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  1. Even if it's the current model with the hex focuser your seller is asking 87% of the new price! Around here we would say he's "having a laugh." In your position I would offer £200 & go to £220 if necessary. If he agreed I would have a worthwhile discount on the new price. If not I would buy new and get the dealer support, extended warranty and no quibble returns policy.
  2. Hi glennbech, You could build a goto system (which includes tracking of course) for your dob using Onstep; https://onstep.groups.io/g/main/wiki/3860 Select the "Showcase, built with Onstep" link & scroll down to "Dobsonian Mounts" Good luck.
  3. But, putting on my Sherlock Holmes hat, the latitude is set at about 54 degrees, which suggests the North of England?
  4. Current listings at FLO; 200p EQ5 Pro Goto £779 Crayford £115 Power Tank £99 Total £993 I would ask for £700 , collected, including the stock eyepieces. Normally I think 70% of current price is a bit optimistic for 8 year-old kit even in vgc, but with most dealers short of stock it's a bit of a sellers market, and the 200p EQ5 Goto combo is very popular, so it should be ok. If it doesn't move quickly on SGL you could put it on UKABS as well, where there is more traffic. Good luck!
  5. Steve, I don't have a CGEM so I will be happy to be corrected by someone who does, but my reading is that you cannot setup the mount (with the handset) to do an unattended flip while it is tracking. You have to press enter to cause the flip. I'm not an imager but I believe that you can configure some imaging apps to make the mount do an unattended flip if you wish. If you are visual observing do you really want it to flip automatically during tracking? I can see the observer, sitting on his chair, entranced by the view of Saturn's rings, when the mount suddenly flips without warning, with obvious consequences.
  6. I've noticed that a large proportion of For Sale posts don't quote an asking price (until reminded by a Mod). There will be a lyrical description of the kit, beautiful photos, a link to the manufacturer's data sheet, and no mention of a price ! The first thing I think of when considering a sale is "How much would I get for it ?", so it can't just be absent-mindedness. What's going on ? There must be some deep, psychological reason . - deep down, they really don't want to sell the gear. - mentioning money is just sooooh vulgar. - the seller doesn't want their partner to know how much it must have cost new. So what are the real reasons ? Let's have your thoughts.
  7. Meridian " Disable - This is the default setting, which instructs the mount to always swing around to the other side of the pier as required to view objects on the opposite side of the Meridian. However once at the desired object, the mount will continue to track past the Meridian according the RA slew limits that have been set." RA Limits " Disable Limits – This disables any pre-defined values that have been entered and allows the mount to track the maximum amount pass the Meridian (ie. -20º on both sides)" The above 2 paragraphs from the manual tell me that with these settings, it will track an object an up to 20 degrees past the meridian without flipping, which it seems to be doing. Is it flipping automatically as expected during goto's ?
  8. Yes. A Newtonian scope flips the view horizontally & vertically. By the way, this double flip is exactly the same as a 180 degree rotation, so when using a planetarium app on a phone I just rotate the phone in my hand (with the display orientation set to "fixed") to match either eyepiece or naked-eye view. This saves a lot of "flipping" & "unflipping". Hope your skies are clear as expected.
  9. How many degrees is "way off"? A few degrees may be due to slight errors when setting the home position. Much more than that may be Settings errors. The longitude value for your location should be negative (West). Your time zone should be zero even though we are on daylight saving at the moment.
  10. The jewelled handle ? https://skyandtelescope.org/online-gallery/jewelled-handle/; Sunlight shining on the Jura mountains around Sinus Iridum. The first time I saw this it made my jaw drop. I thought there was a hole in the Moon!
  11. Hi Michael, I don't know your budget but you might be shocked by the cost of sizeable pieces of fabricated Stainless Steel or Aluminium. As said, Carbon Steel will be fine. If your fabricator works for the Marine or Oil industries he can suggest a suitably robust paint job. I would keep an open mind about the cross section of the column & see what's available. An offcut of 6" Sch 40 pipe would be good, or an equivalent rectangular hollow section as suggested. I would also consider using a piece of Rolled Steel Column, (like an RSJ but with a symetrical cross section ). Or you could use 2 pieces of back to back Channel section to give the same result. These last 2 options would allow you to run cables within the column, but still accessible from outside. A column made from rolled sections can easily be disguised with timber cladding. You could even pop a bird table on top to complete the camouflage. Good luck!
  12. As johninderby says, Synta used the Helios brand for scopes before they thought of the Skywatcher moniker. Not exactly. Those Helios dobs are F/5 while current 200p skyliners are F/6 if that matters to you. Bear in mind ENS sell used gear & that scope is around 20 years old.
  13. Measuring the seperation of TYC 3122-2059 and -0032 on my screen and assuming a sensor width of 35.8 mm gives a seperation of 26.85mm on the sensor. From Skysafari those stars are 757" apart in Dec & 158 seconds ( = 2370 arc sec) in RA, which gives an angular seperation of 2488 arc sec. F = 26.85 x 3600 x 57.3 / 2488 = 2226 mm Probably completely wrong though.
  14. Hi Wayneman, Looks like you need something like this https://www.beltingonline.com/24-tooth-delrin-500-0-5-mod-type-b-spur-gear-ds05-24b-6496?zenid=ugjfua4bhg01ld9qg7dt354025 Try googling " 24 tooth mod 0.5 nylon plastic spur gear " and see if you come up with a stockist in your area. Good luck.
  15. " I have to admit, Mr Einstein, that finding a target with this instrument is very challenging. The setting circles on these modern telescopes are so small, they're just ornaments really."
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