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  1. You may edit shortcuts and set required the scaling factor Hint: https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium/issues/1301
  2. Please check Stellarium directory in Start menus
  3. The latest Intel(R) Graphics Driver: solves the problem. Hint: https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium/wiki/Common-Problems-for-the-current-version#OpenGL_problems_with_Intel_Graphics
  4. Could you install beta version of drivers for your graphics card (I mean drivers from intel.com)?
  5. Today we released version 0.20.3 of Stellarium. The major changes of this version: - Fixed nutation and, with it, season beginning times - Many changes in AstroCalc tool and core of Stellarium - Many changes in Oculars and Satellites plugins - Updated DSO catalog Important note: We discontinued support for AppImage builds since version 0.20.3 due technical problems of AppImage architecture! Please use snap packages instead. Download binary packages for Windows and Mac you may here: https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium/releases/tag/v0.20.3 Full list of changes: - Added sorting for Bookmark dialog (GH: #1144) - Added B pass band for compute photometric values of nebulae - Added missing QPushButton:checked style matching 'pressed' (GH: #1150) - Added show standard magnitude and RCS info for satellites in the GUI of Satellites plugin - Added new filters for satellites - Added GUI buttons to define object information font color at daylight and for overwrite mode (GH: #1156) - Added 2 new columns for AstroCalc/Positions tool (Elevation and Elongation) - Added editable keyboard shortcut for buttons in AstroCalc tools (GH: #1165, #1166) - Added allowance to loading bookmark without date/location change (GH: #882) - Added new initial time steps in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool (GH: #1162) - Added option to use on the screen star designations only (GH: #1169) - Added option in the GUI to define color of text in Equation of Time plugin - Added new button into Shortcut Editor and added new tool to restoring defaults - Added action to restart trails (GH: #1030) - Added "current vertical" line (GH: #1175) - Added support custom time steps for ephemeris in AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool (GH: #1176) - Added ability to show several objects' ephemerides in AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool (GH: #1177) - Added using texture for satellite, when he crossing of the Moon or the Sun - Added automatic saving changes of satellites properties in Satellites plugin (GH: #1066) - Added instructions for building Stellarium from source code - Added new groups of satellites: all new groups of satellites based on their orbital properties - Added info about altitude classifications for geocentric orbits in Satellites plugin - Added pixel grid for sensors to Ocular plugin (GH: #1198) - Added keyboard shortcut for toggle focuser overlay to Oculars plugin - Added keyboard shortcuts to toggle sensor crop overlay to Oculars plugin - Added keyboard shortcuts to toggle sensor pixel grid to Oculars plugin - Added show a binning info for CCD to Oculars GUI Panel - Added option into GUI to toggle drawing halo around the Moon (GH: #914) - Added keep selection of ephemeris item when coordinate system is changed in AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool (GH: #1199) - Added keyboard handling in additional to mouse selection for visualization of selected marker in AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool (GH: #1200) - Added new way to select ocular elements to Oculars plugin: You can now switch between various ocular elements through double-click on the items (eyepieces/lenses/telescopes/sensors) in the main menu of the Oculars plugin (GH: #1193) - Added small improvement for sensor view mode to Oculars plugin: the cross in the center was modify: it rotating by 45° now and has a permanent size in 10 px (GH: #1206) - Added small improvement for sensor view mode to Oculars plugin: the text about the crop size now may be marked by [*] for 2 reasons: the crop size is larger than sensor size or when crop size is not multiple of binning (GH: #1206) - Added fix for better handling of comet orbit visualisation - Added planet name for nomenclature item as context data: better in search dialog and makes unique strings - Added new names for planetary features - Added tool to remember last entered objects in Search tool (GH: #1050, #1168) - Added enforce updates for Lists in Search tool to get an variable parts of list (GH: #1226) - Added star names for Western (O. Hlad) sky culture (GH: #1170) - Added key