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  1. Hi Stephane Welcome to the forum , great pictures on your site! Lee
  2. Captain Tripps


    Hi, welcome aboard Lee
  3. Captain Tripps

    New to SGL

    Hi, welcome to the forum Lee
  4. Hi, welcome to the forum Lee
  5. Hi, welcome to the forum Lee
  6. Captain Tripps


    Hi Matt Welcome aboard Lee
  7. Hi Phil Welcome to the forum Lee
  8. Captain Tripps


    Hi Galaxy Welcome to SGL Lee
  9. Hi Brian Welcome to SGL Lee
  10. Captain Tripps


    Pics I have taken
  11. Captain Tripps


    From the album: Pictures

  12. Thought this could be interesting. Jupiter's moons to perform Double Shadow Play on Monday Lee
  13. Nice one Ian, I'll be giving it a go Lee
  14. Hi Andrew Welcome to the forum Lee
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