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Belated solar images from December 2021

Nigella Bryant

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I'll take the opportunity of wishing everyone clear skies for 2022. I've been a little inactive imaging and observing wise due to health issue which some of you have voiced their concerns because of my absence. Anyway enough of that. Posting some belated images from December 2021.

Solar observation is a little hit a miss for me during the winter months because of trees and a low sun and of course the awful weather, don't think I've ever experienced such a winter as this with constant cloud cover. 
















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21 hours ago, Nigella Bryant said:

Thanks Sunshine, much appreciated. Difficult during the winter as the sun is so low at the moment but there are moments of good seeing.

Any chance you are having a peek at the sun this morning? a poster on CN says the sun has numerous proms this morning, like ten or so, you immediately came to mind as the SGL sun whisperer lol.

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2 hours ago, Pete Presland said:

Excellent set of  images, love  Ca-k  images especially. Don't seem to see as many in that wavelength as we used to.

I do love the Ca-k too Pete, I don't understand why there's less people using the wavelength except for cost but it works out cheaper and easier than HA. 

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