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  1. wornish

    Pixinsight hangs at splash screen....

    Not really sure it is but might be a factor.
  2. wornish

    Pixinsight hangs at splash screen....

    Might be a wild guess and not relevant but is Java at the same release level in both machines?
  3. wornish

    M42 Narrowband

    I know everyone does this but it was my first time out this year. 20 x 30sec R, G and B + 20 x 60 sec Ha and OIII
  4. wornish

    Mains Power

    You are not the only one with experience, I have a degree in electronic engineering and started designing mainframe computers back in the early 1970's. Putting any electronic device on a radiator is simply asking for trouble IMHO. As you say its best for people to make their own choice.
  5. wornish

    Mains Power

    I would certainly not put a laptop on a radiator even if it is powered off. You are risking serious damage to the disk drive and the display due to thermal shock. You will also stress all the soldered connections and accelerate the formation of dry joints. If its wet with dew then simply bring it indoors and wipe the outer surfaces dry with a towel then let it come up to room temperature over a few hours.
  6. I have the Sesto Senso and it works great. Its so small and very well made.
  7. wornish

    PixInsight,,,,,its looks complicated

    PI was created as a specific set of tools for professional astrophotographers and this is very different from the approach that more general purpose image processing software like Photoshop have taken. You ask about the Ctrl-A (auto stretch) operation. PI tries to do as much of its processing on your data while its still in its original linear form so that any changes are non-destructive, and also don't add noise to the image. The stretching allows you to see what the final result might look like. Once you get used to it, it becomes second nature. It does have a steep learning curve but can produce amazing results when you get the hang of it. It's certainly not a simple click and play image processing app that you can learn in a few minutes.
  8. wornish

    Photo Processing software

    Another vote for APP
  9. wornish

    PIX in Sight or Nebulosity?

    APP is a lot easier to use than Pixinsight and gives amazing results. If you do mosaics then again APP wins hands down. Pixinsight gives you more fine control and has a tool for every situation. It comes down to what feels best. You can try them both for free. Nebulosity does stacking pretty well but is not in the same league as the other two.
  10. wornish

    Any Free Sharpcap alternatives?

    So paying £10 for software is not for you, instead, you will make a donation to those offering free software. An interesting approach I have to say.
  11. wornish

    Rosette Ha(R)GB

    Superb image. Well done.
  12. wornish

    2018 in Images

    Fantastic images, you had a really great year.
  13. wornish

    My 'Happy Christmas' dataset's here.

    Thanks for sharing the data. Hope everyone on here has a great 2019 Here is my attempt at processing using APP and PS
  14. wornish

    First APP Mosaic - I'm impressed!

    Excellent capture. I bought APP for the very same reason. It makes processing mosaics so easy.
  15. wornish

    M45 Pleiades - so near yet so far

    Very nice image. One way to reduce the colour bleed is to use deconvolution on the Luminance stack before combining with the RGB . Good tutorial here.

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