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  1. Full moon target, shot 26/27/28 feb and yesterday. Esprit 120, ZWO ASI 1600mm pro, Astronomik SHO 6nm, EQ6R pro. Thanks for looking.
  2. Hello, Processed my data from last week when i collected some data on M51. I shot this with my Esprit 120 with 0.75 reducer, making it 630mm so M51 is rather tiny. 6hrs Lum 2.8hrs /chan RGB ASI 1600mm Thanks for looking, commenting...
  3. Hi all, Finally we had some reasonable nights. This is one of the targets i shot, with the Esprit 120 @ f5.25 and the asi 1600mm pro. 3.5hrs per filter SHO
  4. I think it was clear. Covid is a temporary problem, but as is mostly the case, there’s only one way prices go
  5. Pfff sad news Edit. So once Covid has moved on, prices will drop èh
  6. I have one, for visual it's very good, for AP too, but more aimed at short focal lengths i would say. Although a friend of mine has his Esprit 120 on it for AP, so it's possible for sure with some tuning and proper balancing.
  7. Don't have one, but i'm curious why you would pick this camera over the ZWO 294MM ?
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