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Hi all from Albertlund in Denmark


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I'm the father in a family of 3½ born in 1970. In my youth my room's windows pointed South where I often used my father 7x50 or 8x50 binoculars to look at the night sky. Used my greater sisters typewriter to write sheets with information of the planets and Messier objects etc. 

I generally stopped looking up in my teens - only when comets, showers or other astronomical events was in the prime time news I raised my head. But kept my general knowledge of astronomy and space exploration up to date viewing scientific documentaries. 

10 years ago I saw an amateur astrofoto of Jupiter and was sold but found out it was too for our household to get such expensive equiptment.

It was a great surprise when my wife and son last year gave me a Celestron Explora Scope 70 AZ refractor to my birthday in April. It is the best present I have ever received. But it wasn't until January this year my interested in astronomy really took off when I bought and started writing my astronomy log in a notebook. 

My main focus is what I can get out of the small and quite inexpensive refractor I have and give that information forward. I often sketch instead of taking astrofotos with my OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone using an adapter.

I'm a Dane so I write the log in Danish but I think you can stille dechiffer some of the words. You can see the first two pages of the log beneath. 

Thanks for being here - I hope both you all and I will have a pleasent time - enjoy the sky.

The most enjoyable greeings
Claus Agerskov, Agertorium - Celestron Explora Scope 70 AZ refractor, OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone, Celestron NexYZ smartphone adapter, sheets of paper and HB2 pencils. 


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8 hours ago, cajen2 said:

Welcome, Claus. Don't think we have too many members from Denmark, so doubly welcome!

Thanks - Denmark is a small country with almost 6 million people - so off course there are not many Danes here. 

I'm focusing on double stars at the moment and diggin into information about SHJ 251 aka WDS J17391+0202 - so your "doubly welcome" was spot on 😀

The most enjoyable greeings
Claus Agerskov, Agertorium

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8 hours ago, Carl Au said:

Det ar godt att ser dig, my Swedish is a lot better than my Danish so my apologies in advance 

As far as I understood only English is allowed. But I understand all the Scandinavian languages when written. The Swedish dialect from Skåne gets over my head - even though I was a treasurer at Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group.

The most enjoyable greeings
Claus Agerskov, Agertorium

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Velkommen Claus:thumbright:

I do believe I have seen you on Astronet (for those unaware, a danish equivalent to SGL) as well so good to see you here as well!

I know there are a couple of Danes here apart from me, but the only one I remember off the top of my head is @jjosefsen:)

looking forward to seeing you on here! I think you'll enjoy it.


EDIT: And @Rusted of course, how could I forget:laugh2:

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Mentioned in despatches? 😊

Hej Claus,

Velcom til SGL. :wink2:

I am English but have been living in Denmark for 25 years.
My Danish pronunciation has been described as appalling! 
I understand spoken Danish and read Danish.  :thumbsup:
I'm on Vest Fyn. I have my own observatory and image the Sun and the Moon.

Chris [Rusted]


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Heey, I'm also from Denmark.

That logbook looks like a really good and fun idea. I've thought of a bit like that, just more in the form of OneNote or something, but it's not something I've done yet, as I don't really know what to write down :D 

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