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  1. PaulM

    Hi from Liverpool

    Welcome just up the road enjoy SGL
  2. Added more pics to the first post
  3. Where are you? if its not too far can deliver for fuel costs What photos would you need
  4. Cripes bad typo there, corrected to 300p 12" thanks
  5. Bargain price of £750 collection from CH46 wirral/Liverpool these are around £1200 new without the below Also includes; Three wheel dolly Telrad finder Dew heaters Wifi adaptor/dongle for goto as well as bluetooth and standard goto keypad Astrozap shroud Battery on base and can include a charger for additional £15 Protective cover for storage Straps to carry tube easily for mounting onto base No eyepieces as Im keeping what I have for a new scope Happy to provide more pics if required
  6. Not used much 200p dob with telerad finder great condition with standard 10 and 25mm eyepieces with delivery box. Collection only from CH46 Wirral/Liverpool area. £125 Selling as I want a upgrade to a 250p
  7. Orion through my 8" dob is impressive and was a "wow" moment the first time I observed it, I usually use my 15 and 8mm EPs to look at DSOs through my dobs depending on their size of couse , in the case of M42 I use my 25 and 15mm EPs
  8. Great detailed report Forgive my ignorance but what do you mean by "I switched to Night Vision" ?
  9. Read this many years ago and recall it being a good read and well researched
  10. Worthy process as it can be quite hard to appreciate how extensive some of the DSO objects are especially as I just visually observe so get ti see the smaller brighter parts or in some cases nothing at all ! Imagine if our eyes could collect more light the night sky would be simply amazing, thinking on I wonder if animals with betters night vision than us such as cats see DSOs ?
  11. Very nice did you superimpose your image onto the star map as it gives a great appreciation for the size of the objects you have captured
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