binding for toggle visibility of groups of satellites (GH: #982) - Added new categories for AstroCalc/WUT tool (GH: #1230) - Added new category for AstroCalc/Positions tool (GH: #1230) - Added methods to search DSO when they have coordinates in disabled catalogs (esp. for the Bookmark tool and some AstroCalc tools) - Added CLI option to start Stellarium in scaling GUI mode - Added new group of objects "Solar system bodies: minor bodies" to predict opposition of asteroids into AstroCalc/Phenomena tool - Added note to S&T sky culture (GH: #1244) - Added including name of a bookmarked Marker object for highlights (GH: #1260) - Added including designation of a bookmarked object without common name for highlights - Added support of new type of labels (labelEquatorial) for scripting engine - Added 3 new groups of satellites - Added tool to disable an inherited options in Oculars plugin - Added tool to define value of transparency of the semi-transparent mask in eyepiece mode in Oculars plugin - Added buttons to define special colors for satellites in Satellites plugin - Added International Designator info into the GUI of Satellites plugin - Added epoch of the TLE info into GUI of Satellites plugin - Added tooltips for both identifiers of satellites (Satellites plugin) - Added full names of groups as tooltips for wrapped names of groups (Satellites plugin) - Added a confirmation dialog for "Restore defaults" buttons (GH: #1277) - Fixed nutation and, with it, season beginning times - Fixed behaviour of AstroCalc/WUT tool - Fixed list of locations: remove duplicates of observatories - Fixed possible error in calculating the Contrast Index of nebulae (GH: #1145) - Fixed activity of button to switch in sources tab of Satellites plugin - Fixed small GUI issue when satellite tracking is enabled - Fixed crash for landscapes with added polygon (GH: #1143, #1179) - Fixed drawing satellite orbits - Fixed buttons background in Solar System Editor plugin - Fixed documents for enabling custom HiPS (GH: #1159) - Fixed display date format in main GUI - Fixed automatic setting of size for columns in shortcuts editor - Fixed trails related properties in SolarSystem (GH: #1030) - Fixed spurious recreation of trails (GH: #1030) - Fixed fade out for trails (GH: #1030) - Fixed behaviour of GUI options for planetary orbits and trails - Fixed changes in trails when time stopped (GH: #1174) - Fixed main GUI issue - Fixed AstroCalc GUI issue - Fixed few tooltips - Fixed few translatable lines in the standard GUI - Fixed remember customized object informations settings (GH: #1184) - Fixed translation special groups after change the language in Satellites plugin - Fixed size of buttons in the GUI of the Satellites plugin - Fixed availability of "Remove satellites" button in the GUI of the Satellites plugin - Fixed linguistic issue in the GUI of main application and plugins - Fixed switch to native planet names when skyculture is changed in AstroCalc tools (GH: #1203) - Fixed keyboard jumps for GUI of the Oculars plugin - Fixed saving properties of Special Markers (GH: #1201) - Fixed errors in DSO catalog (SNR G subsystem; GH: #1208) - Fixed calculation an approximate visual magnitude for Starlink DarkSat - Fixed find an initial step for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool (GH: #1219) - Fixed handling of keyboard shortcuts: saving an empty keyboard shortcuts allow to stay primary and alternative shortcuts as they was defined by user (GH: #1222) - Fixed translation of key binding description for "Field of View" feature when language is changed - Fixed saving keyboard shortcuts - Fixed rounding issue (GH: #1153) - Fixed security issue in RemoteControl plugin (GH: #1233) - Fixed load of location from landscape at startup (GH: #1237) - Fixed the Reticulum system object designation (GH: #1250) - Fixed restore scaling for minor bodies in Oculars plugin (GH: #1258) - Fixed GUI behaviour for AstroCalc tool (GH: #1230) - Fixed misprints and typos in Chinese sky cultures (GH: #1266, #1268) - Fixed issue an including regions (or DSO without designations) as bookmarks (GH: #1267) - Fixed parser of COSPAR ID data (International Designator) in Satellites plugin - Fixed apply transit color for satellites in the iconic mode (GH: #1279) - Fixed star magnitude limits in Oculars plugin: better handling of auto-computed or manually set limiting magnitudes (GH: #400, #1285) - Changed default value for flag "displayed" of satellites - Changed limits of properties for orbital lines of satellites (GH: #1148) - Changed button labels in Bookmarks tool (GH: #916) - Changed trails behaviour: don't reset trails when just adapting thickness (GH: #1030) - Changed trails behaviour: