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  1. I have a ankle weight wrapped around the back so that it isn't so front heavy ,but I like the idea of counter weighting the camera, filter wheel will try that.
  2. How do you have your scopes rotated so the camera sits on top ,hangs on the side,or hangs underneath? Thanks
  3. Hi so the 12v as working but I dont think the sink and fan can get rid of heat quick enough it is blowing heat but camera temp not cooling , so new bigger sink and combined fan turning up tomorrow .
  4. £72 per year rent £180 own I think
  5. Hi all Just a quick vote 1,PS @£30 month 2,gimp free 3,Pixinsight £230 Thanks
  6. Yeah I dont want to have worry about condensation , I have rewired to take my 12v plug so will see how it handles it without sensor atm although i do have one if required . With my eq5 pro mount anything over 120 sec subs produces egg shaped stars and with the small pixel 178mm its prob never going to get any better .
  7. Wheres the camera ? I'm trying to get around 2 degrees .
  8. Yeah looks like I'm resorting to a 12v 3 amp plug ,using a small fan trying to keep the weight down as dont want to start tilting ,haven't connected controler yet not sure where to put sensor probe .
  9. The 7.4v battery couldn’t cool below 17 degrees (Ambient) so I will have to wait until I get the 12v power supply sorted And a bracket and larger sink fitted . this Astrophotography def test your patience.
  10. Hi all My normal image train Camera,1.25 efw, coma c,scope So I purchased 2" optolong moon,skyglow to LP all filters (lrgb) but I could not get focus with B mask and wouldn't plate solve even with close focus the display on tablet for asiair was very grainy .have taken filter out now and plate solved and B mask no probs any idea why I wouldn't work? Thanks oh I screwed filter into cc .
  11. Bad news battery just died at 2 hrs went out to start setting up a noticed it has died on me so now recharge battery and as there is a haze in the sky atm not to bothered .
  12. I'm having a few issues with this target myself data ql not being that good, apparently it's not a easy target.
  13. I have a bigger fan and heat sink but want to keep weight down.
  14. U want me to see if it works first lol
  15. Low voltage battery only 7.4v so not running at max .I do have a control unit but will prob only use if needed (12v) i tried it last night and it only took camera temp down to 11.6 degrees that was 5 below ambient. But going to image tonight and just see how it goes . If it goes well then a good tidy up and lagging will be next.
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