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  1. Wow that's a great capture! I wonder if EKOS can show detail to that level as Stellarium in terms of FOV & objects...
  2. Tbh that looks pretty good to my eyes - thank you for sharing the .tif as well - something to while away cloudy days with
  3. I think if you scroll down a bit on this link it should show you the latest stable release updates w links? https://edu.kde.org/kstars/ - good luck!
  4. I'm quite happy with my Evoguide50ED with a Skywatcher Evo Field Flattener. Works really well & is much cheaper than a Redcat. Some basic quick images here. (Have also figured out a way to use 1.25" filters with it subsequent to this post). .
  5. This should work for what you're looking to do I think? https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p8315_TS-Guidemount---ultra-compact-Vixen-GP-level-dual-mount.html
  6. Hi, if you do split, then - depending on inner diameter - I would be interested in the tube-rings & WO mounting plate that they are on pls? No worries if no split- it's a nice bundle together!
  7. Lovely sketches. Did the polarising filters experiment work?
  8. The current one uses a single set screw to hold the EP (or PM or BV) and itself also threads into the visual back via one set screw. And that gives me the hee-bee-gee-bees because the grip isn't strong enough to stop either rotating. Nothing's fallen out yet but I really don't want to take the chance. So am switching to new visual back & diagonal that each have compression bands for a proper grip (the fine focus on the visual back is an added bonus). Cheers!
  9. Here's my Vixen 102M earlier this evening (before the fluffy stuff moved in). An old scope, on an old WO/AOK EZtouch, on an old Berlebach Report 2042 (at a bargain price on eBay!). And why not - it all works. Took a peek at the moon - it is so restful, and then Jupiter - just resplendent with moons scattered across and bands on the surface - and then Saturn - Cassini division and a blurry portion on the disk (?). Want to continue to tweak the Vixen a bit - a Telrad (being searched for), a new visual back adapter to allow for fine-focus (awaited from FLO), and a new 1.25" diagonal w compression bands (awaited in the post tomorrow from another SGLer), and I think it will be done. (Well, then a stop-spreader for the tripod and a little EP tray...its never done is it). Stay safe all.
  10. LARGELY COMPLETED pls remove - will post separately on any remaining bits, thank you!
  11. The wisps of the nebulosity are so rich.
  12. I think its brilliant that you can remember what day of the week it was that you bought it - says it all about how important buying a scope should be: a memorable occasion It does look naked without the dew shield though! For polar alignment, I've given up trying to remember how those dials work. Instead I use a free app on my iPhone called PS Align. It shows me where on a clock face Polaris should be for my location & time. And then I just look through the polar scope and try & get Polaris roughly there. For visual I find that's good enough & things stay where they are meant to be when it tracks. But I have a dec motor so that does make tweaking things a bit easy in all 4 directions if the alignment is too far off. I'll defer to others w greater EP knowledge, but if you have 6mm & 24mm then maybe something in the middle? I really like the way a 12mm works in mine. but I reckon a good 18mm would be pretty decent too? Cheers (PS re pointing, I think I'm going to go with a Telrad)
  13. Last bump for SGLers. Given that England will probably end up having a circuit-breaker lockdown (if Wales & Scotland doing so) then might be worth getting delivery or handover sorted before that starts, so that you can use it during "Lockdown: The Sequel".
  14. Last bump for SGLers. Given that England will probably end up having a circuit-breaker lockdown (if Wales & Scotland doing so) then might be worth getting delivery or handover sorted before that starts, so that you can use it during "Lockdown: The Sequel".
  15. Great Q. I'll defer to other more experienced SGLers, esp as I've never used a Dob so I don't know what BVs on a Dob are like from a practical perspective. I like them on my fracs. Definitely more immersive, and overall restful. I've noticed less floaters at high power if I use both eyes vs just one eye - don't know why that would be? The moon is pretty amazing in BVs, and you do feel as if you're floating in space. From what I can tell, the general lower power EP is perhaps for two reasons (a) quite often you need to put a GPC in there that has a magnifying effect, and/or (b) the BV's do dim the view as the light is split so perhaps they larger exit pupil of longer EPs offsets that? (But I could well be misunderstanding). One Q I've often puzzled over though is the clear aperture of diagonals for BV'ing. V often they get marketed as having, eg, 30+mm clear aperture. For slower scopes I guess that makes sense. But for a fast scope, I think the image size by the time its gets to the end of the OTA (where the focuser is) will v often be <1.25" anyway, so what difference would it make to have larger clear aperture? For example, on my little 72ED which is f6 432mm f/l and 330mm OTA length. By my calculations, the image size will be 17mm by the time it gets to the end of the OTA (ie, even before factoring in any racking out) so there's not much point in having a larger diagonal - I won't see more FOV. Or am I getting that wrong? I have no idea whether would still be the case w Dobs though. Cheers
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