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Today we released version 0.20.2 of planetarium. Thank you very much to community for bug reports, feature requests and contributions!
This is the anniversary version of Stellarium - the project is 20 years old now.

Full list of changes:

  • Added rectangular sensor crop overlay support [Oculars] (GH: #1069)
  • Added support newly marker in Search Tool (Position and Settings tabs) [Search Tool]
  • Added new features for scripting engine: extend the JavaScript classes corresponding to Vec3f and Vec3d [Scripting]
  • Added options to be able to define and use custom FOV circles for Telrad [Oculars] (GH: #1057)
  • Added VecMath tests for the new functions (GH: #1055)
  • Added VecMath feature: Vector/QColor conversions (GH: #1055)
  • Added feature to set current date and time as initial data when AstroCalc/Ephemeris is open [AstroCalc]
  • Added notification for user when version of DSO catalog is mismatched
  • Added support Trumpler Catalogue (Tr or Trumpler) [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #965)
  • Added support Stock Catalogue (St or Stock) [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #965)
  • Added support Ruprecht Catalogue (Ru or Ruprecht) [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #965)
  • Added support "van den Bergh-Hagen Catalogue" (VdB-Ha) [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #965)
  • Added support search by long name for Trumpler, Stock, Ruprecht, Collinder and Melotte catalogues [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
  • Added new type of DSO objects: region of the sky [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #1067)
  • Added special case for improve DSO regions visibility [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #1067)
  • Added outlines for DSO regions [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #1067)
  • Added marker of center of FOV on the sky [Special Markers]
  • Added circular marker of FOV on the sky [Special Markers]
  • Added rectangular marker of FOV on the sky [Special Markers]
  • Added tool for adjustable thickness of the planetary trails (GH: #1087)
  • Added tool for adjustable line thickness for ephemeris lines (GH: #1087)
  • Added tool for adjustable thickness of the planetary orbits
  • Added a column, showing the elevation of the object at transit times into AstroCalc/WUT tool [AstroCalc] (GH: #1089)
  • Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: regions of the sky [AstroCalc]
  • Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: pulsars (the category available if Pulsars plugin is loaded and pulsars are enabled to display) [AstroCalc]
  • Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: bright nova stars (the category available if Bright Novae plugin is loaded) [AstroCalc]
  • Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: bright supernova stars (the category available if Historical Supernovae plugin is loaded) [AstroCalc]
  • Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: exoplanetary systems (the category available if Exoplanets plugin is loaded and exoplanets are enabled to display) [AstroCalc]
  • Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: active galaxies (this category may include additional quasars if Quasars plugin is loaded and quasars are enabled to display) [AstroCalc]
  • Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: interacting galaxies [AstroCalc]
  • Added new unit tests for DeltaT
  • Added tool to guess the group of satellites by their names [Satellites]
  • Added new groups of satellites [Satellites]
  • Added method to check state of loading for the plugins
  • Added column Elevation for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool [AstroCalc]
  • Added default groups for some satellites from default JSON catalog [Satellites]
  • Added missing tool for define color of regions of the sky
  • Added regions of the sky into Lists of Search Tool [Search Tool]
  • Added tool to export version of Stellarium through StelProperty and Remote Control plugin
  • Added display of epoch of the TLE for artificial satellites [Satellites] (GH: #1096)
  • Added new flag for InfoString of planets, comets and minor planets
