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  1. O/T I'm also doing the introducing astronomy course ATM, though I'm nowhere near submitting the ECA I just started this course as well so I may well be asking you two some questions 8) . I have mapped out all the courses to get a degree largely based on astronomy and it is a long old road, but it sounds like fun! To S61SW, I'm in my forties too so maybe we will be competing for the same job in a few years time. Good luck if you decide to go for it. Wow, I've just done the same course as well, submitted a few hours before the deadline! Maybe we'll all be astronomers one day!
  2. Hello mate, I thought I would add to your quandry as I had the same dilemma as you and in the end settled on the 6SE. I had already had a 4.5" meade newt. reflector without go to on an eq mount, and to be honest could no longer be arsed with setting it up. So I went for portability, but to be honest, I'd be unlikely to take it on holiday with me! The views I've had with it so far have been great, the alignment fairly straightforward, so the decision, as they say, is yours!
  3. SilverFox

    1st time

    Just had to tag on to the end of this to say I'd just managed to get out for a couple of hours tonight with my new scope and was absolutely blown away by M42 and then the double cluster. Well worth the wait. Also joined in on the cigar front too!
  4. SilverFox

    1st time

    Hi I am so glad it's not just me. I am just back into astronomy now what with new scope and everything which you lot are probably sick of me mentioning now, but since I've started going out again I've managed to avoid making the same mistakes which I did when I first started, just like you. The only change I have made is to get organised, keep everything to hand and have a good idea before you go out of what you are going to try and look at. My next door neighbours have the most ridiculously bright arc light in their back garden which kills the conditions. The first time I went out with my scope I knocked on the door and they turned it off, but I can't keep doing this if they are going to then put it back on at a later date, they would get sick of me. I'm not sure how to approach it without the use of a knife, balaclava, and/or air rifle. There is no need for the light, and definitely no need for it to be so bright. How about I start an internet blog called "My neighbour's light" which gets picked up by the papers so that slowly the message dawns on the neighbours that it's them I'm posting about? I can imagine the blog entries now.... Day 1 On Day 2 On Day3 On Day4 On Day 5 Off! (but cloudy)
  5. Guess what...cloudy here. If by some miracle I get a clear sky do you reckon it will be visible in a 6" SCT? Sorry for inexperience but it's a new scope I've only been able to set up twice since I got it at Christmas - the only two clear-sky occasions.
  6. It's great that you are getting your daughter into the stars - I only wish we could persuade more people in the world just to look upwards every now and again. On the iPhone topic, I was recently on a conference with work and met one of the other delegates, a French chap, who had star maps on his iPhone. It looked really impressive and seemed to work really well. Can't help think it might destroy your night vision though....when someone gets the Cambridge star maps on some kind of low light head up display then I'll be happy!
  7. Surely with the light from the almost full moon it will be washed out, even if the cloud does clear?
  8. Hi all. I just managed to gt enough sky to get my nextar 6se out and aligned. Managed to get there in the end, but just wanted to say thanks for the tip about defocussing the star to aid centering, well worthwhile reading this thread! Will try it next time...
  9. Battery out, battery back in. Sorted. Now can someone do something about this bl00dy cloud? It's been clear only once since the 22nd December! Curse of the new scope....
  10. Thanks for all your suggestions. Especially the one about flicking it - I have messed with it but to no avail as yet
  11. Not patronising at all, though I have thought of these things, including the battery contacts. Thanks
  12. Hi all. For Christmas I bought myself a celestron nexstar 6 se which I am very pleased with, though have only been able to use it once due to the constant cloud we’ve had here in West Yorkshire since the 23rd December. However I am having some problems with the red dot finder and want to see what people’s thoughts are on how I should/could sort them out. Basically it worked fine at first, red dot there when I switched it on, but on the night I actually used the scope (the next night) I was finding that the red dot was not appearing straight away and I was having to switch the finder off and on again for it to come back. Having left the scope for a over a week since I’ve now gone back and found that when I switch the finder on the dot is not there at all. Sounds like a battery issue to me but the guys in the shop I spoke to said it should last for ever and a day so to speak, so I am surprised at this. The other thing is that I’ve never left the finder switched on. I have registered the product with Celestron and have e-mailed them about the issue. Do you think I should do the same with Rother Valley Optics where I got the scope from or just try another battery – and where do I get them from?!? I’m also not sure how much RDF’s are worth – is it worth me just asking for a new one? :just changed the font colour to make it easier to read :
  13. Last night was the 6th night in a row of total clouds here in north yorks. Woke up this morning and it's still cloudy. My brand new nextstar 6 se has seen only one hour of action since I bought it a week ago.
  14. My understanding, and bearing in mind I am torn between the two scopes at the moment is that: 1/. There is no difference in aperture size 2/. The nexstar 6 is on an alt-azimuth mount, which would need to be adapted to allow for imaging. The C6 SGT is on an equatorial mount and would be fit for this purpose out of the box so to speak. The non-computerised version of the C6 is cheap as chips at the moment. Go to FLO - £349. No use for people like me who want go to though - this model is still full price. Does anyone know if the retailers are likely to sympathise with us poor credit crunch afflicted consumers and do more pre-Christmas discounts?
  15. Thanks for the advice guys, you have confirmed what I was thinking. Re the first light optics C6, I think I have seen that before and was put off because it doesn't seem to have the go-to capability of the nexstar 6. I would be happy to be told otherwise!
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