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  1. Thanks @Mick J just downloaded it from there & it works a treat. Great, no need to use LR anymore. Cheers!
  2. At @happy-kat's suggestion in another thread, here's a lunar mosaic (3 panes). Our most important satellite, notwithstanding Musk, Bezos & even the HST? Telementor 2, ASI290MM, on a motor-modded Vixen SP mount. Software used was FireCapture, then AS!3, then ImPPG, stitched in Lightroom, & then finished in GIMP. I couldn't get as much magnification as H-K's earth shot above - dread to think the size of the scope and the focal length involved in getting that close! (PS - apologies mods for misreading the guidelines & inadvertently posting feedback earlier in this thr
  3. I hadn't thought about that @happy-kat - been seeing the striking asteroid & artificial satellites pics posted on that & thought a simple old moon shot would be incongruous. Still, nothing ventured nothing gained so why not. PS v good earth shot you've submitted on that challenge - even HST couldn't get that much clarity!
  4. Thanks both @discardedastro & @JamesF. I took your suggestion Discarded and saved a log of the mount - have posted it on Stellarmate support & Indilib forum - let's see what the feedback is. Glad to see you resolved it James - gives me hope. It used to work for me, but who knows what's happening now! Cheers, Vin
  5. Thanks @Mognet yes its strange isn't it. The only thing I could wonder is if they're getting ready to launch it as a commercial product. That's a good idea re the Internet Archive - will try that! Cheers.
  6. Hello, Hope all safe & well. I'm going to check on Indilib forums too, but thought I would also post here in case anyone has faced similar problems recently. Basically my EKOS doesn't actually do the meridian flip. It correctly calculates when the flip is due (I've ticked the flip box & set it to 0.10 hrs) and when the time arrives, it says it's doing the flip, aligning post-flip etc, and that the flip has been done. But the actual physical flip doesn't happen? (I think I've changed how the mounting sits - earlier (when the flip used to work) I had the tightening bolt
  7. Good idea, thank you. I had switched to DNG b/c I thought the problem was w the PEF format but if it was just that I was using an old instal of DSS (hence the update fixing the DNG problem), maybe PEFs will also work. I don't understand why updated DSS was still not calibrating the uploaded DNG files - but if you have found that it calibrates & stacks PEFs then I will try that next time I'm out w the DSLR
  8. Hello, Just catching up w some of the amazing recent lunar images on here - wow! Finally got round to processing & stitching my first ever lunar mosaic (JPEG for size). The captures were done last Thurs 18 Feb, a Telementor 2 on a modded Vixen SP mount w an ASI290MM and an Optolong UV-IR filter, using FireCapture (first time for me). Since the 290MM has a smaller FOV than a 178MM, needed to do mosaics. Processing done via AS!3, then ImPPG. Then 3 panes stitched in LightRoom (tried PI but it didn't align well at all, & MS ICE download site is down). Then a bit of GIMP
  9. You're going to start posting knockout lunar images as well as solar now aren't you
  10. That's gorgeous - 11 panes in wind w manual placement?!
  11. Thanks @neil phillips - appreciate that, it was my first time w FireCapture & also the ASI290MM, so quite happy w how that came out. Well worth having sold my ASI178MC to switch into a better planetary mono...although my first attempt at FC, the 290MM & the Sun is 'a learning experience' let's just say
  12. Hello, The Microsoft download site for ICE seems to be showing a 404 error. Am I being really silly - I can see a number of other sites that claim to also download that but I'm wary downloading from random websites? Cheers, Vin
  13. Lovely - you did catch that big one at about 1630 on the disc!
  14. Beautiful images The third one is really perspective-setting! It was a cracking show today wasn't it. Was v windy here so I'm not sure how my attempts at image capture (w a little 50mm!) will come out. But I was googling FireCapture settings on gain & gamma at the side of the scope (my first attempt w FC) & came across a helpful post from you on CN Cheers!
  15. Oh no @Nigella Bryant I was thinking I wanted to see your images of that when I was watching it. I did take some footage so will try and post that but as I was just experimenting w FireCapture, I don't have high hopes for how the settings will come out. Thanks @Merlin hadn't heard of that before (doh!) so will check that out - helioviewer.org is also great fun to look at (especially the ability to drag the sun around in comparison to the Earth image for scale).
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