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  1. Hi all after the disappointment that was a totally cloud covered Draconids ive been reading about radio detection of meteors using a basic digital radio and aerial set up... basic premis being you set the fm radio to a frequency that produces static where u are but is an actual radio station frequency which is located over 200 miles away. The ionised meteor trail causes the radio to pick up and 'carry' the distant radio-channel for the duration its burning in the atmosphere allowing you to 'count' meteors during the day and periods of bad weather. Sounds too easy! Anyone tried this? If so how did u get on? What freq did u use? What radios would u recommend?
  2. This past 12 months have been abysmal weather wise, seems like constant cloud... I try and get out whenever i can, silly shift patterns certainly dont help! I think ive been out observing probably 5 or 6 times in the past 12 months, lets hope this winter is clearer
  3. Hi Ian and welcome to the forum
  4. i go out mountain biking during the day looking for suitable darksky sites and have found some quality ones this way... just find out who owns the land and ask them for permission to use their land...
  5. fingers crossed and weather dependent im free on the 4th... see, i am still alive!
  6. Cheers matey, that's what I came up with too, seems strange given our ancient forbears were so superstitious about everything that they didn't make stories about the night sky. Thanks anyway
  7. Hi all, just trying to find info about the constellations biased towards celtic rather than greek mythology... anyone any ideas?
  8. it was the seeing that affected the split not the optics...
  9. My 32mm is the mainstay of my ep collection... I use it to search for dso's
  10. i nearly snorted hot coffee down my nose.... moonshanes got it spot on... im still using mr muscle to clean all my optics with no side effects whatsoever while the cleaning nazis still insist on tepid evian water baths and wafting it dry with hummingbirds wings, please dont use 240 grade on your lenses (use 600 instead)
  11. heres a twist... what about influenza... maybe thats an alien lifeform?
  12. aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhh! was after the exact same one as soon as payday arrived on 25th!!!!
  13. yup agree with Ludd wholeheartedly... i had an EQ1 which for low mag work is adequate but anything higher than a 10mm ep and its very rickety. With a 4" refractor and a webcam it will be struggling. If its wobbly from the scope mount make sure you have the correct scope rings/ mount, if there is any play try packing it out a little (a sheet of newspaper folded lengthways a couple of times... (doesnt look nice but works) Try rebalancing everything as per skywatcher website so that scope (and webcam) just sits there without tilting in either axis without brakes on and then go from there. I have an EQ3-2 now and thats far superior in both sturdiness and tracking. Hope this helps?
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