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  1. If you do sell the Taks I would be interested in both, especially the fs128. The Intes & one Tak would defo have to go if the choice was mine.
  2. Hi and welcome! Are you on the Derby side of the Peak District or the Staffordshire side?
  3. I don't think LZOS did any Lens' for the APM 80mm scopes unless they made the 80/600? I think it's most probably one of the Lomo Super Apo Triplet lens which went into the APM 80/480 scopes. Lomo stopped producing them so they are no longer available. They are also considered by many to be the best 80mm lens ever produced and are quite hard and pretty expensive to get hold of nowdays.
  4. Keep checking the corrector or eyepiece is not fogged up. Even with dew prevention they can still fog up especially if there's heavy dew.
  5. If you look closely at the edge of the prisms, especially on the left side of the binoviewer "back side" (last photo). You can clearly see the edge of the prism is now revealed by opening up to 25mm. What effect will this have on the overall image?
  6. Most probably when moved to the home position the mount should then be turned off otherwise it would keep tracking?
  7. Ahh what a pain for you! It's in the Setup menu on my LX200. The only other option I can think of is if the GPS connector in the fork arm isn't pushed into it's socket enough. It's happened in the past but as it's a new scope probably better to let your supplier sort the issue.
  8. The GPS is not in the Utilities menu it's in the Setup menu. Setup. Telescope. GPS alignment.
  9. The binoviewers in the photo are MKV's so no weak link there.
  10. The earlier model was the Celestron CI 700 mount which was built by Losmandy.
  11. They are both SCT's. They both have the exact FOV (f10) The ACF has less coma around the edges of the FOV. The ACF is the newer system so will have GPS etc built in wheras the LX90 maybe the older version and even though it has UHTC coatings may not have GPS. It all depends on the price and which best suits your needs. First of all I would familiarise yourself with the different versions that have come out over the years so you know what you are getting. will help. Good luck.
  12. They are old B&L Criterion 16.3mm Erfle's.
  13. Hi Chris, I only use them in my C14 Edge and think in that scope in all honesty I can't tell the difference between the ES & Ethos. I had all the Ethos and decided to pass them on as I'm not too keen on the ultra wideangle with refractors. With the C14 the ES are equally as good. If I had a large dob though I think the Ethos would be better corrected from 70 degree outwards. Only my thoughts of course!
  14. These are my current eyepieces although I still need a few more to finish off. The majority get used with different scopes but there are a few that need passing on. 1st & 2nd cases are my widefield eyepieces and the 3rd case is my binoview pairs & ortho's.