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  1. Your right Horizon used to be brilliant I remember watching the episode about Voyager at Jupiter and being spellbound as a young kid
  2. I remember this event as a child and was gutted I couldnt see it trom the UK Looks like its left behind a neutron star https://public.nrao.edu/news/alma-finds-possible-sign-of-neutron-star-in-supernova-1987a/
  3. As said learn to starhop. Try brighter DSOs first such as the andromeda galaxy and ring nebula M57 both can be seen faintly in your finder scope and are easy to locate vis star hopping
  4. Images taken at late twilight before the clouds rolled in as I was hoping to try and image Jupiter and Saturn. Images taken through my 350p 14" dob using my canon 350d at ISO100 at prime focus and then processed in GIMP - basically went through the menus and played around with the settings so much to learn Im happy and relieved I can get focus after reading this may be a problem with a dob but no issues nice image through the camera viewfinder when focusing Larger image taken through a 2" 2x barlow Looking forwards to adding basic imaging along with eye observing as part of my time out in the dark
  5. I live under bortle 6 skies and could see a lot with my old 200p and spent hours observing dozens of targets a night so definetely get one as said if your budget allows go larger I have a 14" flexi which is manageable
  6. I use the app from here gives a good view of clouds via radar https://www.weatherandradar.co.uk/
  7. Finer focusing. When i fitted it to my 200p it was a very worthy upgrade to allow that extra fine control getting focus made me realise i was viewing things a tad out of focus sometimes
  8. Fitted one to my 200p dob easy 10 minute job and ensure the tube is level or facing down just in case you drop anything
  9. Went into A mode and custom setting were available now in setup 2 menu where i then set mirror lock to enabled, does sound right?
  10. Dont seem to have that option in menus. Have looked on a few websites and its suppose to be there under the far right menu option setup2 https://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/EXT/EXTA11.HTM do i need to be in a specific mode?
  11. Thanks that makes sense as when i took an image just now I got a white screen. Where would I check to enable shooting without a lens?
  12. Just took delivery of a used EOS 350D and t ring adaptor which fits on my 350p skywatcher dob fine as in the photo Just pointed it as a cloudy bright sky and the screen is blank/black menus show fine Was expecting to see something even just a general white screen put the dial wheel on landscape and selected a few different ISO settings from 200 to 800 Could you advise if this is ok and if so what general setting to start with I have no idead about DSLRs or cameras so a dummies guide would be great !!! Obviously with no tracking im hopeful i can image planets , moon, star clusters and fingers crossed bright nebula Any help would be really appreciated as like the screen on my camera im in the dark on all this
  13. Canon EOS 350D used 2x 2" barlow - hefty piece of kit Canon t ring and 2" adaptor
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