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  1. Just to wrap this up; RVO kindly sent me a 12v adapter to try. It was immediately and noticeably different which is interesting. But still erratic - for example couldn’t get from Altair to M29 without help. But before that it got from Polaris to Saturn perfectly! Anyway RVO have agreed to replace mount. Thanks for your advice all fingers crossed for next one! As a side note the OTA is absolutely fab.
  2. Thanks for your comments everyone and information. It certainly does sound like a plausible explanation; particularly stuff like the weird behaviour of sometimes being right and sometimes quite off. Believe it or not I actually owned it for more than 30 days before I got to try it in anger due to our wonderful weather, so I've had it about 6 weeks. RVO asked me to fill out a big engineer report for the distributor but I've emailed them again with the thoughts from you all in case that helps. I'm really really hoping I don't end up having a battle with the retailer over this... they say they almost never get problems with them. I cant afford powerpacks or external power systems unfortunately (well... I can technically afford one but the accounting department would never authorise additional purchases for "telescope stuff"!). Eugh I'm having horrible flashbacks as to why I gave up on this hobby the first time. Ach, onwards and upwards.
  3. No I wish I did that would be handy, good idea though thx.
  4. It’s fairly hit and miss at all altitudes, but I think it is actually even worse at altitude now I think about it…
  5. That’s interesting, I think Mizar / Altair fits pretty well in that range though?
  6. Thanks buddy - sorry yes I should have said, I am changing to a 40mm plossl after alignment not sticking with the 4mm But I’m still not sold on the power pack idea, I really don’t think I should have to spend an extra £50 on top of the purchase price just to make it work when it says it should run on batteries!
  7. On the altitude it moves perfectly, on the azimuth it moves anti-clockwise perfectly but when turning clockwise there is a little bit of what feels like stiction or flex before it starts moving. If I just lean on it it’ll flex a couple of mm then bounce back if I let go. But no resistance.
  8. Thanks Shimrod, I had wondered about that. But ultimately I came to the conclusion that if that is the problem then it’s a faulty unit. If it doesn’t work using batteries I’m not sure I should be expected to pay at least another £70-100 for a bespoke power supply just to make it do so. And I can’t really afford the gamble anyway to be honest!
  9. Hi all I was hoping somebody may be able to help me or give me some advice for my AZ Gti (with Skymax 127) if at all possible? This is my second AZ GTi in 12 months and the second time I'm having issues. I haven't ruled out the possibility I'm doing something wrong but I'm struggling to see how I'm so far off using a really intuitive system that people seem to rave about! Basically I cant get it aligned. I've tried every alignment method available with broadly similar results - insomuch as every time an alignment is completed the resulting slew takes me some considerable distance (between 5-10 degrees) off target. Also it isn't consistently off, it can be off in any direction so I haven't been able to pin down if its going consistently "too far" or "not high enough" or whatever. I've also used a variety of stars for alignment - Jupiter / Saturn / Altair / Vega / Deneb / Dubhe / Mizar. For example I've used stars near each other like Mizar / Vega / Polaris and stars really far apart like Polaris / Altair / Jupiter, but the results are the same. I should note I have no access to anything from the North East to the South East. Maddeningly when I manually centre it on a target, it is usually (but not always) able to find that target again no problem. Sometimes it is still miles off re-finding the alignment stars. For example, after setup (using Altair as one of my stars) I sent it to M27 - miles off. Centred it - then tried M29 - miles off - then sent it back to Jupiter which I had previously centred and BANG perfect. Back to M29 - perfect, over to a new star - Vega - miles off. I've been recreating this for the last few nights and I really don't know what to do next. Basically unless I already know exactly where something is, it is fairly useless. It seems to be tracking ok, but I haven't done an extended test. For the record Mount is levelled and everything is tight. Scope is perfectly balanced. Scope is mounted the correct way round Targets are centred using a 4mm eyepiece so pretty close to perfect at alignment stage. Have changed batteries 3 times, even different brands. Alignment is completely re-set every time, app is forced closed and reconnected between alignment attempts. Time / date / location are correct. Auxiliary encoders are off. I've updated the firmware twice - once to the AZ/EQ version, then again to the standard (.32) current version. The mount doesnt feel slack or wobbly in any direction. The motor does not sound like it is struggling. For the record I'm definitely aligning using the correct stars (!) and I've read the cloudy nights forum on this subject from one end to the other but I don't have any ideas. So yeah, can anyone suggest where I am going wrong? Honestly I'm so depressed by the whole experience. Many thanks.
  10. Hi all ive updated the firmware on my az gti to the most recent (32?) az/eq firmware but can only find the right hand version so my finder is upside down now! is there a left hand version anywhere? thx
  11. Yeah similar I think. This was them https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32962028327.html like you say, the don’t seem to be available anymore. I only bought them 12 months ago too!
