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  1. Very nice, great star colours.
  2. It's sorted now, I tested it the other night. It's slightly over focused at infinity and stars come into focus just before the stop.
  3. Just to add that with my lens I loosened the screws moved the ring and then tightened them again once the ring was in position. I gather it can be more complex for other lenses though.
  4. Here we go, this is focus at the infinity stop now: And this is a few millimeters before the stop: So hopefully I'll be able to get stars and the moon in focus now. The images were resized to 1280x960 for the net.
  5. I think I may have sorted it out. There are three screws on the focus indicator ring (the one with the focus range in feet and infinity). when I loosened them I could move this around and the focus now seems to go slightly past infinity. Just what I want. Much easer than I was expecting to be honest. I'll have to test on Vega again or the moon if I get a chance.
  6. Thanks there are four philips head screw I can see when I turn the focus. There's three larger and one tiny one. Not sure how to proceed though, I don't want to wreck the lens.
  7. Thats what I was thinking, I have no idea how to adjust the infinity focus for this lens though. I've read it can be done on other lenses. I've googled this quite a bit but I keep getting hits for the M42 3.5 lens.
  8. It's looking like it might be best for me to sell it, and stick to M42 lenses. The clip filter costs about twice what the lens cost.
  9. Hi Ronin, yes closer objects do come into focus and the adapter does add distance. There are adapters that have a lens to change the infinity focus position, but they are very expensive and the lens is not always good quality. I have read that sometimes the infinity focus in lenses changes over time and needs recalibrating. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.
  10. Hi Michael, thanks for the reply. My 500D is unmodded. This is a Praktica B lens not M42. As far as I can tell I'm running out of focus moving in towards the camera. Addiing a filter would move the lens out and make the problem worse wouldn't it?
  11. This is Vega as close to infinity as I can get:
  12. I have recently bought this lens and a Praktica B adapter for use with a Canon 500D. It won't reach infinity focus even though the adapter is supposed to allow this. The vendor has offered a refund but I'm wondering if the lens is at fault. Is it possible to adjust the infinity focus on this lens and if so how?
  13. Thanks, this is looking quite tempting.
  14. Thanks, I thought it was set point cooling so thats something to think about. Do you think it's worth the asking price?
  15. I've seen the ATIK 16 HR-C advertised in good condition for about £380. I'm wondering if it's worth the money as this camera has been around for a while. Does it stack up against the more recent ZWO and QHY cmos offerings? I currently have a Canon 500D, i was hoping this would be a significant improvement, apart from sensor size of course.