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  1. I have the AZ-EQ6-GT. (That's what is says on the side) and the Esprit 100. Have used the combination for about 2 years and it works great. Getting the guiding right took a bit of trial and error but in the end I can't complain at all. Isn't getting the best out of your kit part of the challenge of astrophotography? I regularly achieve FWHM of 4 arc secs or even less in a bortle 5 location on 300sec and longer exposures. The GoTo accuracy is not brilliant but with the use of plate solving it doesn't really matter anyway, it simply takes a couple of moves and the target is bang on. I really don't understand someone selling the mount after one 5 hours trial ??
  2. I am not familiar with Siril but it seems the image is being saved in Linear form. The display is a stretched version which I am sure can be saved. The only user manual I can find is in French! Have a look at the video tutorials on their site to give you some pointers.
  3. This is a very interesting thread can I check my understanding ? I have an image that is 4616 x 3488 pixels and the FWHM is on average about 3.5 So if I use the formula for best image size then I should resize the image by 3.5/1.6 = 2.185 ending up after resizing at 2110 x 1595px Is this correct ?
  4. I have wondered if if the polar eyepiece was removed would it be possible to route cables down through the base but I think that would require some serious drilling.
  5. Your image is superb. You make me want to try some wide field imaging. I have the ASI1600MM and the EFW. What version of the Samyang did you use ( Canon - Nikon ? ) and what adapter to connect to the filter wheel?
  6. Looking this up on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moment_of_inertia The "moment of inertia" is proportional to the square of the distance the mass (weights) are from the point of rotation, so the motors will have to work harder the higher the moment of inertia is. So the nearer the mass is to the centre the better. It's Physics - I think
  7. Think you have answered your own question if you want future proofing with the ability to use ccd then APT is your answer. Plate Solving makes a huge difference when finding targets. Yes it might seem complicated at first but with practice it soon becomes easier to use.
  8. I would like to do a wide field narrow band shot using my ASI1600MM and ASI EFW. For normal photography I use an Olympus Micro Four Thirds DSLR camera and a series of M4/3 lenses. Is it possible to use the Olympus M4/3 40-150mm F2.8 lens with the ASI filter wheel and ASI camera. I am guessing the back focus is too short so it can't possibly work? Anyone tried this and if so how did you make it work?
  9. Even the "updated" Version 3.01 of fits liberator was released in 2010! The website refers to PS version CS4 and CS5. and Windows XP !! Is there a version that will work on Windows 10 running as a Photoshop CC plug in?
  10. Thanks for sharing the data. Stacked in APP using SHO pallets SHO Processing Final Steps Reduced magenta in stars by using PS Reduce Color Noise slider to 100% then In PS use Image/Adjustments/Selective Color Colors : Greens Cyan : -100 Magenta : -25 Yellow : 0 Black : 0 Colors : Yellows Cyan : -100 Magenta : +25 Yellow : 0 Black : 0 Colors : Cyans Cyan : -1 Magenta : 0 Yellow : -100 Black : 0 Colors : Cyans Cyan : 0 Magenta : -25 Yellow : -100 Black : 0
  11. You have created a lot more feeling of depth to the image. Big thanks for sharing the steps, never stop learning.
  12. I had a go with the masters you shared and the results are much better. Still used the same process steps in PS referred to in the link. Your data is very good
  13. Not sure if this helps but using your first image I followed the tutorial here using PS. http://bf-astro.com/hubblep.htm This is the result.
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