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June 24th - H Alpha - Nice Filaprom - Quiet HA Disk


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No sleep for me last night (watching the EU Referendum results on TV) so I was already  up as dawn broke.  Caught some early Sun 5.59 am to 6.17 am and managed a few frames, though the seeing was a bit poor because of the low altitude.  The best prominences were on the E limb, including a nice filaprom.

Single frames taken with the Lunt 60 DS and Olympus E-M10 on 500 asa.  The first was taken at 6.04 am on 1/80 sec and the second at 6.00 am on 1/8 sec. 


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Nice captures. Well done! :)

I too stayed up till around 6:30am to watch the referendum results, then had a couple of hours sleep. Luckily working from home today, so my zombified state is not too noticible to the world! Hehe! ;) 

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Well done Paul, set up in clear skies this morning then it clouded over, did a couple of vid's in the gaps, was going to try a timelapse but had to wait for meridian flip now the clouds are back.


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