  • Added better arrangement of InfoString entries for planets, comets and minor planets
  • Added highlighting for string literals between apostrophes for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107)
  • Added highlighting for regular expressions for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107)
  • Added highlighting for multiline comments for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107)
  • Added highlighting for exponential numeric format for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107)
  • Added highlighting for hexadecimal numeric literals for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107)
  • Added separate highlighting of predefined names from that of keywords for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107)
  • Added red highlighting for unknown methods of Stellarium modules for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107)
  • Added highlighting for methods of StelSkyDrawer and core for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107)
  • Added penumbral and umbral magnitudes during lunar eclipse (GH: #1113)
  • Added comments for scripters [Scripting]
  • Added radar cross-section (RCS) data for satellites [Satellites]
  • Added calculate approximaged visual magnitude for satellites from their RCS value [Satellites]
  • Added special case for set RCS value for Starlink satellites [Satellites]
  • Added option to allow drawing of landscape polygon only, if a polygon is defined [Landscapes]
  • Added option to allow a polygon to be drawn in the foreground (out of regular call sequence) [Landscapes]
  • Added option to allow landscape polygon overdrawn onto the 3D scenery [Scenery3D]
  • Added computation an approximated angular size of satellites (the linear size is obtained from RCS value and we use spherical shape for satellites) [Satellites]
  • Added special case for computation an approximated angular size of ISS (we are defined linear size of ISS by "hands") [Satellites]
  • Added tool to display a focuser overlay in the sensor view [Oculars] (GH: #1110)
  • Added checking conflicts for keyboard shortcuts with informing user if conflicts are exist (GH: #1025)
  • Added tool to rescale oversize textures on-the-fly (GH: #1121)
  • Added show a fuchsia-colored replacement texture for wrong filename (GH: #1121)
  • Added NORAD numbers in addition to name of artificial satellite in Satellites Import Dialog for available for search [Satellites]
  • Added function to compute distance between locations, on a flattened planet, in km
  • Added geographic coordinates of center line for total and annular solar eclipse (GH: #1116)
  • Fixed GUI and minor redesign of remaining icons [GUI] (GH: #752, #951)
  • Fixed security issue for jquery (CVE-2020-11022; GH: #1073)
  • Fixed magnitudes for planetary nebulae [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #913)
  • Fixed data for "Part of a Galaxy" objects [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #996)
  • Fixed work for clipboard in Script Console tool: avoid effects caused by QTextEdit after copy-paste from HTML pages. [Scripting] (GH: #1070)
  • Fixed telescope syncing for INDI [Telescope Control] (GH: #1065)
  • Fixed "Uninitialized members" issue in Script Console [Scripting]
  • Fixed VecMath features: moved vector/string conversion previously in StelUtils to the VecMath classes (GH: #1055)
  • Fixed VecMath feature:  moved un-inlineable definitions to separate cpp file (GH: #1055)
  • Fixed proper motion output (GH: #1006, #1041)
  • Fixed time delay with planet movement information (GH: #1006, #1103)
  • Fixed cross-id data for open clusters [DSO Catalog, v3.10] 
  • Fixed designations for van den Bergh catalogues [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #965)
  • Fixed descriptions for van den Bergh catalogues [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #965)
  • Fixed crash in scripting method core.setObserverLocation() when planet is not defined or not exist [Scripting]
  • Fixed core.setObserverLocation() behaviour: avoid duplicating a country if script programmer provides one [Scripting] (GH: #1076)
  • Fixed object type info for meteor showers [Meteor Showers]
