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  1. wornish

    M45 Pleiades - so near yet so far

    Very nice image. One way to reduce the colour bleed is to use deconvolution on the Luminance stack before combining with the RGB . Good tutorial here.
  2. wornish

    What software do I need

    Not aware of these two so thanks for sharing. The audela one was intriguing but on further investigation there has been no activity on its forums for over a year and the original code is very old. Prism lite looks possible but it doesn't seem support ZWO cameras. For the price I think APT takes some beating especially for someone taking their first steps into cooled CCD imaging.
  3. wornish

    APT & Nexstar

    I think you will need to install the ASCOM platform and appropriate driver for your mount to work with APT.
  4. With two dew heaters and my cooled camera, guide cam and mount all running I get about 3 - 4 hours use before the mount starts to complain about low voltage and doing funny things. Of course it could be my wiring but I don't think so. I have recently assembled my own waterproof 12V power supply in a box and that is connected to the mains for doing longer runs. That said, chance to do a long run would be a great thing if the clouds would just stay away.
  5. wornish

    Yellow Rose of Cairo

    Once again just wow ! Where is your scope based ? Connecticut ? are the skies that clear there?
  6. wornish

    First light ZWO 1600mmpro

    Your shots are great, well done. I have the same camera and use APT which has a Flats Tool to help you get the right flats. It targets an ADU for within the 19000- 21000 range. Above these levels would seem a bit high for mid grey I think.
  7. wornish

    NGC 1333 lum.....done?

    Can you share a link to the book you refer to Lessons from the Masters please.
  8. wornish

    PixInsight - HT shows Blue spike

    In PI after doing Dynamic Crop and DBE on each of the individual channel stacks match the image brightness with Linear Fit. Use the brightest image as the reference image and then drop the triangle on the other two. Then do the RGB combination.
  9. Why can't you have the best of both worlds ? Use the neat image noise reduction as one layer in PS and the original image in another and the mask out the bits you don't like ?
  10. Thanks for sharing this. When you view your images up close the difference is amazing. I've tried lots of different noise reduction apps but this one seems very good.
  11. wornish

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Very good data. Couldn't resist having a twiddle.
  12. wornish

    Should I move to PixInsight?

    PI does have a fairly steep learning curve mainly because it has so many processes and scripts and can do lots of very advanced stuff. If you only plan to use it occasionally then creating your own set of "how to" notes certainly helps. I have used it for over two years now and I am still learning.
  13. wornish

    IC-1396 using starless method

    Another amazing image Rodd.
  14. Great job, you have convinced me to make this my next target. If the clouds would just go away.

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