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  1. Carport, gardenshed and bicycle storage is included
  2. Haha , no it's the kids' playhouse
  3. The observatory is nearly finished ! Door and window were finally ready, placed the window past week and the door just now with some help. Lights are installed. industrial closets were delivered this week. last point to check off are some electrical details, and hanging up some foto’s and posters and some painting.
  4. I've been scratching my head to find a way to motorize my roof, haven't found it yet, nice to see someone did !
  5. Some updates.... The Pocket Powerbox failed on me recently, after some troubleshooting i found that the power connector wasn't good, so i had it soldered off and soldered the cable leads directly on to the PCB That wasn't the only problem unfortunately, i had an active 5 meter USB3 lead + a passive 3 and 1 meter lead running to the USB hub form my laptop in the warm room, but i was getting connection problems, so i've replaced the 5m + 3m by a 10m powered active cable, had no issues since. My Canon 750Da camera is upgraded by a ASI1600 and i'm using a ZWO OAG, so no more guidscope. I did piggyback - mount my Canon for future wide field shots. At the moment i'm still getting used to the ASI 1600 so didn't do much with the Canon yet. The outside flooring is done (Vietnamese Blue Stone tiles 50x50cm), so no more dirty shoes in the observatory Finally, i've installed a small electric heater, as the nights are cooling down now, i can begin enjoying having a warm room. I'm still waiting on my door and window (ordered since April ) , and my lights
  6. I'm a paid user too, as said, the creator deserves our support. Previously i've used BYE and stepping up to APT took a bit of getting used to, but APT is so much more, point craft is my best friend now
  7. The astro club solar section Coronado, Daystar , Lunt and TS 150 achromat with Baader solar film.
  8. Hi all, currently attending Starnights in Zillebeke (Ypres Belgium ) , a starparty at the Astrolab IRIS observatory and organised by Parsec VZW. Attendance is approximately 100 people. Looks like the first night is going to be a winner, Clear Outside app predicts all zero’s !
  9. Thanks, the seeing wasn't all that great yesterday, and i'm struggling a bit with the guiding via OAG (guiding was over 1,00") and settings for the ASI1600 which ar all new to me. Stepping up from a DSLR will have its learning curve, i did gather my RGB for this object too, but combining them into LRGB is also easier said than done for me
  10. Fresh from the sensor, i've stacked the Lum-files while capturing the RGB. ASI1600MM Pro 45*120sec Gain 76 + darks, flats and bias
  11. I would have to agree with icesheet, i had my C11 GPS before i had my refractor and i even never attempted deep sky with that telescope, the polar alignment routine for a wedge for instance is not easy and that 2800mm focal length will most likely drive you crazy. If you are new to AP i would also recommend a short focal length refractor, as will many other imagers.
  12. Hi, a mono camera is more sensitive than a one shot color camera, but you'll have to put in more work to get that one color picture, LRGB for example means 4 times the work compared to OSC. As you mention, the extra filters do break the bank.
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