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  1. Update from the NOAA at 8pm : The coronal mass ejection (CME), originally expected to arrive around 0800 UTC (3:00 a.m. EST) today, January 9, was observed at the ACE spacecraft just upstream of Earth at 1932 UTC (2:32 p.m. EST). It’s too early to see much with respect to the magnetic structure of this CME, but short-term, high-confidence warnings will be issued as this event plays out. The original forecast continues to be for G3 (Strong) Geomagnetic Storm activity on January 9 and 10. Aurora watchers may be in luck for tonight. The ongoing Solar Radiation Storm, currently at S2 (Modera
  2. Another useful link, this one's from the British Geological Survey (BGS) http://www.geomag.bgs.ac.uk/education/current_activity.html Shows obs from 3 sites: Lerwick, Eskdalemuir and Hartland. May come in useful later
  3. Looks excellent for here later. Clear skies all night with temps around 4C. Usually a KP of 5 would be visible hugging the northern horizon here, so 6 or above would be 45 degrees or higher in the skies. Fingers crossed!
  4. Not a cloud in the sky here in eastern scotland, looking forward to heading out later
  5. Cracking two passes from the ISS tonight, been a while since ive last spotted it!

  6. Could be the Naval Ocean Surveillance System (NOSS) satellites http://www.satobs.org/noss.html They're operated by the US Navy. Having a wee look at heavens above just now for my location his evening and it lists them at Magnitude 3.9, but i can't see why they can't be brighter if the conditions are correct (sun's angle etc)
  7. saw one at 6.55am while out in the garden looking at saturn. Came from an overhead direction (Ursa Major) and shot towards the SW, was faint though.
  8. few clearish patches here last night but saw nothing , clouded over at 11pm and stayed that way. Oh well , roll on the orionids in october.
  9. blinky , the Planetary K index hope this helps
  10. KP Index is currently 4 and expected to reach 6 later tonight. Clear here just now!!! Yipee! Good Luck to all who have clear skies
  11. Saw an early perseid last night at about 11.53pm. Magnitude +2 , and quite faint , shot eastwards towards the moon
  12. was going to observe but it clouded over , always happens when there's a lunar eclipse for some reason , same happened in Feb 2008
  13. light snow here at the moment but met office are predicting clear skies this evening with a low of -5. Tonight looks interesting observing wise , with a triple iridium flare at around 4.30pm , with Iridium's 60 , 94 and 28 all flaring within 1 minute of each other Might also have a look at luna and mars , might try and seek out jupiter in the SE.
  14. also had some high thin cloud here aswell in East Lothian , Scotland. Went out a couple of times between 2230 and 0045 and observed 12 meteors in total , all of which were perseids , 3 left smoke trails. Also bagged a few satellites , 2 of which were side by side and flared at the same time All in all a very good session and if skies are clear tonight i may head out for a bit to see if there's anything left
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