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  1. The telescope is now sold. Please close the thread.
  2. Yes, it has the original boxes. Box 1 is 103cm x 96cm x 35cm - 68KG Box 2 is 120cm x 62cm x 62cm - 31kg Box 3 is 55cm x 55cm x 28cm - 14 kg
  3. One thing, the tube on that telescope is flexible and closes when in storage.
  4. Final price drop £1580 I am heading to the Far East in 30 days if it doesn't sell, at least I'll have a big scope to return to in September. I would be willing for the buyer to arrange a courier at their expense. I sent an 18" telescope to FLO, it arrived safe and sound so it's possible.
  5. Thanks, hope you enjoy it.
  6. My old 12" dob was a great scope. I still have a 16", had an 18" and 22", but the 12" was manageable and used the most.
  7. For sure. I'll buy another very large scope in the future perhaps. I do still have a 16" but it's not classed as a big dob anymore.
  8. Sorry I was joking my days of large scopes are over, for now anyway.
  9. One other thing, there are 3 little bolts at the back of the seconday you can adjust also for collimating the scope if need be. Since I always had it built up I didn't need to adjust them. Also make sure the top of the scope is flush when you build it.
  10. Hi You may need an extension tube for some eyepieces. I also had that same problem with the 16". Once collimated it should be fine. M13 is a good target, M81/82 along with the Horsehead Nebula was my favourite objects, the HH is an fickle target, the Flame is something else though. If you can get the scope to really dark skies it will excel. I don't remember pointing it in any direction, I just wheeled it though those double doors so the scope was pointing west. Those instructions should help, that quick guide on the sheet of paper and the target stars is all you need, Have a look here also - I will be heading to see my brother first week in June. I intend to stay as long as possible, it will be nice to see the sky from that side of the world. Cheers mate
  11. Hey mate Glad you got the scope back safely. I ended up staying at my place at Rannoch as my GF drove up, we went to the hotel on the other side of the loch, when we came out the sky was clear. All the best with the scope.