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Walking on the Moon

tonight looks good

dark knight

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I've just had a good two & half hours with my good lady's 12x50 bin's(told her their good birdwatching bins :) )

Still clear here on the east coast but getting colder by the minute.

Just getting over a cold so not pushing my luck tonight.

Clear sky's all.......Mick.G.

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It' a nightmare here.

There was a clear night on Boxing day, I decided not to go out as the next four nights were forecast to be clear. Every night since has been cloudy.

There seems to be a lump of cloud sitting just north of the Thames. Steve (Kai) is currently out with scope, he cannot be more than 10 miles from me. I've got wall to wall cloud.



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Well I managed a couple of hours sort of, friends popped in to see us, forgot Ileft synscan going, went back outside once they had gone and 1 hour later the powertank went flat, again!!! think its not charging properly. Anyhow by 11pm the clouds moved in and that was that, observing session over..I must get a mains adaptor. now correct me if I am wrong but if the powertank is 7ah and the synscan uses 1.2amps/hour then the powertank should last at least 5 hrs, I am lucky to get 3hrs out of it. How long does it take for them to fully charge, I had it on charge for 30hrs.

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4 nights in a row Ive been out :p

This must be some sort of record for these parts, the odd freezing mist patch floated about from time to time tho.

Packed up at 3am, it was a trifle chilly at -6C, the inside of the obs was sparkling with frost :)

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