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Hi All,

Here I am probably asking the same age old question. Just wondering what eyepieces I should be using to impress myself with the views of planets and the moon with my telescope. D=70mm, F1=900mm, F/13. I’d really like to see some detail but I’m not sure if that’s possible with this beginners scope or not. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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Here's a good thread about choosing a good range of eyepieces:

Fortunately, as your scope is 'slow', you don't need to invest in very expensive eyepieces to get the best performance. As I'm sure you've seen, BST Starguiders get great reviews and will be a huge step up in quality from what you have. If you want to invest less, decent basic plossls will be fine, but the lower focal-length ones will have tight eye-relief.

I'd suggest reading this too:



If I used too much jargon, just ask.

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I started off with that scope. I was wowed by the views it gave me of the moon! 

Unfortunately I thought the mount was terrible, and I could never really find anything else I wanted to look for in the sky. 

I quickly upgraded to a Skywatcher 150 dobsonian scope. It was sooooooo much better! A joy to use whereas the astromaster 70 made me want to throw it out a window...

I can definitely second the BST star guider recommendation though, been very happy with the couple of those i have. 

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