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  1. I have been having a lot of Huel lately for various reasons. It's a great meal alternative for me, but I have zero interested in them finding a way to package it to look like a MacDonalds... I think becoming less obssesed about what the food looks like will be better overall, less fancy packaging, less food wastage due to imperfections etc. Might even shift the focus to whats actually important such as the contents of the food.
  2. Which all sky cam are you using? Looks super clear.
  3. I started collecting comics when the rain started, and now have hundreds. I appear to have replaced one expensive hobby with another. Tiddly winks sounds much better.
  4. We are fortunately quite high up, so other than the rains washing away the lane and leaving all vehicles bar the 4x4 stranded its not been too bad for us, the mobile homes by that bridge came within a few cm of flooding though and a lot of the lower down properties did get washed out. With the bridge closed for 48 hours I didnt go via Tintern for any trips but I imagine it was pretty bad, Ross, whitchurch etc were all flooding at one stage, only been here 8 years but havent seen that before.
  5. Partly clear forecast for tonight, but after a 3 month weather induced hiatus what I need more than a clear night is a free day to decobweb the obsy and check everything over On the plus side, the obsy is still there despite the wind
  6. I too was thinking about Lucksall. The river at Monmouth hit 7.14m, the previous record (200 years) was 6.4m. Stood on the A40 inches from the water, when usually there are usually two fields between the A40 and the river reminded me of being on the bank at the last star party It's still freakishly high now, but receding at least. Hopefully lucksall recover well, but Im sure they are well prepared for it now.
  7. Looks clear up top, wispy cloud around the edges. I desperately need to get out there and setup soon - seriously lost my mojo and contemplated eBaying the lot. We must be setting new records for amounts of rain this autumn/winter, all I seem to be doing at the moment is fixing leaks and sorting drainage. With any luck tomorrow might be a little clearer.
  8. Bumpy. Filter wheel still available.
  9. Filters now sold, filter wheel available
  10. It's going to be a while before I get round to sourcing a dedicated astro camera and so these are sitting unused and that seems a shame. The filter wheel was bought on SGL and also hasn't left the box since arriving with me. Will include royal mail signed for delivery. Filter wheel £200 inc RM Tracked Delivery, will list on eBay in the next couple of days. Will be adding a few other surplus items over the next few days.
  11. I can highly recommend the silicone socks too for keeping the heatblocks/nozzles fairly clean externally. Got mine included with the E3D kit, but available for a variety of hotends on eBay.
  12. That's me packed up, flats taken and all locked away for the night. Camera still busy taking a fresh set of darks for the next couple of hours though. Night.
  13. I have been going over the same decision back and forth for most of the summer. Everything I read seems to point me towards the 1600, and it does seem the most popular by far but the 183 is a much more attractive price. Adam mentioning the filter sizes is reassuring to me as I went for 36mm just in case (I have the filters and ZWO wheel ready, just havent got the camera) I could be wrong, but I think the imaging scale is slightly different, with the 183 being better suited to shorter focal lengths - but im tired and might have that backwards. This swayed me toward the 183 for some time as im shooting at 420mm but if I wanted to switch to a different scope I felt it would limit me. Edit: To check suitability with various potential future scopes I used this tool - https://astronomy.tools/calculators/ccd_suitability
  14. 100% agree with this, I probably would have given up a long time ago without it. With weather like we have been having, being able to just get back exactly to where you were in a couple of minutes means the difference between getting a few extra subs and wasting another clear patch - at least for me anyway. Now if I just had a few more TS65Q's to bolt to mine I could double/triple my exposure time ..... I could probably keep this up for a few more hours, but my responsibilities are kicking in and telling me I need some sleep before my appointments tomorrow Will shut down in 20 minutes or so I think - a shame as its crystal clear again.
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