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Tonights going to be a good good night..


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We had a meeting of East Midlands Stargazers tonight, a good turnout as 8 scopes arrived but unfortunately the skies didn't play ball and we drank tea and coffee until midnight and then called it a night.

Oh well always another night :D

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Last night was one of the clearest yet this trip, unfortunately my glass back had given me a twinge, so I opted instead to take it easy and just lay on my bunk (after a spot of just sitting and taking in the clear night skies, that is).

Hopefully tonight may be as clear and my back be better. I'll be looking out for Venus and the moon, which I failed to notice last night.

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Just back in..still clear..

NGC 4550/1, M89 M90 NGC 4654, 4681,4450,4293,4419,4377,4489,4474,4425...I will check how many were new catches in the morning.

Virgo going out of view behind the tree so finished with a few favorites. Had a whizz around M23/M18/M16/M17 (Swan) then over to M57/M27 and the veil...The swan, M57,M27 and the Veil look so fine in the OIII filter.

Time for bed I feel. Kate will be home from her night shift soon (Police!)...


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