disable trails for "observer" planets (GH: #1030) - Changed trails behaviour: handle removal of trails with time moving backwards (GH: #1030) - Changed trails behaviour: reset trails when time jumps too far (GH: #1030) - Changed limits for focal length of eyepices and magnification of binoculars (GH: #1178) - Changed upper limit for angular filter of DSO - Changed GUI for manage sources of TLE in the Satellites plugin (GH: #738) - Changed behaviour: re-enabled scrolling to newly added locations - Changed behaviour: disabled button to toggle crosshairs for eyepieces with permanent crosshairs (GH: #1247) - Changed upper limit for FOV markers (special + Telrad/Oculars): the limits was increased up to 28 degrees for circular/Telrad FOV and up to 180 degrees for rectangular FOV (GH: #1196) - Changed the priority level of drawing for Observability Analysis plugin (GH: #1194) - Changed modeling Starlink magnitudes: calculation of approx. visual magnitude for Starlink satellites based on Anthony Mallama's paper - Changed text of warning for mismatch of version of DSO catalog: improved an error message for the user - Changed behaviour of dialog rendering: disable dialog render cache (GH: #830, #393, #1007) - Changed behaviour of polygonal landscapes: get rid of a configuration flag (GH: #1239) - Changed limits for allow separation input field (up to 20 degrees) in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool - Changed initial time steps for some type of objects in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool - Changed selection of celestial bodies behaviour for oppositions in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool - Changed behaviour of Telescope Control plugin: re-enabled the option to autoconnect ASCOM-based mounts (GH: #1269, #1243, #1164) - Changed behaviour of Oculars plugin: the input box to define the scale factor of arrows was changed to use percentage - Changed distance between buttons "Restore defaults" and "Save settings" in the GUI of plugins (GH: #1277) - Updated minimum required Qt version to 5.7.0 (GH: #1138) - Updated Indian Vedic sky culture: Nakshatras and Rashis as stars, asterisms and constellations. (GH: #930) - Updated URL of main website to use HTTPS (GH: #1139) - Updated tool to check version of satellites.json file (reducing a number of upgrading the file) - Updated code for search stars by designations (code refactoring) - Updated HiPS tool: switched to retrieve of HiPS properties from MocServer - Updated code: solve a few casting warnings - Updated code: sanitize type mismatches - Updated code: removed obsolete QSignalMapper - Updated GUI of the Satellites plugin - Updated list of contributors of Oculars plugin - Updated Milky Way texture: deleted Spica's glow - Updated translations (GH: #1210, #1211) - Updated the technical notes to the Satellites plugin - Updated translations of landscapes description - Updated translations of sky cultures description - Updated 3D scenery: increase brightness of Sterngarten model materials - Updated default list of satellites - Updated three DSO textures (GH: #1271) - Updated GUI for updating data for Meteor showers plugin - Updated GUI for updating data for Historical supernovae plugin - Updated GUI for updating data for Bright novae plugin - Updated GUI for updating data for Pulsars plugin - Updated GUI for updating data for Quasars plugin - Updated GUI for updating data for Satellites plugin - Updated GUI for updating data for Exoplanets plugin - Removed the observers from calculations in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool - Removed limits for declination of objects in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool (GH: #1162) - Removed sort rules from AstroCalc/WUT tool (GH: #1229) - Removed unused pixel size in Oculars plugin (GH: #432) - Removed unused data and code (code refactoring) - Removed orbit_visualisation_period parameter for comets in Solar System Editor plugin - Removed "Save changes" button from the GUI of the Satellites plugin - Removed the step "remove data from previous installation" from Windows installer - Removed outdated documents - Removed outdated code
  6. Hmm... I see no serious problems in the logs
  7. Please share log.txt from Stellarium
  8. Today we published a fresh weekly snapshot of Stellarium (v0.20.2.18140): https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium-data/releases/tag/beta And we need some feedback from users. At the moment we need to know your opinion about changes in 2 plugins - Satellites and Oculars. Of course we'll accept your opinion about changes in other parts of the planetarium too, but those 2 plugins in our focus. Thanks for your attention and testing.