  • Fixed crash when lens are deleted in Oculars plugin [Oculars] (GH: #1078)
  • Fixed (a temporary fix) crash Stellarium when autoconnect is enabled for ASCOM device, but device is not attached [Telescope Control] (GH: #928)
  • Fixed wrong approximated visual magnitude of satellites [Satellites]
  • Fixed guessing groups of satellites [Satellites]
  • Fixed possible cache problem for magnitudes
  • Fixed casting warnings
  • Fixed topocentric/geocentric corrections for ArchaeoLines plugin [ArchaeoLines]
  • Fixed crash AstroCalc/WUT tool when required plugin is not loaded [AstroCalc]
  • Fixed docs and tooltips
  • Fixed visibility of deep-sky regions of the sky
  • Fixed work of regions of the sky in AstroCalc/Positions tool [AstroCalc]
  • Fixed missing object in Bennett's list of deep-sky objects (switched to synonym of missed object) [Search Tool]
  • Fixed missing object in Dunlop's list of deep-sky objects (switched to synonym of missed object) [Search Tool]
  • Fixed visual style for dialog to define custom equation of DeltaT
  • Fixed crossquarter declinations in ArchaeoLines plugin [ArchaeoLines]
  • Fixed updating timezones when loading landscapes/sceneries
  • Fixed updating location panel when off-screen
  • Fixed a deprecation warning for InfoString of planets, comets and minor planets
  • Fixed broken highlighting for quoted string literals for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107)
  • Fixed broken highlighting for line comment for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107)
  • Fixed indentation problems in the code
  • Fixed crash when removing already removed selection of constellations (GH: #1104)
  • Fixed jumping of the Moon
  • Fixed visibility for telescope selector when image sensor frame enabled after binocular [Oculars] (GH: #1108)
  • Fixed saving thickness of the planetary trails and orbits
  • Fixed context data for unit measure in Satellites plugin [Satellites]
  • Fixed a stupid bug in ArchaeoLines [ArchaeoLines]
  • Fixed sign of one element in the matrix sequence for nutation
  • Fixed Scripting Engine bug: a script isn't terminated properly via the stop script button [Scripting] (GH: #1118)
  • Fixed crash when texture isn't found (GH: #1121)
  • Fixed the maximum size of CCD: increased limit of sensor size to 100000 pixels [Oculars] (GH: #1123)
  • Fixed visual artifacts on the sky (GH: #475, #1126)
  • Fixed bug in Vec3d constructor for scripting engine [Scripting]
  • Fixed shader bug visible during Total Solar Eclipses only
  • Updated default settings for InnoSetup Script (.iss) file
  • Updated Stellarium User Guide
  • Updated morphological classification of open clusters [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
  • Updated subsystem to obtain the standard magnitudes of artificial satellites [Satellites]
  • Updated method for load standard magnitudes and RCS data for satellites [Satellites]
  • Updated size of window resize border to reduce difficulties to their resize (GH: #937, #1099)
  • Updated InfoString block for artificial satellites [Satellites]
  • Updated minimum height of artificial satellite to check the valid orbit [Satellites]
  • Updated default source of Starlink TLE's [Satellites]
  • Changed behaviour of GUI in Satellites tab in Satellites plugin [Satellites]
  • Changed AstroCalc/WUT tool behaviour: radiogalaxies, active galaxies, quasars, blazars and BL Lac objects was moved from 'Galaxies' category into 'Active galaxies' category [AstroCalc]
  • Changed behaviour of AstroCalc/WUT tool: let's use visual magnitude for all objects without extinction data [AstroCalc]
  • Changed "Arguments" to "arguments" for highlighter in Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107)
  • Removed obsolete scripting methods from StarMgr class [Scripting]
  • Removed duplicate code for InfoString of planets, comets and minor planets
  • Removed "Global" from highlighter in Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107)
  • Removed unused variables

Binary packages you may download at https://stellarium.org website

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    • By alexwolf
      Today we released version 0.21.0 of Stellarium.
