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  1. Stellarium, I'll definitely download it and check it out, thanks! But yeah I'm hooked to this haha my wife was looking for me around the house last night and I was outside with the telescope thanks for the pointers about the mount and the camera. So far it seemed to work really well and pinpointed the planets with pinpoint accuracy after I did the initial alignment but will keep the tips you provided handy. Now I just look up at the sky and hope for clear skies every night haha
  2. I'm latitude 39 so very close to what you said! For first try what I saw I was satisfied with when it came to Jupiter but will continue to play with the focus and the different maginifications now that my alignment is all good and the clear sky with as little light as possible would be nice. I am glad to hear Jupiter and Saturn will be moving north so it will be a lot easier. I must admit I knew it would be fun to have a telescope but I didnt know it would be so much fun! I'm definitely enjoying stargazing and looking at planets. Eventually will try out DSO. The HC on the SE alone has sky tour
  3. I havent had the chance to try my SE8 on the moon. It hasn't been in my view at all for the past few days but if I feel I need a filter, I'll certainly get one. I did wanna say after 3 straight days of playing with my starsense to align which it did but never perfectly, last night I looked for Mars for about 30 minutes all over the scope based on the initial alignment area and found it. After calibration, I was able to find Jupiter, its moons and Saturn. Such an amazing experience seeing these planets through your own eyes, it was well worth standing out on my deck in 30 degree weather t
  4. All. Thanks again for all your advice. I went back out in the nice sun (on eastern time). I turned on the finder scope and pointed it to trees behind a home about a half mile away. I could tell it was focused on something brownish because I was no longer seeing the blue sky. I started from the knob all the way to the left and slowly starting turning it clockwise. After some focusing I could clearly see the leaves moving in the wind on the tree in crisp quality. I then started to explore with the knob and what I can see with the focus and got the hang of the scope finder and how to find an obje
  5. Thank you both for your input. I was not using the finder scope so will try to align an object far away or a star tonight with it first and then try to find it through the telescope. That would have helped If I tried that. Your picture of the moon is something I was expecting to see but the moon wasnt out last night. I think when it's up there, using the finder scope to find the moon and then the telescope will make it better. I need to play with the focus, that might be also why I'm not seeing anything as you mentioned it has quite a lot of focus and I'm not going far out as I should. A
  6. Hello all, I always been fascinated by astronomy and finally purchased a celestron nexstar 8se. Setup went smoothly but I'm a little stuck on the lens. I attached the star diagonal to the telescope and focused in on an object. I was able to see a part of the leaf on the plant in my house and I attached a picture of that. Moving the telescope left and right allowed me to see other things. I then took out the 25mm lens and can see through that when not attached to the telescope. I can see my sandals and feet through the lens and attached a picture of that. I then inserted the 25mm lens into
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