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  1. Very strange indeed, were did you get it from ?
  2. Have you tried moving the camera back and forth in the drawtube ? Could be a a backfocus problem...
  3. With my C11 is can pass underneath the dovetailplate, so all around the tube.
  4. don't forget the weight of the 2" diagonal, finderscope and 2" eyepieces (my heaviest is 1,25 kg !)
  5. Choosing a reference image in the Luminance stack is also very important, and as said, plate solving will save you a lot of cursing
  6. High clouds that dissipated later on ? If every setting remains the same, you would think it's an external factor ?
  7. This is the same and a little cheaper (€-£) https://www.astromarket.org/telescopen/omegon-apochromatische-refractor-pro-apo-ap-71-450-quadruplet-ota/p,60855
  8. Happy to report, the TS 0.75 reducer flattener (f7 --> f5.25) performes well without the need for additional rings, so the reducer fits directly on the ZWO OAG and the rest is according to the ZWO sheme for 55mm backfocus with OAG and EFW. This is a 3*60sec stack of M45 (no flats), not cropped obviously. and this is 1 300s frame
  9. The focuser is the same so it has to be.
  10. Hi, so yesterday I’ve received the Esprit 120 and some extras and I started right away unpacking and installing it on my mount. The case and the accessories there was some debris in one of the taped holes On the rings, but i managed to get it out quickly with a pointy blade. the accessories: Don’t know exactly wat the extension tube is for, I probably won’t need it. It has a male M48 tread so i guess its for getting a DSLR into focus wen you don’t use the field flattener. The SW field flattener comes with some rings too, to mount it on the drawtube of the telescope (first remove te last reduction ring to 2”) and a ring with male M48 tread for connecting a T-ring and a spacer to get up to 75mm backfocus. Next the TS 0.75 reducer/corrector on the telescope side it fits directly on the drawtube and on the camera side it has a reduction to M48. Backfocus is 55mm, witch is the same I had with my ED 80 it replaces. This ring can be removed, its not needed with the Esprit 120. Also got a Baader Click Lock for in case of visual use And the obligatory dew strap For size comparison Ed80 VS Esprit 120 Time to fit everything on the mount I’ve added a D-style 33cm dovetail on the top to mout the USB hub and Pocket Power Box and i got some room left for piggy backing a DSLR. So far so good, next step was calibration of the Sesto Senso, this is when things went wrong. The Sesto Senso slipt or the shaft would even turn when the motor was. i called in some help and started fiddling with the focuser. At the end i had to loosen the screws the push the teflon bars against the drawtube, all is good now. IMG_8514.MP4 Edit: maybe worth mentioning, the whole setup weight is 13,3kg
  11. I have the AZGTI skymax 127 combo, and i really like this combo, also have the ED80 and that works too for low power wide field. Keep in mind that the AZGTI is not designed for astrophotography, so if your are willing to spend some money on an Esprit 80 you would probably be better to get a beefier mount too. For the same budget as the AZGTI + Esprit 80, you can get a HEQ5-Pro mount and the SW ED80 DS-Pro outfit and some money to spare. Yes the mount is less portable but more than adequate for starting with astrophotography, as is the ED80 Good luck
  12. Hi, yesterday i've raided the piggy bank and pulled the trigger on some gear, so the waiting game is on FLO order (you're welcome) Esprit 120 without te ES Reid test (contacted FLO, there's no test report delivered afterwards so ) SW flattener for the scope A larger Bahtinov mask (my current one is too small for the 165mm dew shield) A Baader Click Lock for the Esprit 120 A Baader finder shoe (i've read somewhere the standard one isn't that good) TS Optics order APM 330mm Losmandy plate (will mount this one to the bottom and the green one on top) Dew tape 160-200 TS 0,75 APO reducer/corrector Variable M48 spacer (17-23mm) for getting to 75mm backfocus with the SW flattener Some M48 spacers TS has already shipped, FLO hasn't, don't know why, i've made sure everything was in stock and i've paid triple shipping cost for Express. Anyhow i'm sure i'll get my toys by Wednesday. I've doubted on witch reducer to get, i've read good things on the Explore Scientific 3" 0.7 reducer, but that one needed quite some expensive adaptor rings for the same starting price of the TS reducer. Does anybody have experience with the 120 + TS reducer ? Thanks
  13. You can also log your observations on Deepskylog and save some trees
  14. Carport, gardenshed and bicycle storage is included
  15. Haha , no it's the kids' playhouse
  16. The observatory is nearly finished ! Door and window were finally ready, placed the window past week and the door just now with some help. Lights are installed. industrial closets were delivered this week. last point to check off are some electrical details, and hanging up some foto’s and posters and some painting.
  17. I've been scratching my head to find a way to motorize my roof, haven't found it yet, nice to see someone did !
  18. Some updates.... The Pocket Powerbox failed on me recently, after some troubleshooting i found that the power connector wasn't good, so i had it soldered off and soldered the cable leads directly on to the PCB That wasn't the only problem unfortunately, i had an active 5 meter USB3 lead + a passive 3 and 1 meter lead running to the USB hub form my laptop in the warm room, but i was getting connection problems, so i've replaced the 5m + 3m by a 10m powered active cable, had no issues since. My Canon 750Da camera is upgraded by a ASI1600 and i'm using a ZWO OAG, so no more guidscope. I did piggyback - mount my Canon for future wide field shots. At the moment i'm still getting used to the ASI 1600 so didn't do much with the Canon yet. The outside flooring is done (Vietnamese Blue Stone tiles 50x50cm), so no more dirty shoes in the observatory Finally, i've installed a small electric heater, as the nights are cooling down now, i can begin enjoying having a warm room. I'm still waiting on my door and window (ordered since April ) , and my lights
  19. I'm a paid user too, as said, the creator deserves our support. Previously i've used BYE and stepping up to APT took a bit of getting used to, but APT is so much more, point craft is my best friend now
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