      The major changes of this version:
      - We have finally completed our work on accurate planet axes, including Lunar libration
      - Visualisation of Earth shadow for Lunar eclipses
      - Better texture for the Lunar surface
      - Added the latest algorithms for planet magnitudes
      - Enhanced Calendars plugin
      - Replaced "arabic" by more accurate "al-Sufi" skyculture
      - Planets are now scalable and Solar glare switchable for didactic applications
      We have also published a scientific paper about the application of Stellarium in cultural astronomy: https://doi.org/10.1558/jsa.17822
      Download binary packages for Windows, Mac and Linux you may here: https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium/releases/tag/v0.21.0
      Full list of changes:
      - Added accurate planet axis orientation and rotation (GH: #502, #151):
      - Added lunar libration (GH: #877)
      - Added lines for the Invariable Plane and Projected Solar Equator (GH: #358)
      - Added solar altitude to planetary feature nomenclature
      - Added describe planetary coordinates and changes in the nomenclature display into Stellarium User Guide
      - Added new language: Spanish (Latin America)
      - Added ability to scaling of Sun and planets (GH: #1263)
      - Added new magnitude algorithms for planets from Mallama&Hilton 2018 (GH: #574)
      - Added Earth shadow circles for topocentric observer (GH: #430)
      - Added new 4k texture for the Moon (required re-balancing planet shader brightness)
      - Added lower limit for aFOV parameter of ocular in the GUI to avoid input wrong data (GH: #1487)
      - Added visibility of an antisolar point for other planets (GH: #1481)
      - Added ability to get all designations of DSO in scripts (GH: #1477)
      - Added ability to show hourly motion in decimal degrees (GH: #1478)
      - Added more cardinal points (GH: #1522, #1529)
      - Added ability to switching off drawing of Solar glare (GH: #1538)
      - Added a new sky culture based on Al-Sufi "Book of Fixed Stars" written ~ 964 AD (GH: #1548)
      - Added Old Hindu calendars 
      - Added Islamic (algorithmic) and Hebrew calendar.
      - Added French Revolution calendar (arithmetic version)
      - Added Persian (arithmetic) calendar
      - Added button to set standard atmosphere
      - Added ability to translation/transliteration of Roman (latin) terms (GH: #1511)
      - Added ability to use UTC time when navigational stars are displayed (GH: #1416)
      - Added acknowledgment section into Help/About window (GH: #1568)
      - Added cosmetic fix for radio communication data: no need extra precision to show data in Satellites plugin
      - Fixed compatibility of ToneReproducer shader with GLES (GH: #1549, #1550)
      - Fixed retranslation of calendars (GH: #1545)
      - Fixed vertical position of calendar info panel
      - Fixed height-dependent twinkle for star-like objects (GH: #1542)
      - Fixed capturing a screenshots under macOS High Sierra and later (GH: #102)
      - Fixed documentation for API
      - Fixed display the extincted magnitudes for all objects
      - Fixed reading textures (GH: #1547)
      - Fixed alignment of an intercardinal direction markers (GH: #1552)
      - Fixed work of multisampling mode when in Spout isn't used (GH: #1537)
      - Fixed visualization zodiacal light at low Bortle values (GH: #1489, #1510)
      - Fixed the drawing a degrees on compass on HiDPI devices
      - Fixed search short phrases (GH: #1528)
      - Fixed orientation of Jupiter, Uranus and Venus (GH: #357)
      - Fixed inexact rotation of Moon (GH: #347)
      - Fixed wrong rendering of Jupiter (GH: #1261)
      - Fixed incorrect moon terminator (GH: #973)
      - Fixed a skybox.ssc script (GH: #1461)
      - Fixed crash when trails are enabled (GH: #1471)
      - Fixed crash when choosing Zero Horizon landscape (GH: #1466)
      - Fixed displaying labels of coordinate grids on HiDPI devices (GH: #1445)
      - Fixed a labeling hour angles (GH: #1457)
      - Fixed API docs
      - Fixed styles of QMessageBox and QColorDialog (GH: #1451)
      - Fixed WUI of Remote Control plugin
      - Fixed HiDPI issue for Observability plugin
      - Fixed the placement of cardinal marks when compass mark is enabled on the HiDPI devices
      - Fixed placement of the value of equation of time for HiDPI devices
      - Fixed crash at exit (GH: #1479)
      - Fixed work of Spout mode: inhibit multisampling when in Spout mode (GH: #1507)
      - Fixed DOI link for "Calendrical Calculations" (GH: #1562, #1566)
      - Fixed missing strings for translation (GH: #1562, #1566)
