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  1. Coma takes up more of the field of view in the lower ratio scopes. You can use a coma corrector though.
  2. Iris with 10" Quattro

    Amazing image, has a real 3D feel to it.
  3. eVscope, a new real time EAA dedicated scope?

    Certainly looks impressive.
  4. Mosaic gone wrong

    Happened to me before too, very nice image though.
  5. Advice on video astronomy

    The windows driver isn't supported anymore, with is a shame. The developer doesn't answer emails or forum posts anymore. It did work with sharpcap last time I tried it which was a while ago. It is a great little cam, I've used it successfully for guiding with PHD and imaged a couple of DSO's with it. The driver might work with Sharpcap, its worth a try.
  6. Advice on video astronomy

    Oh yeah, by all means give it a go, you should be able to get 10-15s with good polar alignment, and as you said you can only get 1s with the lifecam anyway. Point it at a bright dso and show us what you get!
  7. Advice on video astronomy

    You'll be struggling with the lifecam. You're better off with an Altair GPCAM or ASI120 as a minimum. If you already have Dslr you could try using Astrotoaster, with Backyard EOS or Canons own software. I'm not to familiar with the mount but if it's like the eq5, your scope could be a little big for it, restricting the length of your exposures.
  8. Is this light pollution?

    Thanks Dave!
  9. Is this light pollution?

    Well after giving Pixinsight a second chance and concentrating a bit I managed this: It's a ways off perfect and needs a lot more data, but I'm really happy with the improvement. Looks like I'm getting pixinsight for my 40th birthday!
  10. Is this light pollution?

    Thanks. I think I might have a look at photoshop. I tried pixinsight and found it hard work.
  11. Is this light pollution?

    Looks like I'd better get a suitable filter then. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Is this light pollution?

    I've recently started taking quite widefield images and I think I'm getting much worse light pollution than I have in the past due to the direction I'm imaging in. Just wanted to check before I invest in a filter: The 1st image is with flats, the 2nd without flats. The image was taken with a Canon 500D and a 135mm lens at F8. 15 x 240s dithered subs with 50 Bias. The 1st image has 50 flats. I'm guessing the answer is yes.
  13. Polar scope on AVX?

    No probs, best of luck.
  14. Polar scope on AVX?

    If you already have a guide camera you could try the Sharpcap polar alignment routine. Its similer to Polemaster but it uses your guidescope camera.
  15. It sounds to me like the mount isn't tracking at all. I think it's possible that the op forgot to initiate the tracking on this occasion. In EQMOD you have to start tracking after you unpark the mount, it doesn't start tracking by default. I can't comment on the handset, I've always used EQMOD.