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SGL 2018 Photo Competition

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Beneath the Summer Triangle Team Scum Bag College work on polishing their halos

Here's another quick time-lapse of last night's sunset. Captured about half an hour after the sequence I posted before when the colour was at it's peak. There are only 20 frames though because I

The gorgeous sunset this evening almost compensated for the lack of stargazing. The most excellent talks most certainly compensated for it!

Posted Images

I come late to the party - as usual!! :D

A couple from me...

It's been a busy weekend for some... :D

Busy weekend for some people.... :D (Sorry Mark :) :) :) )


The kids beat their teachers in the awesome SGL AstroQuiz!


Light Pollution?? What Light Pollution???


Getting stuck into FLO!



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I wasn't there, but I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed looking through the pictures - it looks like the rain/river dominated rather than the stars - I hope no-one lost any gear to the conditions.

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Well, votes are in and it was pretty damn close.

Winners are as follows.


1. @MartinB
 Scum Bags.jpg


2. @PhotoGav



3. @johnfosteruk


Thanks all for entering and who knows... One year we may even see some stars (Not that it really matters).
Can the winners please P.M. Grant with a postal address and prizes will be shipped asap?

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48 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:

Can we have a caption competition next?


On 01/11/2018 at 16:25, Scott said:

Scum Bags.jpg


No wonder they couldn't find the sky. Too busy keeping warm by the "bar"... :)


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Ohh marvellous!  My coffee will taste better than ever!  Thanks Scott and, once again, thanks to Admin and mods for making this years star party fabulous despite the weather

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