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  1. Great find, and some really good advise so far on how to make even better for not a lot of cash! Well done you for the find!
  2. Yes, 4mm - 6mm is about right for max usable magnification for the scope. Of course there are big varriables like the seeing conditions and what you are actually looking at etc etc! I have used the scope to look at the Moon on a nice clear night with very good seeing conditions at silly magnifications like 400x plus and it's given pretty good views at times.. Good fun! You will find what suits you best after a while on varrious different targets and magnifications, of course and that's part of the fun! One other thing I use to help me find targets and just general observing was mentioned by Charic above and that's a decent pair of binoculars. I do find my 10x50's very helpful indeed. Doc
  3. Hi Steve, The crosshair eyepiece adaptor I have is the one that came with my Tal 100rs, it is the one in the pictures in this thread: I'm not sure where you'd get them to be honest, apart from somewhere like Astroboot. There are some ideas on that thread about how to make one if you should want to! You can get some illuminated crosshair eyepieces, which would probably work to align things, but they seem to be more expensive. Ther's one on the FLO site for £51.00! Yes, the long black thing on the OTA is indeed a Teltad mounting plate. I didn't want to go to the hassle of pulling it off and leaving marks on the OTA, as I have another one on my Tal already. Regards, Doc PS: Here's another thread, which might be of interest to you steve:
  4. Oh yes! Srellarium !! Good shout Alan! Very good for planning a session and just getting to know your way round the night sky. Telrad's not difficult to use at all, but, I find mine very helpful indeed! If you can get hold of an eyepiece with a cross hair in it, that can really help aligning the finder to the scope too ! I was lucky and one came with my Tal 100rs. Sorry about all the exclamation marks, I must stop doing that ! Sorry. Doc
  5. Steve! Glad you like the 200p and the Dob mount, I miss it !! You are now in the 'Dob Mob'!! Also, listen to John, above, he kind of knows his stuff..!! Regards, Doc
  6. Another vote for the good old BST's, they do seem to work well on the 200P. I have had most of the range in the past and used them on my own 200P with great success - very good for the money! Another option, which I have just taken advantage of an can highly reccommend, are the sale (ex display) ES68 eyepieces at Bresser. The 24mm and 16mm still seem to be available and at 75 Euros (about £68) i rekon they are a bargain! Mine turned up after about a week and to be honest they look brand new, so am vey pleased with them. The sale page is here: http://www.bresser.de/en/Sale/Display-Items/6/ Hope this helps Doc
  7. Just a quick thanks to 'Ricochet', who pointed out, in this thread, that Bresser were selling the ES68's (ex display items) on their site, as I have just bought a 24mm and a 16mm for a grand total of £136.00 delivered! Another vote for the BST's for you 'JonnyAlpha', I have had most of them over the last few years and they are very good value for the cost, you will be very pleased with them! Doc
  8. I agree with Jules, I think a ALT-AZ 4 would be much better for the Tal100RS. I use mine on an EQ5 - solid as a rock! Nice telescope though if you find one! Regards, Doc
  9. Two modest Dobs here and one frac lurking about somewhere!
  10. Like the enthusiasm! It rubs off on all of us! I wouldn't worry about getting too keen about new eyepieces etc just yet! Just enjoy yourself for now! Extra kit will suggest itself when it is needed. Doc
  11. Never had any probs selling/buying here on SGL, (I usually use P/Pal) very honest people us astronomers! Doc
  12. I must admit I never used the X Cel LX's on my 250px (f4.7 Flextube one), but they seemed to work fine (for me) on my 200p (f5). I do still have a Baader Zoom mind you and it is still very useful on the 250px, so, I would recommed one of these too, when funds allow! I'm sure that collimation will soon become second nature to you! Enjoy you new kit! Doc
  13. One of the X-Cel LX eyepieces I used to own did this, I just re-glued it on with a very small amount of super glue and all was fine! I think there are some old threads on the forum about this happening to some other SGL members too. It's just the rubber piece of the twist up part of the eyepiece that comes loose, it doesn't affect the performance at all it's just a bit annoying! Still very good eyepieces! Doc
  14. A very good find, thanks for posting! Doc
  15. Hmmm, I think if I had to sell all of my 'premium' eps (again) due to 'life', I would have no qualms about going for the BSTs again as they do seem to work very well with the 200p (both the f6 & f5 versions). I do also have the Baader zoom, which is very good, but, overall i'd, personally, choose a few BSTs to cover the same range. Also the 32mm Pannaview, which one ep I wish I had not moved on at all! They don't cost a great deal, but, they are worth every penny in this scope (200p) and could be all that you need for a long time! Again, as Charic, among others here have pointed out, our eyes all all different and you will, ultimately find your own favorites! Oh, and get a Telrad finder and a RACI finder and a good chair to sit on and..........................etc etc, he he! Doc
  16. Purple lens on my 100RS (No 0095 10), which has the crayford focuser.
  17. Astro Baby (a well respected member on SGL) has done a really good collimation guide, which works for me! Here's a link - good website too! http://www.astro-baby.com/collimation/astro%20babys%20collimation%20guide.htm Hope you get sorted soon as that looks like a nice scope! Regards, Doc
  18. My latest deal with FLO Ordered a new Skywatcher 250px Flex Tube, Astrozap shroud, Rigel finder and a Moonlite focuser installation kit from FLO late afternoon on a Friday. No problems with the website at all, very easy to use, well apart from me forgetting what my user account password was – but even that was easy to resolve! Received an email on the next Monday to say everything was being dispatched: The scope from the supplier and all the other items from FLO themselves. Fedex tracking details given for both deliveries. Fedex van delivered all the items on the next day, all very well packaged and all intact. Obviously I unpacked and commenced assembly straight away! Just need to check collimation and await clear skies now! Lovely looking scope and a really smooth and fast job from FLO! I emailed them to confirm the delivery and received a nice reply from Martin the next morning. Thanks so much for a brilliant service! Regards Doc
  19. BSTs and a Panaview 32mm for use in a 200p?? Probably the best set up you could go for, seem to be made for eachother!! Like Charic and Sirius Starwatcher I have used them all in my own 200p over the last few years, and the combination just works really well Saying that, i'm not giving up my Televues any time soon...... Doc
  20. I agree! The BST range of eypieces are very good value for what you pay for them. I too used to own the full set and they seemed to work very well for me in my own f5 200p and f10 Tal 100rs, very easy/comfortable to use and optically fine, to my eyes. I have since gone on and spent probably way too much on several Naglers, but, my goodness, when the skies allow, they really are wonderful, even in my slightly modest scopes! Even though I don't have the BSTs any more I would have no hesitation in recommending them for similar scopes to mine. Like Charic has said before, Alan at 'Skys The Limit', will even let you try them out before making your mind up.......See their website for details.
  21. Sold / selling a few eyepieces and bought a lovely Nagler T6 13mm from this here forum!
  22. I never thought of trying the milk caps, that's just brilliant!!!
  23. Hi Steve, I have one of the non-illuminated, Orion versions and the prism viewer just screws onto the main finder body, it is adjustable by simply rotating the whole finder body in the holder bracket. Once you find a good position you probably won't need to move it much more! It's a good finder tbh and I have been quite happy with it on my 200P dob for several years. Regards Doc
  24. That's the trick then, i.e. get her really interested in using the scope too!! Like above, the 8" dob mounted scope is actually not that big to store somewhere and is so easy to set up and it can really work very well, when sky conditions allow! Doc
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