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  1. Do you use planetarium software like Stellarium? It is a free download for your PC. http://stellarium.org/ You can input your location & any date & time you like and it will show all the celestial objects that you can observe. Cartes du Ciel is similar. https://www.ap-i.net/skychart/en/download
  2. lenscap

    200p/EQ-5 Battering Ram

    Just noticed this on Gumtree. The scope is a 200p. I've heard of adding weight to the tripod but this is ridiculous. If you released the RA clutch it would start swinging like a medieval seige engine!
  3. Hi Louis & welcome to SGL, My first scope was just like yours. I saw enough good views with it to get me hooked on Astronomy. Sometimes the bracket that supports the finder can be fitted back to front making it virtually impossible to align. The screw slots should be toward the front of the scope. Worth checking. If it is fitted correctly but you can not quite get it aligned, try slightly loosening the two mounting screws and adjust the aim. This may help. Once you have the finder & focusing sorted you will great views of the moon. I am sure you have seen the Seven Sisters (Pleiades) cluster . Small & dim with the naked eye. With a 20mm eyepiece the whole field will be full of bright stars. Magic! As an experienced naked-eye astronomer you will enjoy finding that many familiar stars turn out to be doubles (occasionally trebles) through the scope. Wonderful! Many popular telescope brands like Skywatcher and GSO are made in China. You are in good company.
  4. Don't worry a Barlow will work fine in your scope. How close was the chimney? To accurately align your finder a distant object like an electricity pylon, TV mast or church spire is good. A couple of miles away is great. For very close objects you may not be able to rack the focuser out far enough to get a clear image.
  5. That looks like a Helios Evostar 90 on a Sky Scan 2001 ( EQ3-2) mount. Similar scopes are now branded Skywatcher. You are missing a 90 degree Diagonal and one or more eyepieces. These may have been stored separately . I would search the basement for a shoe box or similar. These scopes usually had 1.25" focusers but it looks like yours may be 2" or it may be misleading perspective. What is the diameter of the silver drawtube? If it is 2" you would need a 2"/1.25" adapter so you could use a 1.25" diagonal & 1.25" eyepieces. These components are often available from Astroboot. https://www.astroboot.co.uk/AstroBoot/telescope-and-astronomy-stuff.html
  6. lenscap

    Newtonian cooling fan

    Does fitting a cooling fan noticably increase the amount of dust on the mirrors?. It is amazing how much dust a fan sucks into a desktop PC. And would you arrange the fan to suck air out of the base of the OTA or to blow air into it.? Since the warmer air already inside the tube will tend to rise, I suppose blowing will cause a quicker cool-down, but maybe there is more dust in the air near ground level.
  7. The fov of a scope is ; (field stop dia / focal length) X 57.3 degrees. So for a 30mm eyepiece with a 27 mm restriction in say a 1000mm scope you will get about 1.7 degrees compared to about 2 degrees if it was unvignetted.
  8. lenscap

    Sir Patrick as the new £50

    Who is this John Clerk Maxwell? Is he related to James?
  9. Nice shot. Plenty of faint stars as well. What exposure was that?
  10. lenscap

    Lxd 75 vs eq5 advice wanted .

    I only have one Android device so I can't try that. I use the Onstep app & SS6 on the same phone. I use the app for 2 or 3 star alignment, then usually SS6 for goto's. I have dual-controlled the mount by wifi using Onstep on the phone & Cartes du Ciel on a Win 10 laptop at the same time. They work well together so my guess is that your suggestion would work.
  11. Hi , and welcome to SGL. I also suggest the Heritage 130p. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes/skywatcher-heritage-130p-flextube.html You get a lot of aperture for your money. Many members who now own much more expensive scopes have kept their Heritage 130p, and still use it. Whatever scope you buy a celestial guidebook like Turn Left at Orion will greatly enhance your enjoyment. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/turn-left-at-orion-book.html
  12. lenscap

    Lxd 75 vs eq5 advice wanted .

    I went for the Arduino/Ramps, DRV8825, WeMos D1 Mini route because it was the cheapest and because there is almost no soldering required. You just plug the Ramps into the Arduino (I used clones for both), plug 2 DRV's into the Ramps, connect to the wifi module and you're done. (If I was into AP I might have considered higher spec boards and drivers to give the maximum possible precision.) I also liked the idea that you can just add another DRV to the Ramps to control an electric focuser & even use it to control a dew shield heater. I use a 5 inch Android phone as my hand controller. It works well. Some people prefer 6" to 8" tablets for the screen size. I can see the attraction of having a HC with physical buttons but I thought that the "dumb" HC offers little funtionality for a fair amount of extra effort. The "intelligent" HC seems to about double the cost & work on the electronics but still has no "Planetarium" interface. I was surprised at the ease of the build. The only time consuming tasks were researching the motors & figuring out the belts & pulleys and mounting brackets. Since you already have the motors & drive trains in place on your LXD75 about 75% of the job is done before you start. Good luck.
  13. Do you have a second CTRL key by the arrow keys?
  14. lenscap

    EQ5 Acting up.

    Is it possible that the Altitude is slipping after you have polar aligned?
  15. lenscap

    EQ5 Acting up.

    Try this to see if the fault is present in both axes or just one. Do a 2 star align ending on say Capella. Now do a long goto to a recognisable star with the same DEC but avoiding a meridian flip. (so that only the RA runs). Note the amount of error. Go back to Capella. Do a long goto to a star with the same RA. ( so that only the DEC runs.) Note the error. If there is only error on one axis you have narrowed it down. If there is similar error on both it points to software/settings problem. Another thought is could you borrow a handset to eliminate that as a cause?

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