  12. I’ve tried for years to find eyepieces that I really like - although being a bit of a funny OCD kind of person I kind of like all my eyepieces to be of the same brand! I’ve tried BST Starguiders, Vixen NPL, Baader Hyperion… there are others. In the end I bought a full set of “Series 500” plossls (all 9 of them) from China for £85. £ for £ none of these little guys compares with the mid range ones I’ve used before (The Vixen NPL 30mm and BST 15mm are particularly good). But I’ve done enough observing to know I’m not “missing out” on anything and my eyepieces definitely aren’t holding me back. They’re solid, sharp in the middle of The FOV, I’ve got every focal length I could ever need and they’re compact and I’m not terrified of breaking them. I can’t see myself replacing them ever. Whatt I’m saying is sometimes you have to try out better eyepieces to know what you want. But it’s so subjective, half a million people could have told me when I started out “the stock EPs are fine just stick with them” and I would have ignored them all! So much of it is down to weird things like aesthetics and personal attachment. But the amount you spend doesn’t necessarily dictate the potential pleasure you will derive.
  13. Skywatchers don’t come with plossls anymore. They used to, way back in the day. But now they come with a “Super” but it isn’t a plossl, it’s a MA. Still not a bad eyepiece, but a little bit cynical on the part of Skywatcher if you ask me.
  14. Eyepieces make a sort of incremental improvement. It wouldn’t be a totally transformative experience or anything - like opening up a whole new world of viewing pleasure and detail or anything like that. The eyepieces that come with the scope really aren’t too bad but combining a really budget Barlow with a really budget eyepiece does cause a bit if a “double dip” in quality. You will never need to use a 5x Barlow with your scope. The biggest advantage with BST starguiders I would say is probably the wide field of view and the long eye relief. Those two things really do make a difference to viewing enjoyment and justify the price tag alone. As a side note - you really should be easily able to see clearly defined bands across Jupiter even on a relatively murky night at anything above 75x. If you can’t then maybe need to think about why (it won’t be a fault of your current eyepieces) The easiest way to get the most performance from your scope is good collimation, no eyepiece can overcome a badly aligned mirror! If you want maximum performance from your scope then by far the biggest factor is viewing location and dark skies, closely followed by collimation.
  15. I think we’re just arguing semantics now. edit. I did write a big long post but… meh. It didn’t add anything really!
  16. Well there’s two points to consider; the first is - it depends on the Mak. Many come in a package with a mount and the position of the dovetail is relative to what works best with the type of mount. Relatively speaking even a 6 inch Mak is fairly compact so it’s not a massive issue generally. The second thing I would say to consider is the fact that they’re rotatable so you can mount them however you like! You might need to adjust the mounting for the RDF but that’s it. So if you want to mount it differently it’s never a big deal.
  17. No that’s not right. I mean your maths is correct but the application of logic isn’t. Everything has VAT applied to it - every single piece of astronomy equipment and over 90% of all other products with some weird exceptions like postage stamps and children’s clothes. Therefore that amount is integrated into the purchase price. I can understand in the states - where you have a system of adding tax at point of sale - that you may see it differently. But it’s a static rate that applies to everything, everywhere. So much so, that the price of items without VAT isn’t advertised anywhere separately. The price - with VAT - is the price. So when selling an item, we aren’t “trying to recoup tax” as you put it, we’re recouping a portion of the price paid. The amount we pay in VAT is irrelevant to us as a consumer, all we care about is the total amount we paid.
  18. Hi all Ive been away for a while (after finding out I had what turned out to be severe depression, but had some good treatment!)but am hoping to get started again. Managed to scrimp and save enough to get a Skymax 127 on an AZGTi. Good to be back, wish me luck! Niall
  19. Hi Dont ask me how I’ve done it but I’ve lost both end caps for my 9x50 finder. Does anybody have any spares or know where I could get some!? many thanks!
  20. Perfect companion for one of my favourite books! https://openlibrary.org/works/OL5726813W/In_starland_with_a_three-inch_telescope
  21. Hey all, Bought these due to the long eye relief as I was hoping to try and get something that works with spectacles. The 3.2mm and 8mm particularly were great but sadly not quite enough eye relief to really make a complete transition worthwhile. So rather than complete the set I’ll move them on to a new home. All less than 6 months old, all used a handful of times at most. *I would like to sell these as a set - hence the quite low price* If I get no takers I will readvertise individually but if I could politely ask (plead!) you don’t message or pm me asking to set aside any individual pieces as things get complicated quickly and I’m not sure I have the brain power to keep track of what I’ve promised to who! Thanks for understanding. the price includes tracked postage in the UK. PayPal (friends or add 3% for buyer protection) thx
  22. Hey all, I’ve decided to move on my flextube 150p as it overlaps just a little too much with other scopes I own and just isn’t getting used. It has had very little use and is in good all round condition - the only noticeable exception being the typical marks along the dovetail. I am afraid I do not have the original box or eyepieces but I can include the collimating cap and a collimating laser I got to go with it. I’ve been out of the loop a bit recently so I’m not too sure how to price this (especially given the recent price rises). I bought it before prices went up so I hope this is a reasonable price. I am of course open to offers and happy to answer any questions. Collection only from South Staffs area (near Stafford). REDUCED! Now £105
  23. I’ve no idea if it would work bud - but my guess would be that you’d want to minimise sources of reflections in all directions including outside lights / reflections from your own room and other stray light surfaces from creeping in. Just a guess!
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