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11-09-2016 Quark Chromosphere Proms


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11th September. The normal set up 152mm TecnoSky with 135mm D-ERF, Daystar Quark Chromosphere, PG IMX174.

100Ms x 15 second captures, no flats used for prom shots as they seem to leave 'artefacts' where black space is, no idea why but a pain all the same.

Thanks for looking.


Large Prom 1.jpg

Large Prom False Colour.jpg

Large Prom Inverted B.jpg

Large Prom Inverted.jpg

Sun Spot.jpg

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24 minutes ago, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

Amazing level of detail!

Thanks Michael, they came out ok but (always a but) I was hoping the seeing wasn't as bad as it looked, steady for fractions of seconds only, rest of the time the JS was doing it's best to ruin things.

21 minutes ago, xtreemchaos said:

lovely Dynamic detailed set Ewan,great Prom action. well done.  thanks,  charl.

Thank you Charl, couldn't say no to that prom Charl, was going to anim it but was just going to be a pointless exercise tbh.


7 minutes ago, Davey-T said:

Super images Ewan, tried a couple of close ups but the seeing wasn't up to it so had to settle for the .5f/r


Cheers Dave much appreciated mate. Since getting the 152mm Dave I havn't used my FR at all, I keep meaning to take a look just to see how many least frames I could get away with doing a mosaic now & a good way to check for any NR's as they should show up better on a big contrasty preview screen. I still have images from today (doing them now) & the 7th / 8th Sept to do, got so far behind. Been doing some shooting comps with my lad, a great way for me / him to spend time together & the wife is backing us all the way......win win & a win :-)




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