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  1. If you have good PA in Sharpcap you should be fine. I look through the polar scope and make adjustments until I get Polaris roughly in the center of the FOV, then I use Sharpcap to get good polar alignment. Because I'm just using the polar scope to just get in the ball park it doesn't need to be aligned super accurately, but if you were using the polar scope as your only method of PA you'd obviously have to make more of an effort to make sure the polar scope is aligned to the RA of the mount.
  2. Just out of interest how has the camera filter been modded? I've had a read on the site and it's a little vague. Has the anti-aliasing filter been removed? Also can the sensor cleaning function still be used?
  3. Could it be a problem with the USB socket? Maybe try reinstalling or updating the usb drivers.
  4. Once you've actually set up a connection to your mount, all you have to do is select your mount in the list that comes up when you press the telescope control button. Then just press connect.
  5. If you have Pixinsight Starnet is native process in the latest version.
  6. Just came across this while browsing: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/products/sky-watcher-field-flattener-for-evoguide-50ed.html#faq It's a new Skywatcher field flattener for the Evoguide 50, a lot cheaper than the starizona one and in the UK. Thought some of you might like to know.
  7. Took this one on Monday morning at about 4am at the end of an imaging session. It's a single 4 second shot at 800 ISO of the crescent moon showing earthshine, Venus near the bottom of the image and M44 the beehive star cluster inbetween. It was taken with a Canon 600D and a Takumar 200mm F4 lens stopped internally with a circular stop to around f5.6-6. Processed in Pixinsight and GIMP.
  8. Hi, This was the best 4000 frames from a 3 minute video taken on 14/08/2020. A Revelation 5x barlow was used so this was shot at F25. Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 Scope: Skywatcher 200P Camera: ZWO ASI224 Captured with Sharpcap, stacked with Autostakkert 3 and processed with Pixinsight. It's easily my best Mars so I'm very happy with it. I've got a motorized focuser now though, so hopefully the results will improve. Any comments or criticisms welcome as usual.
  9. Hi, I have a Skywatcher 130PDS and a 200p. I use the 200p exclusively for planetary and lunar imaging and the 130PDS for DSO imaging. I was thinking about swapping the secondary mirrors in the two scopes as the 200p might benefit from a smaller secondary for planetary (less diffraction effect) and the 130PDS from the larger secondary (larger illuminated field). Both scopes are F5 so any offset should be the same. I'm not an expert so any advice would be great.
  10. Cheers Pete. Hopefully I can have another go tonight.
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