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  1. What with one thing and another including I must admit, some lost motivation, I've not done any imaging since February. Glad to be back though :). This is the capture and processing info: Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 Scope: Skywatcher 130pds Imaging Camera: ZWO ASI224 Guiding: Altair GPCAM colour with Finderguider Capture Software: Sharpcap and PHD2 Stacking/Processing: Deep Sky Stacker and Pixinsight This is the Deer Lick group in Pegasus, 3 hours of 90 second exposures over Tuesday and Wednesday night: Conditions weren't great so I'm fairly happy with the result. It's a target I might add some more data too and reprocess at some point. Comments and criticisms welcome as usual.
  2. The 224mc will be great for both applications. I even do DSO imaging with mine it's a belting camera.
  3. I've never quite understood why the 'amp glow' issue has never been sorted. DSLR's use cmos and it hasn't been an issue with them for years. Do Canon/Nikon mess with the RAW file to get rid of the amp glow?
  4. Meant to mention, I've heard good things about modern Nikons but I'll stick with Canon for now as I have a lot of Canon accessories and BYEOS software.
  5. Hi Louise, I think it was the 60Da variant that was intended for astro. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to purchase a cooled cam, I'd probably go with a ZWO ASI 294c if I could. I think I'll go with a 600D as I want to get it Baader modded eventually.
  6. Apparently Cheap Astrophotography won't mod 60d's. That's a shame.
  7. Thanks I'll have a look into it.
  8. Is the 60d effected by that?
  9. Thanks I'll look into it. I had heard that models after the 600d had a banding problem when used for Astro. The 60d is a bit more expensive as well.
  10. I image using Backyard EOS, but if I ever get a short focal length lens the tilt screen would be great for Milky Way shots and the like.
  11. I think the larger sensor would be welcome although both suit the 130pds I use. I think I might go for it, and get the Baader mod done at some point as well.
  12. I'm thinking of buying a Canon 600d as an upgrade from a Canon 500d. Would this be a worthwhile upgrade? Or would I be better off just sticking with the 500d until I can afford a cooled camera? That might be a while, a year or so.
  13. Why don't you spend half your budget on Astro, half on Jewelry. At the end of the day you don't buy Astro gear as a financial investment, but it's still important to do the things you enjoy.
  14. I've observed it through binoculars a few times, but it's too hard to image from my suburban area. It never really gets high enough. I may try a daytime shoot sometime.
  15. +1 for Sharpcap. Never used Polemaster but I've never felt the need after trying Sharpcap.
  16. It's not an easy hobby. I've recently had about 6 hours of data messed up because of having my mirror clips too tight. I'll still use and put it up when I get the chance. It's worth it when it all comes together though.
  17. When you say 'polar misaligned' does it matter if your misaligned in altitude, azimuth or both?
  18. I appreciate the post. I consider all of it to be observing using different tools. I've always taken visual observing to be using an eyepiece.
  19. If you're saying you prefer eyepiece observing then thats fine with me, but you did say: 'I like that too, but it's not observing'. Yes it is.
  20. Guess Nasa is wasting it's time then. Observing is making an observation, this can be done by looking at an image. The photons have hit the digital sensor instead of your eye and while the image is a representation of those photons it's no less viable a technique. Lenses and mirrors are a type of technology too and introduce their own abberations to the photons you're seeing (CA and diffraction). To be a complete purist you'd just have to use the naked eye, of course many of us would have to take off our glasses too. The advantage of EAA is you can also record what you have seen, so other people can confirm the veracity of your observations. I have no problem with anyone exploring the universe in his or her own way but too say that EAA is not observing is completely inaccurate.
  21. Completely agree I've had some great times eyepiece observing and it's not to be denegrated as some important discoveries have been made with it and will continue to be. I think its important to note that progress marches on though. I reckon people like Herschel would have have loved our modern mirrors, lenses, mounts and other technology. If I happen to discover a supernova or comet during an EAA session does it not count because I wasn't using an eyepiece?
  22. Yeah I mean, why bother with the HST? It's not like you're looking through it with your own eyes. (Sarcasm aside I will say that eyepiece observing is great and I've enjoyed it immensely. However it's ridiculous to claim that EAA isn't a form of observing.)
  23. Hi, I'm pretty sure there's no worm movement (if you're talking about worm end float). "How have you set the gear train?", I don't understand the question I'm afraid, if you're referring to the gears on the side it's a belt modded mount. I am wondering how you preload correctly on the dec axis though. Maybe thats the problem. Thanks for all the replies, pretty certain I'm just getting the rebuild wrong somewhere. I'm not the most mechanically minded but I like to try.
  24. Hi, done all that I'm afraid, It's belt modded as well.
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