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  1. Thanks @callisto @Sunshine & @MartinT - it was nice imaging the moon again after so long. Was v funny in that every so often the exhaust of the neighbour's boiler chute would blow water vapour exactly across where the moon was peeping around the corner that night.
  2. Those are really rather nice - you should post more of those in the future pls. In particular, very clean surface texture in 1,2,4 & 5 - I've never thought of using Pixinsight on solar!
  3. Thanks @neil phillips - that means a lot coming from someone with your skills And concur, those are the ones I like the most - all the other ones I used a more experimental ImPPG approach (& also colour tone approach in Gimp) but looking at them side-by-side, 3 & 4 are just nicer than the others. Ah well, it's always good to try new approaches even if its only to discover that sometimes when you kiss a frog it stays a frog
  4. Hadn't imaged the moon for far too long & found myself w time and a cooled down Mak 7" f/10 on the night of the 23rd. Did both visual & some captures. Wow visual at that aperture is amazing (next time w BVs!). A long time since processing lunar, so v rusty & trying a few different things.
  5. V nice for 3.5hrs Between the two, I prefer the OSC - more texture in the inner core. The HOO almost seems too bright. I've got some unprocessed data on Pacman taken with an ASI178MMcool but with a Baader UHC filter as it seems to have a dual-band style transmission curve. Will be curious to see how it compares to the L-enhance (the L-e should be better & tighter band-pass, but by how much should be interesting to see)
  6. Hmm, good Q. I thought I had checked both E & W on the RA axis but maybe not well enough. And it was RA that seemed to go wandering on the guide graph. Thanks - will try & be more careful next time - fingers crossed!
  7. Thanks @PeterCPC - I did that a few times. (EKOS automatically had to recalibrate & restart the guider anyway when it switched to the new target of IC410, but I also forced recalibration of auto guiding a few times manually when I noticed this runaway-RMS, but this kept happening). Perplexing.
  8. Hello, I noticed a strange thing last night. Had the AP rig running. Two hours on Fireworks Galaxy went fine until it went behind some buildings. And so switched across to IC 410, and the guiding just seemed to go to pieces. It would start fine, but then the RMS would suddenly become horrific and the whole image would shift w trails. I gave up after 49 lights - frustrating b/c the night looked pretty clear - but while looking at Blink this morning, noticed that the trailed images were lights number 4,13,23,30,31,32,38,39,49. Not quite a regular cycle but a few cycles of 9/10 dithers in there? Yet the same mount had just done almost 2h on another target the same night w/o any such problems. The only difference I can think of is that the Fireworks Galaxy was the scope pointing west of meridian, IC410 was the scope pointing east of meridian. Has anyone ever had this before? Is it a dithering problem, or does the mount need servicing or could it have been a balance issue - or something entirely different? (Its an HEQ5Pro belted, & I was using EKOS internal guider with an ASI120MM mini on a ZWO mini guide scope. The main scope was a 4" frac f8.6 but reduced/flattened 0.79x to f6.8). Cheers, Vin
  9. The central ridge line (running vertically) & the dark objects (Bok Globules?) on the left hand edge are v interesting. V curious to see the full 24h image!
  10. In wine, there are blind tastings all the time (even double-blind). In medical trials, double-blind is standard. Have people ever tried that in astronomy (either visual or AP)? The judgment of Paris was (rightly) famous in wine circles b/c it showed that when tasted blind, Californian wines knocked the hallowed French brands off their perch. Even French drinkers picked (unknowingly!) the Californian wines as better. Would be v interesting to see that tried in astronomy!
  11. Thanks @Alan White - that's a great idea re the time lapse. Has anyone ever done an H-alpha analemma over a year? That would be so cool - maybe something for SGLers in sunnier/desert climes?
  12. Hello, Here are a couple of whole disks, the first on 16 Nov, the second on 23 Nov. 16 Nov: 23 Nov: And here are more or less the same part of the disk about 24h apart (22 Nov & 23 Nov) 22 Nov: 23 Nov: It's interesting seeing how much changes, & how much stays roughly the same. Cheers, Vin
  13. Thanks @Highburymark - yes v happy w the SF50. I actually dread to think what a DS version would show. You're right about the last image being soft - if I remember correctly, I was wary of doing too much in ImPPG. I think I still have the original footage so I may see if something more can be done with it, or if that's just the original footage limiting it.
