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  1. cuivenion

    Heated dew shield

    Thanks, I don't want to run wires and heaters to the secondary either, but I was a bit worried that the heated dew shield wouldn't prevent the the secondary from dewing. There seems to be a lot of condratictory info on the net about dewing.
  2. cuivenion

    Heated dew shield

    They look good, would a heated shield work ok with a newtonian?
  3. cuivenion

    SharpCap Pro

    Here's the settings I used last night. AR030C GPCAM, Skywatcher Finderscope, 4sec exposures, maximum gain: Hope that helps.
  4. After losing a good few hours of imaging time recently to dew problems (despite using a dew shield) I'm thinking of getting a heated dew shield. I use a 130pds reflector and I'm wondering if a heated dew shield like this: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dew-prevention/astrozap-flexi-heat-dew-shields.html will work well with it or if a secondary mirror heater is a better option.
  5. cuivenion

    Turning a Vixen GP into a goto

    I've seen posts of people using the synscan upgrade to add Goto to their Vixen GP mounts, but of course you'll have to replace the motors. You could use AstroEQ with your current motors but they will likely have a very slow slewing speed. https://www.astroeq.co.uk/tutorials.php When I had a Vixen GP I used AstroEQ with two Stepper motors I bought off eBay for about 16 quid each.
  6. cuivenion

    SharpCap Pro

    Same here, I use the the colour GPCAM too. That model is not that sensitive so I use maximum gain and 4 second exposures. As mentioned above darks are important. Sharpcap has a function for capturing and averaging darks so if you capture say 10 and then apply that'll only take less than a minute, and your frames will have no hot pixels to confuse the polar alignment plate solver. I'll have a look for my settings as well when I get back tomorrow, but you do have to tweak them sometimes according to sky conditions.
  7. cuivenion

    SharpCap Pro

    +1 here, great software and not just for the Polar Alignment feature.
  8. Thanks for that, useful info.
  9. Hi, I'm wondering what the purpose of this baffle is? Is there any before and after images showing it's effect?
  10. cuivenion

    Reducing red dot finder brightness

    It has parallax unfortunately so essentially useless for astro. Looks like I'll have to move it on to an airsoft user.
  11. cuivenion

    Reducing red dot finder brightness

    I was wondering if there was a lower voltage battery that would fit in the compartment, it takes 2032's. I wouldn't mind fitting an inline resistor although I admit I've no idea how to do it. I don't mind learning though.
  12. I thought I'd take a punt on this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pinty-Tactical-1x40mm-Reflex-Riflescope/dp/B06XT11W79 Its fits the 11mm rail from my broken skywatcher finder, so no problems there. The good points are the build quality is good and it comes with lens caps. The cons are that the it dims the stars when you look through it, and worse of all the lowest setting for the red dot is way too bright for astro use. I'm guessing there's not to much I can do about the stars being dimmed but if anyone has any advice on how to reduce the red dot led output it may be useable.
  13. cuivenion

    Iris Nebula 3 1/2 hours

    Annoyingly I've just noticed that I need to have the brightness at full on my iPad to see the fainter parts of the image. Looked fine on my laptop. On the iPad all the extended dust is missing. This happens occasionally with an image and I've never managed to figure out why.
  14. cuivenion

    Iris Nebula 3 1/2 hours

    Thanks Max :). That'll be coma near the edges. I was hoping that with the small fov of the ASI224 I wouldnt need a coma corrector but it looks like I do. I haven't got the spacers I need for use with the ASI224 as yet unfortunately.
  15. cuivenion

    Iris Nebula 3 1/2 hours

    Thanks Max. What makes you think it's out of focus? The seeing wasn't great, especially the first night. I did perform star reduction and then tried to increase the star colour which may have made the stars shapes a little mishappen. I'm far from a processing expert.

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