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Luna 102 skymax/1000D


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First time out with the mighty little mak, this is 21 frames stacked with pipp and registax 6, but i have over cropped the image and clipped the edges, so i will reprocess tomorrow as its bed time now, the motor servo on focus seems to have helped


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On 2/8/2017 at 16:30, Alfian said:

Thats an impressive image Jules, and the processing work.  The little Mak packs a good punch.

Thanks Ian, yes the mighty little Mak is proving to be a proper keeper, should not have sold the last one, but that mistake is now corrected, i was hoping i might have got it out for full moon this weekend but not looking likely now

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9 hours ago, nightfisher said:

the mighty little Mak

.... try to bear with me on this one, and its probably some evidence that a few marbles have gone astray, but thinking of "little mak" and even the "mighty little mak" has for some reason brought to mind the last line  lyric from "Big Shot" the track from the album Gorilla by the Bonzos as voiced by Viv Stanshall, "He said, "You got a light, mac?" I said, "No, but I've got a dark brown overcoat."  A very tenuous link (mak/mac) but it occurred to me that if  " the mighty little mak"  was given a name (like some people name scopes) with respect to its AP credentials then "Big Shot" seemed kind of appropriate. If anyones not familiar with Big Shot, its worth looking up the rest of the lyrics - but  I'd guess most of them would maybe not be for  repeating here.  I also guess its time to have  have a lie down, its been a busy day, but I've not been at the bottle  - honest.

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