  14. Hello, The sun has been lovely the last few days & I have managed to get some data that I will process & post. On one of the mornings, I had enough time to try w and w/o a 2.5x PM. Which ones are better? The kit is TV76 w SF50 (ie effectively f9.6) w ASI290MM (2.9um pixel size). So w/o PM that's a ratio of about 3.3. With the PM that rises to 8.3. I think the ideal ratio is mean to be about 4-5x right? So would it be better to not use a PM and just use ROI? I think the w/o PM images are better (& file sizes a lot smaller for some strange reason)? Cheers, Vin No PM: PM: No PM: PM:
  15. I've used my Evoguide50 (w a flattener inside it) and then a TV40+PVS14 - all on a straight-through basis (takes it to f3). It does work - is a bit like the old nautical scopes from a form-factor basis. I want to try one of the 3x lenses at some stage (might be easier form-factor?) Here's a smartphoneM42 with TV76+TV40+PVS14. Handheld (hence some trails) & I also shifted the black point rightwards b/c the low-light std camera takes 3s images so the background looks a lot brighter in the image than the EP. (PS - I definitely want to try a sped-up 7" on M42 later in the season!)
  16. Wow only 3h50 from Bortle 8 - that's a compelling demonstration of the case for mono NB!
  17. Just checked your astrobin for the fuller images - beautiful. I notice you used the L-extreme for a few of them - are you happy with that? May I ask what Bortle your skies would be? Thank you!
  18. I use an HEQ5Pro belt-modded w an old TV102iis (880mm f/l) refractor. With flattener, spacers, OSC, guidescope&camera, Pegasus UPB etc mounted on it, the whole thing comes in at around 10kg & for me it is fine for AP (probably pushing it at times but still RMS around 1 - which is more linked to the length/wind I suspect, with dew shield extended its almost 1m long) so for visual that should be more than ok. (It's now on a pier, but I used to use it on an old Berlebach Uni18 - much less substantial than a Planet - it was fine on that too). I even put an old Russian 180mm Mak on it recently - it needed an extra counterweight (the Mak weighs more or less the same as the AP setup but its centre of gravity is a bit higher so I needed another CW). It seems to have coped - have yet to test that configuration out for full guided DSO AP though. Enjoy the new scope!
  19. Thanks @ollypenrice - yes you're spot on the 0.79x is also a flattener & that's the main reason I was using it. And you're right about the colour too - when I compare to other images, there's more blue for example. I wasn't sure whether that's because 6h is still too short (but it's still quite a bit) or whether it's because of the double-stacking of the filters that some parts of the colour spectrum are being attenuated? I don't have PS - but will see if I can come up w similar workflows either within PI or GIMP. And thanks re the mono - yes I keep humming & hawing about mono but am quite happy w the OSC & frankly given how few these clear nights are, I'm not sure I can justify the mono expense. Its mostly the moon-ful nights that become a slight pain b/c I can't image properly then - maybe an L-enhance is called for, or just bite the bullet for narrowband. @kirkster501yes I did wonder whether it might be internal reflections - the Tadpole nebula I took on the second night didn't seem to have them, so maybe it was the tweak in spacing on the 2nd night that somehow put the reflections out. Who knows! Will see if they come back in future images whenever the next imaging night arrives! Cheers both
  20. Hello, I managed to start getting some data on IC410 a fortnight ago (!). Not having had any chance to add to it, I became impatient thought I'd just play around with it (nice way of practising processing variations is my rationalisation). Obv nowhere near enough data, but in this star reduced version, it doesn't half look like a skull? Too late for Halloween - but funnily enough the data was captured on the night of 2 Nov (isn't that Dia de Muertos?). Cheers, Vin
  21. Thanks @Richard_ will try that w a w-i-p image I'm playing around with. Btw your Veil mosaic is v nice - thanks for putting in such a detailed workflow there too!
  22. 240GB!! My laptop would keel over. It's like that quote from Jaws "we're going to need a bigger boa[rd]" There's a nice difference b/w the two - the first is more atmospheric (a bit like those slightly misty landscapes), the second is more action-y (like a space movie).
  23. Ah that makes sense, thank you @wimvb - much appreciated!
  24. So I went back & used DBE instead of ABE, as well as put some negative bias (-0.001) on the R layer in the MMT & MLTs. Here are a couple of 2x downsampled images (as per the ones above). I think I prefer this version. Cheers
  25. Thanks @woldsman - ha hadn't thought about Nov 5th - yes v coincidental - craxzy how good some of these firecrackers are becoming. I did take flats (re-took them even). I reckon it might be a PI thing - I did ABE but while playing around just now with another w-i-p image I've done both ABE & DBE on that and the ABE has a similar dark halo which DBE doesn't. May re-try this galaxy w DBE in the next few days to see. Cheers
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