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  1. Looking for a 12” LX90 or 14” Meade SCT. Need the complete scope not an OTA. Would also consider a large Celestron SCT, nothing smaller than 11”.
  2. 18" f/4.2 UC (Ultra Compact) large aperture telescope that collapses into a very small package. Mirrors were recoated recently and in excellent condition. Mirror cover, shroud, handle bar wheels, finder scope, all included. Will also supply the 8mm and 13mm Tele Vue Ethos 100º eyepieces, plus a 40mm Orion 2" eyepiece, Tele Vue Paraccor type 1, Tele Vue Big Barlow.all in a hard case. £2700
  3. When I strip the scope I will upload some images of the entire kit. You can have the kit, I have no need for it anymore. I had a place a Loch Rannoch for 6 years and Glencoe for a year. I hope to move back eventually. I received the following from Serge at Nexus. In order to be able use Nexus DSC/Nexus/Nexus-II on your telescope you will need an encoder installation kit. Our encoder installation kit (with 10,000 steps encoders) for Obsession 18” UC is priced at US$280. Then you will need either Nexus DSC, Nexus-II or Nexus. The main difference between Nexus DSC and Nexus-II/Nexus is that Nexus DSC can be used standalone or with SkySafari while Nexus-II/Nexus requires SkySafari to operate.
  4. Had a pleasant session last night under decent skies with light cloud. I have decided to remove the Argo and Servo and upgrade to the Nexus equivalent. I feel the more advanced option and no need for a large battery will make transportation easier. The scope is a dream to move and is very smooth. I just need to get it up north to a more permanent location and away from the light polluted skies in Edinburgh.
  5. I have kept large dobs in a well ventilated shed or garage. Just check the mirror daily for condensation. Smaller dobs in a spare room.
  6. If the account was compromised the scammer may have changed all the contact info.
  7. The same scammers also target users on Amazon. You can find them as new sellers selling expensive items at a greatly reduced price.
  8. He has 100s of other listing on the same account. eBay are always very slow to respond. Edit: looks like they have been removed for now.
  9. Hoping to get a long session tonight. All ready to go.
  10. My 18” Obsession. :0 Will get a better photo when I use it this evening.
  11. I hope everyone on here reports the scammer to eBay.
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