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  1. Thanks @Piero it does look great! Already starting to look into the economics (and keeping an eye out for pre-owned!). Stay safe, Vin
  2. Thanks both @Stu and @billhinge - both of those are incredibly useful. @Piero's post (and the CN post he links to) are great b/c those show the central column being used with 100 or even 140 fracs for high mag viewing and 1s damping time - with an AyoII mount on top! I wouldn't have even thought it could handle all that but that's v reassuring. Most of the time I'd be using a little Lunt (my Ali tripod just has horrible shakes, and the C-fibre photography tripod I use similarly). But I want to try and get a central column b/c I have another daft idea of trying to mount an old Vixen 102 on it for white-light viewing on the SQ (when there are spots!) which means needing more clearance. Weight-wise the 102 would be within the SQ load, length & moment wise it'll be interesting to see how it copes (I know I'll have to balance it well). Worst-case if it can handle an AyoII, I can just put my old AOK Kohler-made EZTouch on it and use that for WL (if Tak 100s and TEC140s can work then an old Vixen102 achromat should be fine too) - which means maybe I shouldn't sell that just yet... I hadn't thought about the Mulda versions Bill - if you're tired of it pls let me know . Thanks again both - really helpful.
  3. Hello, This is a Q about tripod rather than mount, but I wasn't sure where else to put it - apologies if in the wrong place. Has anyone had any experience with these geared central column tripods that Berlebach make (such as this, though there are others as well)? In particular at how stable/shakey the column is at it gets extended (I'm assuming the dampening of the tripod legs will indeed be "very good" as Berlebach say). The Q is asked in the context of putting a little Solar Quest on it. That is, it's not going to be a heavy load since the SQ isn't heavy & its own max load is about 4-5kg (so the whole thing would be well within the 15kg max load tolerance of the tripod). Thank you, Vin
  4. I think USB port 6 on the v1 UPB provides 5V/3A "always on" so no need for a step-down. (At least that's what I hope - am switching to that!).
  5. Hello, Thanks again for sharing this. I thought I'd try again w Andromeda this time. Two down-sampled images below. I think I prefer the darker one b/c the core is less blown out (but there are less foreground stars as a result too). The two images evoke such different feelings - one slightly more serene & elegant perhaps, the other more like a swirling galactic mass with lots of hustle & bustle. Or is that just me anthropomorphising things! Stay safe all, Vin
  6. Hello, thanks for sharing this. I had a hack at it too (complete newbie to processing mono so this is my first ever mono attempt - am thinking of making the switch so I thought it would be interesting to see what is involved!). A lovely set of mono images you took there. Anyway, here's my clumsy attempt (downsampled).
  7. Gosh this is v kind of you @Allinthehead. Having had a glass of white wine (or few) & a lovely dinner, here's my v amateurish hackery. Apologies. Tbh my breath was taken away just seeing the DBE image in PI - I'd probably be happy with just that if it was one of mine!
  8. Hi Nigella, may I ask whether you keep this tilter between the diagonal & the focus draw tube (so that you can still use an EP) or after the diagonal? I've just gotten a Solar Quest. What a brilliant idea - makes set-up & tracking so much easier. But it seems to do its job too well b/c since the Sun doesn't move in the image, I'm getting NR even without a 2.5x PM now! I'm hoping that a T2 tilt adaptor could be permanently setup between the diagonal & the focuser (esp as I use an ASI120mm mini and the 1.25 nose on that would make connecting it directly to a tilt adaptor slightly problematic. Thank you, Vin
  9. I think @Stuart1971was looking for one in the wanted section.
  10. Hello, I was wondering if anyone may have some pointers pls. I've just bought a DeepSkyDad AF3 from a fellow SGLer (thank you). And want to get the mounting adapter made to fit my scope (rather than try and gerry-rig some drilling myself!). I haven't been able to get hold of Pavle at DSD (here's the msg that pops up on Firefox if you google DSD: "So I am sad to announce that with 2020 we are temporarily halting selling existing products under Deep Sky Dad brand. This means that new orders are not possible as of today, but we are of course still offering support to existing customers and limited 3D printing adapters designing on-demand (please contact us about this via email)." Are there any other places anyone would recommend to get the adapter plate printed (I can make all the measurements precisely myself)? Thank you, Vin
  11. If anyone has any luck with that pls say! I asked TS about this earlier this yr (as a possibility for a Lunt 50). The feedback I got from them was that this focuser pipe has no thread for connection so the challenge would be how to attach it to the Lunt. I left it at that for the time being b/c my knowledge of mechanics & astro-gear is limited but maybe someone else can have better luck or ingenuity pls - this'd be a lot cheaper than the FT or Moonlite 1.25 focusers! Cheers, Vin
  12. Hello, I grabbed 2h34 of 120s lights this Thurs 24 June on this. First time ever for me. Seeing the delicate nebula patterns appear on the test FIT was thrilling. Anyway, my usual process butchery. I definitely need a cooled camera (has been cropped) although tbf my little ASI178MC has really done the business for me on my learning journey so far. I used a CLS-CCD & UHC filter combined to try and re-create a tri-band effect. Obv I really should take a CLS-CCD only image of this when the clouds next disappear to see what the difference is! Anyway stay safe all, Vin
  13. Thanks all. I decided to try the DeepSkyDad AF3 that another SGLer was selling. I guess I can always fall back to the original plan of an automated pulse motor alternative if that doesn't work. Now to just try & get hold of Pavle to print a new mounting adapter (lest I have to resort to home-drilling!) - has anyone been able to contact him recently? Stay safe, Vin
  14. There is no such as thing as being overmounted That's a lovely shot.
  15. Huh, great minds think alike? I was also on the W Veil last night - about 2h34 of 2 min subs! On a belted HEQ5Pro, but with a 4" frac & an ASI178MC, so probably much tighter FOV. Have to process it yet, but if it comes out half as nice as yours I'll be well-chuffed!
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