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  1. Few close ups. Not very happy with the clarity.
  2. There is a useful tutorial here. Its for autostakkert 2 but it applies to 3 as well.
  3. One thing that stands out for me is that you have way too many alignment points and they are two small. Try clearing the grid and then select the 200 AP Size or manually pick a size.
  4. Its no longer in beta they released the full version last night. 1.9.
  5. Quick capture during break in clouds. Used my EM1mk3 + 300mm lens and MC14.
  6. I would love to get an ZWO ADC but they seem to be out of stock across Europe.
  7. Best 10% of 5000 frames taken 27/12/20 at 16:50. before the clouds rolled in. HD925 + ASI290MC
  8. Managed to capture an image between clouds. Taken using my EM1mk3 with 300mm pro + MC14. ISO4000, 0.8sec shutter, F/5.6. Used the Oly built in Starry Sky Focus mode to get accurate focus. Processed with Topaz DeNoise AI and PS.
  9. The first part works like you describe. iif( condition, expr_true, expr_false ) The second part ~x. does a Pixel inversion on x so Evaluates to 1 − x, where x is in the normalized [0,1] range (0=black, 1=white). So it is combining the two images by calculating 1-((1-Starless) * (1-starsonly)) Thats the limit of my pixel maths knowledge.
  10. Quick shot between cloud cover. HD925 + ASI290MC. best 10% of 2000 frames.
  11. I have the Esprit 100ED and the focuser is superb. Solid as a rock and can handle my Filter wheel and CAM no problem. The only mod I have made is to add the Sesto Sensor electronic focuser attachement to the fine adjustment rod so I can use software controlled focussing.
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