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  1. Thanks, but I already pressed the button, so i’ll find out once they arrive. i hope the ASI 1600 and 120 stock is soon replenished...
  2. Anyone who uses these filters ? Are they any good and parfocal ? I'm about to press the button on a second mono cam + wheel + oag + filters, my existing camera uses Astronomik filters, using the Optolong filters on the second cam would save me some €€€
  3. i'm in the same situation here, going back and forth between an OSC or another 1600mm for the second rig, but i think i'll go mono.
  4. Not sure, i'm no expert by any means, but i would think the R data is going to be much brighter than the rest shot at unity. Personally i shoot LRGB at gain 76 and narrowband at 139, because that seems to be the consensus. The higher the gain, the lower the full well capacity, so high gain low exposure time, like ISO on a camera. This post might be useful as a guide.
  5. Hi, my obs is insulated kept at 16°C during winter and i have a dehumidifier keeping the RH at 55% give or take, so no issues at all
  6. Hi, I'm selling my Canon 750D (T6i) with Baader BCF mod. I bought the camera new in july 2018 from Astromarket and used it for a year until i went mono. So the camera is in pristine condition. It comes with the original box, 1 battery and charger. New this camera costed €976 and i would hope to get €650 (£578,5) for it. I also got some more accessories for it witch are also for sale : - A battery grip and second battery and a battery dummy to power the camera from the mains or via the pocket powerbox or Eagle or... : € 120 (£106,8) - A Canon EF50mm f 1,8 plastic magic lens, new and almost unused, just tested it : €75 (£66,75) - An Astronomik CLS CCD clip filter : €120 (£106,8) Shipping cost Belgium - UK are €16,40 (£14,60) (0-5kg) per item ore the same for the lot in one box The filter might be cheaper to ship in a bubble foil enveloppe, not sure. Anything not listed above is already sold ore not for sale, yes i do mean the 135mm lens
  7. You’re right, it’s a fine line to balance, i just wanted you to see there’s more detail collected in your subs than you would think. cheers
  8. Took the liberty of playing around in Pixinsight with that Tiff file, there's a lot more detail here to be bumped Original file Pix fast process sure the softer parts are a bit more noisier now but this was just a 5 min touch up
  9. Nicely done, a lot of detail in there !
  10. Miguel1983


    Very good image ! Well done
  11. Hi, short nights these days, so a little over 6hrs data on M13 took me 3 nights. Esprit 120 f7 ASI 1600mm pro Astronomik LRGB about 50 2min subs on each filter DSS & Pixinsight
  12. Hi all, a small update here, the eqm-35 didn't work out for me, it just kept working against me so i have sent the mount back to FLO and they were so kind to fully refund it so super big thumbs up for FLO ! The same day i received my discount code i've ordered the HEQ5 pro Rowan mod, that was last Saturday, i'm crossing my fingers this mount will be way better than the EQM-35, but i'm sur it will.
  13. Nice job Did the cleaning and regrease make a noticeable improvement, most people doing this report a major improvement in smoothness.
  14. +1 on the power-supply. I might be overdoing it, as i use 2 13.8V 10A power supplies, one dedicated to the mount and the other powers all the rest, never had any issues though
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