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  1. Canon EOS 550D ISO6400 Exposure 1.3 secs
  2. First attemp of DSOs with a 550D canon DSLR at primary focus on my 350p dob with no tracking DSLR connected to laptop and using backyardEOS First image is M57 Ring Nebula and the second is M13 Hercules great globular cluster Quickly processed in GIMP
  3. is that the Mid-Cheshire Astronomical Group? is it a good club as im looking for one to attend once covid sorts itself out
  4. welcome suppose to be clear tmrw so get the scope out and enjoy
  5. That is spot on for each type - very good and very funny
  6. Life wouldnt have evolved to deal with current conditions. In the past Venus was Earth like and over time life would have evolved to deal with the changes on Venus and is potentially whete it is now living in the upper atmosphere.
  7. lots of stuff appearing on the web stating MIT have found the possibility of microbe life in the venus atmosphere
  8. thats a great article its amazing weve lasted so long
  9. Many thanks - ordered the kit so hopefully that will all help pick out those more elusive DSOs
  10. Sorry to jump on this thread but interested in the DSC setup you have. Would the below kit be similar to yours for attaching to the base of my dob how do you go about calibrating the encoder? again sorry to post on your for sale thread https://www.machine-dro.co.uk/rotary-angle-encoder-and-remote-display-with-a-6mm-diameter-shaft?gclid=CjwKCAjw19z6BRAYEiwAmo64LQlumIGDtwl32k0DVmJwc2YQxALQBZlShHuRTlEFg2JPBZGeJ0WeXhoCydEQAvD_BwE
  11. Come across DSCs which is all new to me and like the idea of making my dob into a push to setup. Would the below kit work by simply replacing the central bolt on the base with the rotary encoder? How would you callibrate/set this up? https://www.machine-dro.co.uk/rotary-angle-encoder-and-remote-display-with-a-6mm-diameter-shaft?gclid=CjwKCAjw19z6BRAYEiwAmo64LQlumIGDtwl32k0DVmJwc2YQxALQBZlShHuRTlEFg2JPBZGeJ0WeXhoCydEQAvD_BwE Any suggestions on how to deal with measuring the altitude of the dob? thanks in advance for any replies / advice
  12. I have a 350p and these are my EPs SkyWatcher 2" PanaView 38mm Eyepiece \ Meade 24mm SWA \ BST starguider 60 degree 15mm and 8mm \ 4mm Skywatcher The 2" panaview is my fav ill just pan around slowly sometimes then on most DSOs its the 15 then 8mm same for planetary
  13. Used 550D to replace my 350D also downloaded and getting to grips with Backyard EOS
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