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  1. Wow, you certainly bought a LOT of gear in those 10 years, and i thought i had to pace myself
  2. Don't get me wrong, i think DSLR's are a great way to get in to the hobby, they have that accessible and familiar feeling, but on a hot summer night, let's just say, that made me cry more than my wallet.... Luckily for you winter is coming....
  3. You probably want a cooled mono cmos cam too, and a 8 position filterwheel, and L R G B Ha Oiii and Sii filter and a flattener and something to help with cable management like the pocket powerbox and a bigger scope, because let's face it an EQ6R with an ED72... and other dovetails and rings and a cardboard box to live in after your wife trows you out the door...
  4. I would also suggest a I7 processor or better with at least 16GB RAM, more is better, and a 256 or 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD but this wil be a 1000£+ machine Happy hunting !
  5. Hi, It's been a busy few days here. Here's NGC 7635 or the Bubble Nebula, shot with the Esprit 120 (cropped image) and asi1600mm pro and SHO filters. This is 10hrs exposure.
  6. Hi, doing some reprocessing while imaging. I've reprocessed my data from NGC6995 and this time i combined it in HOO. Integration time is about 15hrs on the Esprit 120.
  7. Hi, i've imaged the Wizard these past few days, skies weren't great, but after a month of shooting nothing at all i'm not complaining to much, ok maybe a little... Gear used: Esprit 120 with 0.75 reducer from TS ZWO ASI 1600mm pro and Astronomik SHO filters EQ6R PRO showing few heartbeats in PHD2 Thanks for looking/commenting
  8. Hi and welcome, for me this is a winner if you're just starting with astronomy, it's slightly over your budget, but the optics are great, it's compact and it has goto, if you're unfamiliar with the night sky that is a BIG plus. I started with a classic 10" dobsonian, but when you don't now where is what it can get frustrating, so the second scope i bought was this one, i still have it, and for it's size you can look up a lot of objects. The only negative about this scope is the tripod, that needs to be replaced with a beefier one, and i can also recommend buying a handcontroller in time. Good luck !
  9. Can't speak for CCD, never had or used one, but i think the zwo ASI 1600 has to be one of the most popular camera's for AP, but even the 1600 won't get M31 fully covered. You would need a full frame camera for that, but you Evostar 120 + 2"reducer won't have a image circle large enough to cover that sensor. Objects like M31, M42, NGC7000, .... ask for a short FL scope or a full frame rig if you can afford it. (if you wan't to shoot them in 1 go, there's always mozaik...)
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