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  1. Stellarium 0.16.0

    Yes, of course: https://bugs.launchpad.net/stellarium
  2. Stellarium 0.16.0

    For small asterisms we plan to use coordinates, but this feature is not implemented yet.
  3. Stellarium 0.16.0

    Let me show a screenshot - in the future release constellations and asterisms will be in separate layers. We use HIP numbers of stars for the asterisms and constellations to draw the stick figures. I'm sorry, but no special tool for create an asterisms or constellations (but we have this point in our wishlist). The Bookmarks tool (Alt+B) may be partially helpful here, because you can add sequence of stars with HIP numebrs to bookmarks and export this list as JSON file (this file might be opened by any simple text editor like notepad).
  4. Stellarium 0.16.0

    Please be careful when installer of Stellarium is work - I think you are has ticked an option "Remove the main configuration file" in installer. Please go to DSO tab in "Sky and viewing options window" (F4) and check used catalogs.
  5. Stellarium 0.16.0

    @SilverAstro just try press Alt+A and Alt+V if you are use development snapshots of Stellarium P.S. Please see attachment... Stellarium User Guide.pdf
  6. Stellarium 0.16.0

    @SilverAstro it's not a portable version, but you can install it in separate directory (e.g. Stellarium Dev) P.S. Maybe you want to contribute asterisms? ;)
  7. I see StellariumScope use JNow epoch - what about Stellarium?
  8. Stellarium 0.16.0

    Please check Stellarium
  9. Stellarium 0.16.0

    OK, I've found where is I made misprint. The fix will be available for testing in next beta (I guess tomorrow).
  10. Stellarium 0.16.0

    I'm sorry, but apparently I don't understand your problem.
  11. Stellarium 0.16.0

    Yes, you can install it in separate directory.
  12. Stellarium 0.16.0

    Why you do not use official stellarium.org website?
  13. Could you say what is confusing you? Maybe I can explain it?
  14. Stellarium 0.16.0

    @cuivenion, @Dave In Vermont, please check version
  15. Stellarium 0.16.0

    @cuivenion aha! I see now what you meant!