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Sol 3-10-16 09.30 new large AR. "updated"


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nice and sunny here in south wales, seeing fair but with a bit of fazing. kit ed80, 1,5x barlow, lunt wedge, 1200d in mono and 1:1 crop mode. 60 frames staxed with regi and coloured in photoshop. the new spot looks mighty fine in the vis, i think theres 2 parts to it ,its hard to tell with it being right on the limb. hope you have clear skys, thanks for looking.  charl.

mono. updateted 10.30.

sol 3-10-16 10.30.png



sol 3-10-16 10.30 col.png


coloured invert

sol 3-10-16 10.30 inv.png


crop of the action "updated 10.30."

sol 3-10-16 10.30 cu2.png


crop coloured invert "updated 10.30"

sol 3-10-16 10.30 cu2 invert.png

just updatated with better pics from 10.30 am.

heres a couple of close ups i took at 11.15 with the little ed and 3x barlow.

sol 3-10-16 cu 4x col.png

mono of the same.

sol 3-10-16 cu 4x.png

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thanks Pete, agreed mate. i couldnt belive my eyes when i first saw it at about 08,30 while doing some vis, carnt wait for it to move more on to the disc to get a better look. clear skys ,charl.

54 minutes ago, bunnygod1 said:

Looking like a good size spot, hopefully get a view later


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Looking great Charl, lovely close ups. The new region looked stunning in vis for me too but sadly no imaging due to technology failure (human failure more like) Dead batteries, missing equipment and poor seeing all add up to no images :) Fingers crossed tomorrow's better. 

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Not looking to good here ATM but may clear a bit later.

The good news , I finally got the solar setup re-sited and PA'd so can now image to around 4.30pm before the Sun drops below the roof tops.


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