      - Fixed tooltips and placeholders (GH: #1562, #1566)
      - Fixed comments for translators (GH: #1562, #1566)
      - Fixed updating placement of calendars when visibility of calendars are changed (GH: #1567)
      - Fixed artifacts in the GUI when language is changed
      - Fixed images and typos in Stellarium User Guide
      - Fixed bibliography in Stellarium User Guide
      - Fixed the figure of Virgo constellation (GH: #1570)
      - Fixed stupid typos in satellites.json file
      - Fixed illumination during Lunar eclipse in Scenery 3D plugin (GH: #1506)
      - Fixed behavior "Clear" button in Script Console (GH: #1499)
      - Fixed lunar magnitude: try an accurate Lunar magnitude formula (GH: #1350)
      - Fixed lunar eclipses: redo the eclipse push effect for lunar eclipses
      - Fixed behavior of Bookmarks tool when pressed button "cancel" in import dialog (GH: #1497)
      - Fixed Mesa mode for Windows (GH: #1551)
      - Fixed multisampling on non-Windows systems (GH: #1553)
      - Fixed typos in Al-Sufi skyculture
      - Fixed bug for calculation the leap years: restore leap year rule in our astronomical year counting
      - Updated translations
      - Updated translations of landscapes descriptions
      - Updated translations of 3D sceneries descriptions
      - Updated translations of skycultures descriptions
      - Updated AstroCalc/Phenomena tool (GH: #1520)
      - Updated planetary features data
      - Updated building instructions for Windows (GH: #1444)
      - Updated core: slight restructuring of Planets, Comets, MinorPlanets, SolarSystem loader
      - Updated core: using data from WGCCRE reports 2009, 2015 and Explanatory Supplement to the AA 2013 (with error fixed by the 1992 ed.) for rotation elements
      - Updated core: keeps original Stellarium planet rotation model (undocumented) where new rotation elements are unavailable
      - Updated core: make StelToneReproducer's xyYToRGB.glsl core function reusable (GH: #1468)
      - Updated code of INDI client to version 1.8.5
      - Updated code for building Stellarium without NLS and Scripting support
      - Updated GUI (GH: #1204)
      - Updated Satellites plugin
      - Updated default satellites database
      - Updated GUI of Navigational stars plugin
      - Updated default pulsars catalog
      - Updated description of supernovae plugin (GH: #500)
      - Updated description of calendars plugin in Stellarium User Guide
      - Removed proper name for NGC 2194 (GH: #1530)
      - Removed Arabic skyculture: Arabic SC was replaced by more accurate "al-Sufi" skyculture
    • By marcocipriani01
      Hello everyone,
      I developed an Android app - Telescope.Touch - capable of connecting and controlling INDI/INDIGO devices, for those of you who use Raspberry/Astroberry/StellarMate.
      It's really powerful, and a lot of new features are in the works.
      Mobile planetarium derived from the Sky Map project Mount and focuser controller with directional pads and speed controls Receive images from INDI CCDs Database full of objects to which you can point the telescope directly from the app INDI control panel compatible with every device Aladin Sky Atlas preview and altitude graphs Astronomy utilities: polaris hour angle, compass, red flashlight Languages: English, Italian and French. Sky maps are translated in almost every language. It is available on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.github.marcocipriani01.telescopetouch
      A Pro version is also available, mainly to support the app's development: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.github.marcocipriani01.telescopetouchpro
      I hope you enjoy it! I'm open to feedback and improvements!
    • By Nikolas74
      Since I live in a flat I do most of my imaging from my balcony... I purposely choose a top floor because of my astrophotography passion in order to have a decent field of view, but my balcony has walls on one side and on top. 
      So I decided to bring to Stellarium my own landscape and my FOV so I can know exactly which targets are on sight and at what time. 
      I have done some reading and watch videos but I still have a couple of questions before I begin and hopefully some people from here could help! 
      a) how should I take my photo... Me standing straight levelled with horizon or placing my camera on a tripod and place it like a telescope looking up in the sky towards North? 
      b) the famous cardinal points and the line angle_rotatez= in the ini file... Is there a secret of finding this number easy in order to match cardinal points to my photo or the only way is by trial and error....? 
