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  1. Miguel1983

    Exposure time

    30 minutes Like Vlaiv said, if a plane or satellite passes by...
  2. Hi, Since august 2018 i've started imaging, for now i always use my ED80 for deepsky and my Mak127 for lunar. But that's not wat this is about, this just shows i'm still quite new to this and mostly it's trial and error as i go along. I see some of you take 600sec subs, and i wonder is this to be preferred over say 2x300 sec exposures instead ? Taking 600 sec subs is no problem, i got my tracking technique down, but isn't there a point up on witch there's nothing more to gain except noise ? I usually don't go further than 300 sec, and make sure my histogram peaks (in Backyard EOS) are not in the third overexposed section. Surely filters are a big factor in this, i know. Thanks
  3. Miguel1983

    Valentine special

    Hi, can't let Valentine go by just like that. Very nice clear friday night yesterday, so i chose my targets in Valentine theme Heart Nebula : 30x300 sec STC Duo Narrowband filter, Canon EOS 750D ISO1600. Rosette Nebula : 25 x 300 sec STC Duo Narrowband filter Canon EOS 750D ISO1600.
  4. Yes, the diagonal has a 2" barrel. Just make sure you get the right visual back, mine is from TS optics, but to be sure measure the treads of your scope
  5. No problem, in the foto's ots not the Primaluce diagonal but the Skywatcher one, but they're the same
  6. Yes, i don't worry about that dust to much, you can always clean them, eyepieces are not that fragile as you think. I do have a red light hanging over my eyepiece case and my headlight, so missthreading them is not an issue. To be honest, i don't use them that much anymore because i own the hole Hyperion line by now.
  7. Hi, I have the 127 Maksutov from Sky-Watcher, shortly after buying this scope, i got myself a 2" visual back to replace the 1,25" and a 2" Primalucelab diagonal. As for the eyepieces, i started of with the plösl-kit from Celestron, but the higher powered eyepieces were a pain to look trough, so i upgraded to Baader Hyperions, the nice thing about those is that they are modular if you get the 14 and 28mm Fine Tune Rings. As you can see, for example, the 21mm provided with the fine tune rings you get following focal lengts : 32,2mm / 21mm / 17,6mm / 15,5mm / 14mm and you can also put a Barlow in play. I find those eyepieces quite versatile and they are of good quality. Do some reading about them, they are definatly worth considering in my opinion. Good luck
  8. Miguel1983

    Fresh from the SD card

    Hi The image is a stack of 80 frames 1/250 ISO 640 Sony A6300 mounted on the SW Skymax and AZ GTI Full resolution here: https://astrob.in/390540/0/
  9. Miguel1983

    Horsehead and Flame region in HaRGB

    Very nice, and very good job keeping Alnitak in check !
  10. Miguel1983

    Cone Nebula HaLRGB

    Fantastic image ! well done indeed
  11. Miguel1983

    NGC2175 - Monkey Head Nebula

    Hi, yes tried that to, but as you mention, you lose a lot of nebula
  12. Hi, Semi clear night yesterday, until some fog rolled in by 23.30h. I managed to gather 45 180sec subs of witch 2 bad (planes). Used the regular gear and the CLS CCD filter because it was already in place from last time , lazy, but it was a last minute decision to put the gear outside. So, 2h9min light , 20 dark , 100 flat and 100 bias and post process in PS CS6. *Edit* after PS i loaded the image in Corel Aftershot Pro 3 for some noise reduction, as i find it's beter or more effective than wat i can do in PS. Streching the image in PS quickly resulted in a reddish overexposed background, i don't have the astro-plug-in's, so i used a technique that i picked up from Nebula Photo's on YouTube, it may not be perfect, but it helpes a lot. I did not manage to capture the other colors, besides fifty shades of red, that you find in other images of this object, probably due to exposure time and filter choise, i'm goinging to look into that.
  13. Miguel1983

    First Horse.....

    Nicely done !
  14. Miguel1983

    Bodes Galaxys

    Hi, last week i managed to get some data of M81 and M82, at the bottom right you also find Garland's Galaxy. Gear : SW ED80 + 0.85 Reducer/corrector , Canon EOS 750D ,Astronomik CLS CCD, SW Evoguide 50ED , ZWO ASI 120MC 32 x 240sec Lights 10 Dark 100 Flat 100 Bias As i was processing this image in PS i realised that i will need a lot more data, to capture more color, anyway, this is what i got so far.
  15. Miguel1983

    M42 30/01/2019

    Hi, thanks ! i use the Astronomic CLS CCD clip in filter

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