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  1. It's not the only good scope for beginners though. The 8" telescope in my signature was my first scope and I've never regretted the decision. Also a manual skywatcher 200P Dobsonian is a very popular beginner scope too.
  2. FWIW I've got a Skywatcher 200P on a Dobsonian mount and it is the one with the Goto motor on it. I also have the wifi unit attached which actually is a vast improvement on using the handset and it is far easier to control via the mobile phone app. than using the handheld goto unit. However, you do need to be in WiFi range of something like a hotspot or the home system. The advantage of the Skywatcher is you don't have to use the Goto unit the telescope can quite happily be pushed to targets or partially pushed and partially computer driven or completely computer driven once set-up and so y
  3. There are some stunning images here! Well done folks, much effort and freezing appendages I think!
  4. I don't know what it's like, but it seems that Ladybird books still publish kids books. https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/315/315330/a-ladybird-book--the-solar-system/9780241417133.html They historically did one called 'The Night Sky', but that is only around second-hand and may have out of date information in it (I've got that one on my shelf), but I expect the one I linked to is up to date.
  5. LOL, I get the impression that most people fall in love with the Morpheus range so much that they end up buying them all and stuff the Barlowing, ha, ha. They are very bad for wallets and it's a slippery slope. I wish I had more time to use mine.
  6. This definitive work on collimation and the standard reference on SGL explains in the text why it looks like that. http://www.astro-baby.com/astrobaby/help/collimation-guide-newtonian-reflector/
  7. Oh, yes - they are ideal Carole - I must admit I'd never heard of half of those myself!
  8. Thanks Carole, as you note it I shall probably be spoilt for choice when I get around to looking through the webpages offered above, but thanks for responding. I love the way that a lot of the 'common' names for these things are because of what they resemble, like catseye, dumbell, ring, horsehead that's why I think they will make fun as well as informative subjects for a quiz.
  9. Many thanks @Skipper Billy I'll take a look.
  10. That is quite superb - I must have missed it previously, well done. I bet you were pleased with the final result.
  11. What a train of disasters! I like the idea of the light on the outside of the building and think theidea of the use of the lamps that are used on tailboards could be really useful as they are surely waterproof!
  12. Many thanks for the offer - I've got a busy day today, but I'll have look when I get a few minutes and get back to you once I've found some to use.
  13. Hi There, that's great - many thanks. Sorry I didn't realise that anyone had posted - I'm used to getting notifications instantly when starting a new thread - now I see that I have to switch on 'follow topic' which I hadn't done. Good job I checked back anyway Yes, those are the sorts of things I had in mind. Also, those things with funny 'everyday' names, like the triangulum galaxy above (I love that it's not a triangle!) and as noted above those nebulas with everyday names like dumb-bell, horsehead and catseye - yes and the crab as noted above etc. Anything along those lines would be
  14. Just make sure that Daylight savings time adjustments don't mess up any timers LOL!
  15. If you haven't already done so I'd commend at the very least looking at the pictures on the first page of this thread: Then remember you have a far smaller scope that the 8" that is often used for comparison. FWIW you might benefit from looking out for a second hand Skywatcher 150P or 200P Dobsonian telescope which are often recommended for beginners.
  16. As many of you will be aware I am a STEM ambassador. Due to lockdown the STEM Ambassador group are making online quizzes about all sorts of science based things (doesn't have to be national curriculum). The quizzes are being done via a Powerpoint platform and typically take the form of a question, 3 options for answers, then the answer given and perhaps a brief factoid about the answer. There are generally about 10 questions per quizz. The thing is any images used really need to be sans copyright or with permission for them to use them (I think they OK with citing sources on the slides
  17. Oh, look....... I woke up this morning and had remembered that my parents sundial has an 'equation of time' printed on it to adjust the shadow position by a certain number of minutes at different times of year and that this was an uneven wave of changing magnitude. I wondered if this was due to the Analemma effect and it was - the shape is drawn on the graphs here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equation_of_time#:~:text=The United States Naval Observatory,sun the sign is negative. I just thought this might be of additional interest.
  18. This is today's thing learned. I had no idea it made that sort of shape. In fact if it was April 1st I'd surely be wondering, but as it isn't it must be today's thing learned!
  19. Same story as above, I didn't have any problems with my non-branded Canon replacement batteries that I bought many years ago, when I need them too they still take a charge even now. Mind you I still try to use the Canon ones of which I have enough when I can dig them out.
  20. Many thanks, yes - I'd already found them, but it's nowhere near as convenient as having the obvious buttons on the bottom of the post.
  21. It's been mentioned above, but could we please have the edit button back at the bottom of the posting? I use the edit button a lot and its a PITN to have to click the three dots to find it. FWIW I'm also not keen on the list of stats that have started to appear at the bottom of the screen when I visit a new thread - is there any way of turning that off at a user level please? Please also the same request for the facebook, twitter, youtube icons that have appeared in the top menu none of which I would ever use. Perhaps we could have a new view and a legacy view option that users could
  22. It might be worth a posting in the SGL wanted section. 200P Dobsonians with the rocker mount are really popular and it's not unheard of for folks to go the other way and taken them off their rocker mounts and put them on tripods.
  23. I might be barking up the wrong tree here, but if you have a 200P wouldn't a quick to use mount be to get hold of or make a Dobsonian rocker box style mount?
  24. I couldn't resist commenting based on what my first thought was on seeing the thread title: Backlash is what you get when the other half finds out you've ordered more astronomy gear!!
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