      Thanks for reading
    • By alexwolf
      Yesterday we released version 0.20.4 of Stellarium.
      The major changes of this version:
      - Added Calendars plugin
      - Many changes in AstroCalc tool and core of Stellarium
      - Many changes in plugins
      - Updated DSO catalog 
      - Removed Compass Marks plugin (the feature moved into core)
      Download binary packages for Windows, Mac and Linux you may here: https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium/releases/tag/v0.20.4
      Thank you very much to community for bug reports, feature requests and contributions!
      Full list of changes:
      - Added Balinese Pawukon calendar into Calendars plugin
      - Added notes on polygonal landscapes (technical restrictions) (GH: #1397)
      - Added Calendars plugin (GH: #1343)
      - Added configurable values for quick FOV tool (GH: #1391)
      - Added new zoom algorithm (GH: #1415, #529)
      - Added compass marks into core of planetarium
      - Added ability to hide cardinal and compass buttons from the GUI
      - Added missing time zone America/Godthab
      - Added few DSO textures (GH: #1402, #1441)
      - Added Galactic Center and Anticenter points
      - Added a config option to use multisampling for rendering "Planet"s (GH: #1388)
      - Added landers from the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program into list of locations
      - Added on-screen controls for OAG in Oculars plugin (GH: #935)
      - Added table view of exoplanets (GH: #1141)
      - Added show angular distance between the moon and host planet (GH: #1372)
      - Added classical cepheids filter for AstroCalc/WUT tool
      - Added Algol-type eclipsing systems filter for AstroCalc/WUT tool (GH: #1355)
      - Added ability to toggle to using decimal degrees for various navigational data through follow the option "Use decimal degrees" in the main GUI (GH: #1344) 
      - Added script with shortcut, which add ability to jump to random location for celestial navigation game and practice (GH: #1345, #1058)
      - Added support flip commands into Scripting Engine (GH: #1351)
      - Added new language: Central Atlas Tamazight
      - Added comet icon for ephemeris points plotting for AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool (GH: #1332)
      - Added script skybox.ssc into list of translatable scripts (GH: #1335)
      - Added config option to hide selection markers (default: viewing/flag_show_selection_marker = true) (GH: #1321)
      - Added export list of objects as Stellarium bookmarks into AstroCalc/WUT tool
      - Added support capital Greek chars in Search Tool (GH: #1282)
      - Added some discoverer’s original designation for double stars as their scientific designations (GH: #1282)
      - Added option to hide unlabelled ephemeris markers (GH: #1315)
      - Added ability to run the silent uninstall Stellarium in Windows
      - Added ability use decimals value for ephemeris steps in AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool (GH: #1289)
      - Added "No" default for deletion confirmation warning (GH: #1292)
      - Added ability to toggle show extra decimals in the navigational info (GH: #1303)
      - Added tool for build an AppImage package (GH: #1288)
      - Added ability for following an option ''Use decimal degrees" for longitude and latitude in Location dialog to define format of data (GH: #1416)
      - Fixed collision calendars panel with bottom button bar (GH: #1422)
      - Fixed zooming to FOV when duration is zero (GH: #1430)
      - Fixed designations for star HIP 62819 (GH: #1432)
      - Fixed crash when attempting to add a sensor (GH: #1407, #1403)
      - Fixed UMa figure in S&T skyculture (GH: #1414)
      - Fixed typos in Chinese skyculture (GH: #1413)
      - Fixed text for meteor showers plugin (GH: #1387)
      - Fixed the visual style of color chooser (GH: #1395)
      - Fixed GUI of AstroCalc/Positions tool
      - Fixed error in GUI of AstroCalc/WUT tool
      - Fixed errors in documents for scripting engine
      - Fixed typos and errors in various sky cultures
