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Hello everyone! I'm new at astrophotography with telescope and these software programs. For some reason I cannot connect the Stellarium software by clicking Start. The start button just doesn't respond for some reason. And the SynScan is connected with com 5 port to my laptop.

Here are some pictures. 

Please be respectful. Thanks in advance! 






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Select the option "Start/connect at startup" . Also make sure you also selected "Load on startup" from the plug-ins dialogue screen prior to configuring the telescope control.

1. Open Stellarium and press f2
2. Go to Plugins and scroll down to Telescope Control. Select Load on Startup and the press the  Configure button.
3. Select Add
4. Choose the first option "Stellarium direct through a serial port".
5. Select start/connect at startup.
6. Scroll down and select Skywatcher Synscan v3 or later. 
7. At this point you will also need to know which com port the usb-serial adapter has been assigned. Select the com port from the list.
8. Press OK

Restart Stellarium

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Are you using EQMOD ? 

I seem to remember having trouble with Stellarium and EQMOD so I switched to GSS (Green Swamp Server) I think its better all round, has configurable Park positions, I have one scope up for resting light panel on for flats and can connect to a GPS sharing app on your phone to retrieve location data if you go to starcamps/dark sites.

The other thing I have different, looking in my settings, Telescope Control By is set to ASCOM and Coordinate System is JNow, I forget if these were GSS specific changes or not.

Hope you get it working. 

Edit : Just thought, are you connecting to laptop via the synscan handset, have you selected PC Direct Mode in the handset menu ? not sure if you have to on newer ones but older ones you do.  Depends if you've already got the mount to work with other software or not, but something else to try.

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