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Cure for Aperture Fever?

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Just imagine trying to sort out any issues with this.

Owners of    SW EQ3,4,5,6,8  ... Avx, Dx....Losmandy.....even those Avalon beasties  can all turn to SGL for advice, guidance and solutions.  Many of the people of this parish have been through the process and come out smiling... ( hopefully   :) ) ....

.. with this, though, you would be in a sub-set of one.     Let's hope the after sales service is good.

(wonder if it comes with a tripod option ??)



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2 hours ago, PaulM said:

Thats my lottery win telescope right there

Maybe a stargazerslounge crowdfunding campaign.  Almost 60,000 members £20 each should just about be able get one between us (plus camera, filters observatory, and resident astronomer etc).  Assuming 30 clear nights a year of 8 hours equals 14400 minutes imaging time total.  That's about 14 seconds each observing time a year, equivalent to £84/minute for observing.


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