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Hi everyone! I have some questions:

1. Can I change the keybinds for my keyboard in Stellarium? For instance if I want to change tracking mode by pressing Control 2 to Control 1 on my keyboard. 

2. How do I stop the mount to tracking and following objects when I'm finished by observing the sky? 

I'm almost ready now. 

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1. I have a feeling you can, just having a look ... yes, there it is, in the Help window (F1 or from the left side menu), the keys should be first display in the Help tab ... down at the bottom should be the "Edit keyboard shortcuts", you can set primary and alternative and set countless unassigned shortcuts.

2. Are you using EQMOD or GSS to control the mount, if not this cound make things a little easier, GSS (Green Swamp Server) I prefer, but both have Park buttons to return the mount to the weights down scope up position. If you have trouble removing the scope there, GSS can set user defined alternative park positions so you can have one anywhere you like to remove the scope, then park to home position so the mount is back to where it should be.

If you're not using either and just having Stellarium make the connection, then ctrl+0 brings up the Slew To window and in there you can set positions in the three dots (...) botton and then use the drop down menu to select them and Slew To.

Hope that helps.

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Or alternatively for 2) , if you are using capturing software for imaging, it often has this option.

So for instance in NINA’s sequencer, at the top are commands for the start and end of session, and in the end session, there’s an option to “Park Mount” which can be enabled.

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