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Yet another newbie.


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After visiting here for a few weeks i have finally decided to register and say thanks for the starter info i have taken from my extremely frequent visits.

Hmmm about me. Well last year i became very ill and thus needed new less moblie or strenuous hobbies, after a couple of months in my garden late at night i got a bored of staring at twinkly bits and wanted to know more, so i bought my first cheap telescope a Konusuper 120. Wow i saw the moon (for the 1st time). The i went star hopping until i found Saturn (luckily about the 10th thing i looked at) i preceeded to ring all my friends and tell them lol they werent amused being gone midnight, but hey :D.

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Welcome to the forum. It is very easy to forget the time when you're observing. In fact I even forget about getting cold until someone says 'you'll never guess what the time is' and then the cold starts to creep in. Its almost as if you get into a kind of zone with this observing lark.

Clear skies and look forward to hearing what you next observe!


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