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August 29, 2016: H-alpha 49-pane and Ca-K 6-pane moasics

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Managed to catch a set of H-alpha data for a complete mosiac only by reducing the frame count to 500, rather than the 1000 I normally use. This did allow me to catch one or two detail shots at 2000 frames before the sun disappeared behind houses. Stacking 100 frames out of 500 turned out well:


Grey scale:


Pseudo colour:


Part inverted:


Part inverted + pseudo colour:



I also captured six panes for a Ca-K mosaic before dinner, but it turned out a bit noisy.

Ca-K grey scale:


Ca-K pseudo colour:



All best viewed at full resolution

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Thanks everyone!

11 hours ago, DrRobin said:

Nice set Michael.  You have some real patience to do a 48 pane mosaic and I suspect a powerful computer.


It is not that hard, I just go over the sun systematically with loads of overlap, data are captured in roughly 10 minutes (largely due to the solid-state disk, and the blistering speed of the ASI174MM). The machine is an ASUS UX305 Ultrabook, which is quite nippy, but no speed demon by any measure. Each of the panes is actually not that big, so processing is pretty quick per pane. Most processing is fully automatic, so I just point AS!2 to the stack of stacks I want it to process, and walk away once it is chugging through the data. Remembering to tell AS!2 to use all four cores of the Core-M processor helps a lot, as does the SSD, to keep the processor fed with fresh data quickly. Sharpening in ImPPG is done in batch mode, and takes no more than 5 minutes, and AutoStitch takes about the same time to stitch the lot.


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