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Full disk 99% illumination 03/30/18

Tyson M

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Good day fellow SGL members,

I was out last night imaging the moon. This imaging run turned out fairly good, which in turn, sort of makes up for the fact I ruined a brand new refractor by accidentally dropping it on concrete and shattering the objective of my contrasty Vixen 81S. :(  Very disappointed as it was my favorite visual scope, but it was late and all I can do is learn from my mistake. 



3 min vid with FC, AS!3, RS6, Gimp






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No. I am starting to think I should insure my scopes just in case. This was a freak accident after a long day though.

I was rushing when it was cold. A bit hung over all day and spent a long day at the gf's family place.

After a visual and imaging session with 3 scopes on the moon, I didn't zip up a tripod bag containing the Vixen 81S scope, and when I grabbed three bags at a time while packing up, I missed a handle for that particular bag.

As I was speed walking , I heard a crash and realized everyone's worse fear -  I broke my favourite refractor, and wasted a lot of money. 

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