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  1. Well I seem to have started some discussion that's for sure. All I did was say a new release was available
  2. Blimey, quoting issues from 2017 kind of suggests to me that perhaps a new look might be needed. Today, KStars and Ekos are certainly not experimental! and both work natively perfectly well on Windows 7, 8 and 10! As well as Mac and Linux boxes. OK, not sure about XP, but that came out in 2001 and EOL'd in 2019. Tech moves on and we now have many new features to choose from. KStars has worked perfectly on my Windows 10 laptop for the last 3+ years. Of course Ascom also works but is old tech that has not changed for a long long time and has many networking issues. Luckily it's not the only solution to controlling astro devices. The comments about pauses in connections etc are almost always down to WiFi issues and are NOT simply due to KStars/Ekos as an app. I know many people are happy to pay multiple £100's for old "proven" software that only works on Windows and that's fine. But, don't expect to get support when new cameras are released , or new improved guiding and plate-solving techniques are developed. Did I mention that I like KStars And, no I have no connection with the development team I just appreciate great FREE software that keeps evolving and getting better.
  3. Well worth another look, it has evolved considerably over the last few years. Now it is probably the most complete astro package available. It doesn't use ascom but INDi to control all the devices. Works on Windows/ Mac/ and Linux systems.
  4. Kstars 3.5.5 has just been released. Lots of new features. https://edu.kde.org/kstars/#download
  5. All the apps named are FREE For taking images and controlling all your astro gear including platesolving and guiding then KStars/Ekos is excellent. For post processing your images Autostakkert3 and Registax6 both work on Mac if you use Wine Bottler. For fine tuning images then GIMP is as good as PS.
  6. Superb images. I too struggle to see the difference though between the 10 and 18hours versions TBH. I managed to go for around 2 hours last week and I am embarrassed to compare it with your 10 hour one.
  7. Very nice. It is a lot better than my first go well done.
  8. Think I am a butterfly astronomer. Been struggling with planetary imaging for over a year and finally getting to grips with it. Last night went back to deep sky but forgot how l-o-n-g it takes. It doesn't take much to put me off going outside these days. Keep looking at new kit but so far have kept my wallet closed.
  9. Been practicing Planetary and not done any Deep Sky for over a year. Decided to make the most of the good weather and get out my Esprit 100 last night. This is a LHaRGB narrowband 5 x 180sec frames for each channel. I am certainly out of practice in the processing dept but at least I got something.
  10. Think this is my best to date. First where I got the GRS. Stack of the best 42% of 25000 frames. Second Run. Stack of best 44% of 25000 frames. I also want to thank @vlaiv on here for his help in getting me on the right track for this planetary imaging challenge.
  11. Warm night didn't expect good viewing. Pleased with this.
  12. I did a few separate runs this one was 1000 frames at 8.7ms. so under 10secs. I had tried longer runs of up to 3 mins with 30,000 frames but didn't get the exposure right. This one was a quick test and ended up giving the best results. The clouds moved in so I couldn't go longer. I think I have found the sweet spot in terms of exposure and gain so next time will try long runs.
  13. Think we need a bit more info before suggesting help. What happened when and what you have done since ?
  14. Totally agree. I learnt a lot.
  15. Just watched a YouTube video on Autostakkert where Emil Kraaikamp (The software author) said he was working on Autostakkert-4 and it would be released soon. The video was recorded back last August 8th 2020. Just been to the site and its not there the latest version is still 3.1.4. Does anyone know the status?
  16. Best I could get. Tried a new wavelet setting which seems to bring out more detail. 50 frames out of 1000 each 8.7ms. using ASI290MC through ADC on HD925
  17. Thanks for your help. It is very useful to understand the maths behind planetary imaging. Can you explain what is meant by critical sampling rate, where does the 0.22"/px figure come from in you post above?
  18. Had a go again last night but the seeing was terrible. Couldn't get anything decent out of two runs of 3 mins. Managed to get three moons in a short 1000 frame, 5ms exposure wide field run. Below is the best 50 stacked. Forecast is clear again tonight so not giving in.
  19. Terrible seeing last night, wasted a couple of hours. Anyway this is the best I could get
  20. Tried again last night. This is with 2x Barlow, 12 ms exposure, gain 151. Think its a bit better but still not happy. best 5% of 15000 frames.
  21. I am using my Celestron Edge HD 9.25. Focal length 2350m. No Barlow. No drizzle. I used Sharpcap to do the capture in 3 sessions each of 5000 frames joined in PIPP using the Join function. Stacked in Autostakkert 3, Wavelet sharpened in Registax 6. Final tweak crop and and enlargement 2X in PS Settings were. [ZWO ASI290MC] FrameType=Light Pan=568 Tilt=248 Output Format=SER file (*.ser) Binning=1 Capture Area=800x600 Colour Space=RGB24 Temperature=26.3 High Speed Mode=On Turbo USB=100(Auto) Flip=None Frame Rate Limit=Maximum Gain=300(Auto) Exposure=0.2470ms Timestamp Frames=Off White Bal (B)=99(Auto) White Bal (R)=56(Auto) Brightness=1 Auto Exp Max Gain=300 Auto Exp Max Exp M S=30000 Auto Exp Target Brightness=100 Mono Bin=Off Background Subtraction=Off Planet/Disk Stabilization=Off Banding Threshold=35 Banding Suppression=0 Apply Flat=None Subtract Dark=None Display Black Point=0 Display MidTone Point=0.0789066279632318 Display White Point=1 Notes= TimeStamp=2021-08-24T22:23:49.0600750Z SharpCapVersion=4.0.8094.0 StartCapture=2021-08-24T22:23:49.0399563Z MidCapture=2021-08-24T22:24:03.2769563Z EndCapture=2021-08-24T22:24:17.5133277Z Duration=28.473s FrameCount=5000 TimeZone=+1.00 Any advice appreciated.
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