      - Fixed running scripting method core.quitStellarium(); (GH: #1363)
      - Fixed the location of Dunsink Observatory (GH: #1370)
      - Fixed rendering orbits with undefined period
      - Fixed orbital elements for comet Halley (1986) in the default ssystem_minor.ini file
      - Fixed typos in skycultures
      - Fixed odd cyclic behaviour of HiPS (GH: #1323)
      - Fixed odd survey interaction (GH: #1314)
      - Fixed crash when reference.fab file has wrong format
      - Fixed closing various dialogs (fix #1305, #1338)
      - Fixed sorting issue in AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
      - Fixed search stars by designations (u Her and U Her are different stars!) (GH: #1282)
      - Fixed adding extra designations for stars, who already has Bayer and Flamsteed designations (GH: #1282)
      - Fixed sorting stars by their designations (partially) (GH: #1282)
      - Fixed selecting invisible stars (GH: #1331)
      - Fixed switch to native planet names when skyculture is changed in Location dialog (GH: #1203)
      - Fixed installing star names for Western (O.Hlad) skyculture (GH: #1170)
      - Fixed typecast: avoiding of jumping the markers of exoplanets and pulsars (GH: #1286)
      - Fixed handling custom shortcuts and few spell-check fixes
      - Fixed GUI issue in Observability plugin
      - Fixed inconsistency of NGC/IC list in AstroCalc/WUT tool (GH: #1310)
      - Fixed filling version info for Windows installer
      - Fixed installer for Windows
      - Fixed translatable string for Icelandic calendar
      - Fixed Puppis constellation lines in S&T skyculture (GH: #1438)
      - Fixed Mensa and Microscopium in S&T skyculture (GH: #1440)
      - Changed rendering planets: improve planets' halos size in relation to stars' (GH: #1361, #367)
      - Changed rendering of orbits in Satellites plugin: Hide invisible part of orbits when "hide invisible artificial sats" option is enabled (GH: #1349)
      - Changed GUI behavior: Enlarged maximum dialog size (GH: #1318)
      - Changed versioning scheme of Stellarium
      - Changed few DSO textures: reduce the size of some texture files (GH: #1442)
      - Updated Stellarium User Guide (GH: #1334)
      - Updated DSO catalog (v3.12)
      - Updated GUI of Calendars plugin
      - Updated GUI: refactored block "Additional buttons"
      - Updated description of Chinese skyculture (GH: #1410)
      - Updated Bengali descriptions for landscapes and skycultures (GH: #1380)
      - Updated nomenclature data
      - Updated few DSO outlines (GH: #1368)
      - Updated initial time steps for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool (GH: #372)
      - Updated Solar System Editor pluign: improve docs + added confirmation dialog (GH: #1304)
      - Updated DSO names
      - Updated upper limit for font size
      - Updated GUI of AstroCalc tools
      - Updated Exoplanets plugin: added extra info
      - Updated Satellites plugin: cosmetic improvement the handling the visibility of satellites by their groups
      - Removed Compass Marks plugin
      - Removed the XPM version of the app icon (GH: #1384)
      - Removed dead links from skycultures
      - Removed support of shortcuts from AstroCalc tools (GH: #1293)
    • By SStanford
      Hi All,
      I have a few questions regarding mount control using stellarium that I can't seem to find elsewhere. 
      I have an EQ3 pro with with Syscan (handcontrol) and a laptop with stellarium.
      The articles I've read refer either to EQMOD or ASCOM as a download requirement for Stellarium, is there any preference here for the EQ3?
      I'm also struggling to find details of the correct cable to connect the mount straight into the computer via USB (and which port recieves this in the mount).
      Thinking ahead, considering the requirement for the Guidscope and DSLR to be pugged into the computer, I will need to ensure this cable would be compatible with a "USB hub" (an area I havent done any research into yet). My computer has only 2 USB ports!
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