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  1. Great detailed report Forgive my ignorance but what do you mean by "I switched to Night Vision" ?
  2. PaulM

    Galileo's Daughter

    Read this many years ago and recall it being a good read and well researched
  3. Worthy process as it can be quite hard to appreciate how extensive some of the DSO objects are especially as I just visually observe so get ti see the smaller brighter parts or in some cases nothing at all ! Imagine if our eyes could collect more light the night sky would be simply amazing, thinking on I wonder if animals with betters night vision than us such as cats see DSOs ?
  4. Very nice did you superimpose your image onto the star map as it gives a great appreciation for the size of the objects you have captured
  5. PaulM

    Cloudy Skies every night

    how the last few months has been for me when I look up on the NW coast
  6. PaulM

    9th Jan 19

    Nice report
  7. Welcome to SGL I cannot advise on what to expect from the ST120 but so you know Saturn and Jupiter are not visible at the moment from the UK (assuming that's where you are located within) but Orion and Andromeda are very well placed at the moment for viewing Clear skies
  8. this one https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-focusers/dual-speed-crayford-1252-inch-focuser-for-skywatcher-explorer.html
  9. I've since replaced the focuser with a dual speed crayford which was a worthy upgrade
  10. I have a 12" 300p dob skywatcher goto, the FL is 1500mm and for the 14" 350p the FL is 1600mm so the location of the EP should be ok on a 14" as with my 12" I can sit down if the object is lowish in the sky and can view straight up without needing to stand on anything, I'm around 5' 7" The tube weights will be comparable and I can lug mine (walk small steps with the tube in front of me) retracted from the garage to the garden over around 5-10 meters, I have straps attached to mine to make this more manageable without them it would be more cumbersome The base as mine is a goto will be heavier but size wise its manageable so I suspect the same for the 14", I can get the base it through a standard sized door frame at the side of my garage with a few centermeters to spare See pic showing the door I get the scope through
  11. PaulM

    Hi from Italy

    Welcome to SGL
  12. I use this Ironing Chair - does the job
  13. PaulM

    Hello from Montreal, Canada

    Welcome to SGL I have a 200p Dob - great scope - I would first recommend fitting a right angled view finder https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/skywatcher-9x50-right-angled-erecting-finderscope.html and a telrad finder https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/telrad-finder-astronomy.html Clear skies

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