  9. Today we released version 0.20.2 of planetarium. Thank you very much to community for bug reports, feature requests and contributions! This is the anniversary version of Stellarium - the project is 20 years old now. Full list of changes: Added rectangular sensor crop overlay support [Oculars] (GH: #1069) Added support newly marker in Search Tool (Position and Settings tabs) [Search Tool] Added new features for scripting engine: extend the JavaScript classes corresponding to Vec3f and Vec3d [Scripting] Added options to be able to define and use custom FOV circles for Telrad [Oculars] (GH: #1057) Added VecMath tests for the new functions (GH: #1055) Added VecMath feature: Vector/QColor conversions (GH: #1055) Added feature to set current date and time as initial data when AstroCalc/Ephemeris is open [AstroCalc] Added notification for user when version of DSO catalog is mismatched Added support Trumpler Catalogue (Tr or Trumpler) [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #965) Added support Stock Catalogue (St or Stock) [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #965) Added support Ruprecht Catalogue (Ru or Ruprecht) [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #965) Added support "van den Bergh-Hagen Catalogue" (VdB-Ha) [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #965) Added support search by long name for Trumpler, Stock, Ruprecht, Collinder and Melotte catalogues [DSO Catalog, v3.10] Added new type of DSO objects: region of the sky [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #1067) Added special case for improve DSO regions visibility [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #1067) Added outlines for DSO regions [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #1067) Added marker of center of FOV on the sky [Special Markers] Added circular marker of FOV on the sky [Special Markers] Added rectangular marker of FOV on the sky [Special Markers] Added tool for adjustable thickness of the planetary trails (GH: #1087) Added tool for adjustable line thickness for ephemeris lines (GH: #1087) Added tool for adjustable thickness of the planetary orbits Added a column, showing the elevation of the object at transit times into AstroCalc/WUT tool [AstroCalc] (GH: #1089) Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: regions of the sky [AstroCalc] Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: pulsars (the category available if Pulsars plugin is loaded and pulsars are enabled to display) [AstroCalc] Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: bright nova stars (the category available if Bright Novae plugin is loaded) [AstroCalc] Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: bright supernova stars (the category available if Historical Supernovae plugin is loaded) [AstroCalc] Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: exoplanetary systems (the category available if Exoplanets plugin is loaded and exoplanets are enabled to display) [AstroCalc] Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: active galaxies (this category may include additional quasars if Quasars plugin is loaded and quasars are enabled to display) [AstroCalc] Added new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: interacting galaxies [AstroCalc] Added new unit tests for DeltaT Added tool to guess the group of satellites by their names [Satellites] Added new groups of satellites [Satellites] Added method to check state of loading for the plugins Added column Elevation for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool [AstroCalc] Added default groups for some satellites from default JSON catalog [Satellites] Added missing tool for define color of regions of the sky Added regions of the sky into Lists of Search Tool [Search Tool] Added tool to export version of Stellarium through StelProperty and Remote Control plugin Added display of epoch of the TLE for artificial satellites [Satellites] (GH: #1096) Added new flag for InfoString of planets, comets and minor planets Added better arrangement of InfoString entries for planets, comets and minor planets Added highlighting for string literals between apostrophes for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107) Added highlighting for regular expressions for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107) Added highlighting for multiline comments for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107) Added highlighting for exponential numeric format for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107) Added highlighting for hexadecimal numeric literals for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107) Added separate highlighting of predefined names from that of keywords for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107) Added red highlighting for unknown methods of Stellarium modules for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107) Added highlighting for methods of StelSkyDrawer and core for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107) Added penumbral and umbral magnitudes during lunar eclipse (GH: #1113) Added comments for scripters [Scripting] Added radar cross-section (RCS) data for satellites [Satellites] Added calculate approximaged visual magnitude for satellites from their RCS value [Satellites] Added special case for set RCS value for Starlink satellites [Satellites] Added option to allow drawing of landscape polygon only, if a polygon is defined [Landscapes] Added option to allow a polygon to be drawn in the foreground (out of regular call sequence) [Landscapes] Added option to allow landscape polygon overdrawn onto the 3D scenery [Scenery3D] Added computation an approximated angular size of satellites (the linear size is obtained from RCS value and we use spherical shape for satellites) [Satellites] Added special case for computation an approximated angular size of ISS (we are defined linear size of ISS by "hands") [Satellites] Added tool to display a focuser overlay in the sensor view [Oculars] (GH: #1110) Added checking conflicts for keyboard shortcuts with informing user if conflicts are exist (GH: #1025) Added tool to rescale oversize textures on-the-fly (GH: #1121) Added show a fuchsia-colored replacement texture for wrong filename (GH: #1121) Added NORAD numbers in addition to name of artificial satellite in Satellites Import Dialog for available for search [Satellites] Added function to compute distance between locations, on a flattened planet, in km Added geographic coordinates of center line for total and annular solar eclipse (GH: #1116) Fixed GUI and minor redesign of remaining icons [GUI] (GH: #752, #951) Fixed security issue for jquery (CVE-2020-11022; GH: #1073) Fixed magnitudes for planetary nebulae [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #913) Fixed data for "Part of a Galaxy" objects [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #996) Fixed work for clipboard in Script Console tool: avoid effects caused by QTextEdit after copy-paste from HTML pages. [Scripting] (GH: #1070) Fixed telescope syncing for INDI [Telescope Control] (GH: #1065) Fixed "Uninitialized members" issue in Script Console [Scripting] Fixed VecMath features: moved vector/string conversion previously in StelUtils to the VecMath classes (GH: #1055) Fixed VecMath feature: moved un-inlineable definitions to separate cpp file (GH: #1055) Fixed proper motion output (GH: #1006, #1041) Fixed time delay with planet movement information (GH: #1006, #1103) Fixed cross-id data for open clusters [DSO Catalog, v3.10] Fixed designations for van den Bergh catalogues [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #965) Fixed descriptions for van den Bergh catalogues [DSO Catalog, v3.10] (GH: #965) Fixed crash in scripting method core.setObserverLocation() when planet is not defined or not exist [Scripting] Fixed core.setObserverLocation() behaviour: avoid duplicating a country if script programmer provides one [Scripting] (GH: #1076) Fixed object type info for meteor showers [Meteor Showers] Fixed crash when lens are deleted in Oculars plugin [Oculars] (GH: #1078) Fixed (a temporary fix) crash Stellarium when autoconnect is enabled for ASCOM device, but device is not attached [Telescope Control] (GH: #928) Fixed wrong approximated visual magnitude of satellites [Satellites] Fixed guessing groups of satellites [Satellites] Fixed possible cache problem for magnitudes Fixed casting warnings Fixed topocentric/geocentric corrections for ArchaeoLines plugin [ArchaeoLines] Fixed crash AstroCalc/WUT tool when required plugin is not loaded [AstroCalc] Fixed docs and tooltips Fixed visibility of deep-sky regions of the sky Fixed work of regions of the sky in AstroCalc/Positions tool [AstroCalc] Fixed missing object in Bennett's list of deep-sky objects (switched to synonym of missed object) [Search Tool] Fixed missing object in Dunlop's list of deep-sky objects (switched to synonym of missed object) [Search Tool] Fixed visual style for dialog to define custom equation of DeltaT Fixed crossquarter declinations in ArchaeoLines plugin [ArchaeoLines] Fixed updating timezones when loading landscapes/sceneries Fixed updating location panel when off-screen Fixed a deprecation warning for InfoString of planets, comets and minor planets Fixed broken highlighting for quoted string literals for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107) Fixed broken highlighting for line comment for Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107) Fixed indentation problems in the code Fixed crash when removing already removed selection of constellations (GH: #1104) Fixed jumping of the Moon Fixed visibility for telescope selector when image sensor frame enabled after binocular [Oculars] (GH: #1108) Fixed saving thickness of the planetary trails and orbits Fixed context data for unit measure in Satellites plugin [Satellites] Fixed a stupid bug in ArchaeoLines [ArchaeoLines] Fixed sign of one element in the matrix sequence for nutation Fixed Scripting Engine bug: a script isn't terminated properly via the stop script button [Scripting] (GH: #1118) Fixed crash when texture isn't found (GH: #1121) Fixed the maximum size of CCD: increased limit of sensor size to 100000 pixels [Oculars] (GH: #1123) Fixed visual artifacts on the sky (GH: #475, #1126) Fixed bug in Vec3d constructor for scripting engine [Scripting] Fixed shader bug visible during Total Solar Eclipses only Updated default settings for InnoSetup Script (.iss) file Updated Stellarium User Guide Updated morphological classification of open clusters [DSO Catalog, v3.10] Updated subsystem to obtain the standard magnitudes of artificial satellites [Satellites] Updated method for load standard magnitudes and RCS data for satellites [Satellites] Updated size of window resize border to reduce difficulties to their resize (GH: #937, #1099) Updated InfoString block for artificial satellites [Satellites] Updated minimum height of artificial satellite to check the valid orbit [Satellites] Updated default source of Starlink TLE's [Satellites] Changed behaviour of GUI in Satellites tab in Satellites plugin [Satellites] Changed AstroCalc/WUT tool behaviour: radiogalaxies, active galaxies, quasars, blazars and BL Lac objects was moved from 'Galaxies' category into 'Active galaxies' category [AstroCalc] Changed behaviour of AstroCalc/WUT tool: let's use visual magnitude for all objects without extinction data [AstroCalc] Changed "Arguments" to "arguments" for highlighter in Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107) Removed obsolete scripting methods from StarMgr class [Scripting] Removed duplicate code for InfoString of planets, comets and minor planets Removed "Global" from highlighter in Script Console [Scripting] (GH: #1101, #1107) Removed unused variables Binary packages you may download at https://stellarium.org website
  10. In version 0.20.0 was added comet ATLAS with error in data - why just you don't update the data for comet through SSE plugin?
