 and that the only way is to buy a new hand controller. Just after clarification. Thanks
  10. Ive just bought on of these mate and only £40 i have also got a 3pin rcd just in case.Crusader Products Mobile Mains Kit | GO Outdoors
  11. Voted should be there mid afternoon on the thursday
  12. I rebooted my internet twice trying to fix it, glad its back now thought id be lost without my SGL fix.
  13. Just found this on you tube, sorry if it has been posted before. Quite amazing what you can do with £350.
  14. Where abouts in Hampshire are you Fumangord i have a little celestron astromaster 114eq that your more than welcome to use until you can get yours. i bought it for the kids but there just not interested.
  15. A big welcome from me Ron :)
  16. Hi JSR welcome to SGL Wow you have a nice selection i am sure you will enjoy them very much.
  17. When i first started astronomy i bought a 130p and convinced myself that my first scope will be my only and last scope 18 months later i have now owned 5 and also purchased a imaging set up, I am forever telling the other half, I swear thats all i will ever need and i promise ill take you to New York just let me get that 1 more eye piece. Does anyone else have the same problem Is there a cure for wanting to constantly upgrade/change astro equipment.
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