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  1. cuivenion

    Field Flattener for Skywatcher Evoguide 50ED

    The Samyang is pretty expensive brand new, over £400. It is supposed to be very good though. I agree that the flattener is overpriced for what it is, it's a shame because the example images on the site look excellent.
  2. cuivenion

    Field Flattener for Skywatcher Evoguide 50ED

    To be fair I think it has to be 1.25" to work with the focuser, but yes it is expensive.
  3. cuivenion

    Field Flattener for Skywatcher Evoguide 50ED

    That would be nice.
  4. cuivenion

    Field Flattener for Skywatcher Evoguide 50ED

    Probably a lot cheaper way of doing it! Out of curiousity I've read some info about using Baader MPCC coma corrector as a field corrector for short focal length refractor, not sure it would be possible with the ED50: http://www.stark-labs.com/craig/page9/WO66SD/WO66SD.html
  5. cuivenion

    Field Flattener for Skywatcher Evoguide 50ED

    I don't actually own one at the moment but I'm looking at getting one when they become available again. I just thought some proper tube rings would be nice, you can attach it to a proper dovetail then.
  6. Not sure if anyone's come across this yet but this american company has started selling these: https://starizona.com/store/evoff-field-flattener-for-skywatcher-evoguide-50ed Now somebody just has to sell affordable tube rings for them.
  7. cuivenion

    Imaging with the 130pds

    It depends on your climate, if you're lucky you may just be able to use a dew shield. I would go with a secondary mirror heater over a heated dew shield though. I recently tried a heated dew shield and that didn't work well. I tried insulating the back of the secondary mirror with polyethylene foam and tape and also used a dew shield. That seems to be working for me at the moment.
  8. If I was to make the f-ratio of my newtonian higher by using an aperture mask would the coma be reduced?
  9. cuivenion

    My new ASI294 (non-cooled)

    It's not just an internal fan it has a tec cooling device in there too. The lower temperature of the sensor means you get better results quicker because each individual exposure will have a much higher signal to noise ratio than the uncooled camera. As I remember the cooling is set point as well, which means that your dark frames will be more accurate. I'd say its worth it if you've got the money but I'm sure you can get good results with the uncooled version.
  10. cuivenion

    RGB M27 reprocess with Straton

    Cheers Mark.
  11. Can you change the image in an entry to a reprocessed version of the same image?
  12. cuivenion

    RGB M27 reprocess with Straton

    Hi, unfortunately this didn't work. There was was no change in the image when normalize was ticked. I managed to get some black point headroom back when combining the stars and no stars images in PixelMath. I used the rescaling options. The corrected image is added at the end of the original post. Quite happy with the finished result so I think I'll mark this one as finished.:)
  13. cuivenion

    RGB M27 reprocess with Straton

    Thanks I'll give it a try. I've been wondering if I can run the image through Straton after cropping and DBE which would solve the problem but I'll try both.

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