  11. In last 10 years Solar System Editor plugin use for edit Solar system bodies in Stellarium
  12. See changes for this: https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium/commit/3f3422911dc0c69d72389025136c901a88a51651
  13. Today we released version 0.20.1 of planetarium. Thank you very much to community for bug reports, feature requests and contributions! Full list of changes: - Added new language - Luxembourgish (lb) - Added proper properties for Angle Measure plugin - Added configurable colors for Angle Measure plugin - Added GUI adaptations for Angle Measure plugin - Added evaluates scripts in individual context (Scripting Engine) - Added new planetary nomenclature - Added use properties in Satellites plugin - Added overloaded Labeling functions with colors specified as Vec3f (Scripting Engine) - Added display proper file paths and line numbers on script errors (Scripting Engine) - Added test for low precision hms time conversion function (GH: #1043) - Added spiky stars option - Added checkbox to the option settings in Script Console to clear the output text before a script is run - Added implementation of telescope syncing in INDI client (GH: #1048) - Added dirty flag, set by signal from QTextEdit (Script Console) - Added code to set TAB stop width at 4 characters (Script Console) - Added code to avoid losing names after Cancel in some QFileDialog (Script Console) - Added implementation of FSM to tranfer properly between dirty/filename states on load, save, clear, edit, expand actions (Script Console) - Added special case Catalogs/Other in GUI for objects without identifier (DSO Catalog v3.9) - Added Oculus plugin (disabled by default; GH: #1056) - Fixed ANGLE support for Windows package (GH: #1035, #1034) - Fixed keyboard navigation in Oculars plugin (GH: #1036) - Fixed Russian translation for Windows installer - Fixed data blunder: severely wrong slope for upcoming comet (GH: #1033) - Fixed flipping galactic/Supergalactic labels on Southern hemisphere (GH: #1028) - Fixed translations 'Set FOV to XXX degrees' when language is changed - Fixed possible segfault in SolarSystem class - Fixed building Stellarium without scripting - Fixed (restored) fading switch effect in Satellites plugin - Fixed (inverted) realistic/iconic mode labeling in Satellites plugin - Fixed (renamed) properties to better follow conventions in Satellites plugin - Fixed visualization mode in Satellites plugin - Fixed time conversion for low precision form (GH: #1042) - Fixed jerking an animation of movement of Solar system bodies (GH: #1041) - Fixed name for SH2-308 (DSO Catalog v3.9) - Fixed filter properly objects by catalogs (DSO Catalog v3.9; GH: #1052) - Fixed few wrong objects in DSO catalog (DSO Catalog v3.9) - Fixed WUI of Remote Control plugin - Updated fix for ghost comet in ortographic projection issue (GH: #389) - Updated list of contributors - Updated code: simplified RegExp results handling - Changed Vec3f& to Vec3f asreturn type for functions called from scripts in some classes (Scripting Engine) - Re-implement getDecAngle, fixing some inconsistencies (GH: #1051) - Removed Abell planetary nebulae catalog (DSO Catalog v3.9) Binary packages you may download at https://stellarium.org website
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