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Powering a mount


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Cigarette sockets are fused at 10 amps. Usually they are not intended for long usage at that current either. The wiring will not withstand long periods of  a 10 amp rate discharge or charge. You may cause a fire even if the fuse does not blow, as the wiring heats up. Cigarette sockets are designed for one purpose only. Some cars have a similar socket specifically designed for use for powering items again at up to 10 amps, but they are described as such in the operating manuals.

Trickle chargers are usually specified at around 0.5 to 1 amps and 12 volts.


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51 minutes ago, Astroboy239 said:

Can the cigarette lighter be put in the cars socket to power up a car? 

Do you mean "powering up a mount" ? If you meant that, then yes you can power the mount from the car's accessory socket. A word of caution though, don't let the car battery run down - you won't be able to start the car engine.

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If you can get mains power ie. Your not in a field but at home. I recently purchased 12v 1000ma DC. And it works ok. Been told on this forum you need 2A to run the mount at a faster speed but i could'nt find any within that range from maplins without going to the multi ended removeable ones.

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Yes you can run the mount from the car cig lighter socket, but your kit will have to be reasonably close to the car and there will be at least one lead from the car to the mount which will be a trip hazard if it is pitch black. I do it with a 10m "extension" lead from the car but you will start to get a voltage drop. As said above, don't take too much juice out of the battery else you won't get home at the end of the night. The best advice is for the mount and anything else to have its own power supply, and if you get a big leisure battery you could just leave it in the relative warmth of the boot of the car and still run an extension lead from there to your kit - saves you lugging the battery around. 


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