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  1. Bahtinov mask from FLO Guide to using one Use you camera in live view if you have the screen. You can then zoom in and get a good accurate look at whats looking like.
  2. Saw this pop up on the Facebook page. Its to coincide with backyard astronomy week and seems like a good way for people starting out to get going. Sky at Night back garden astronomy guide
  3. Ive got a half moon shot i might be able to use. and the two cutouts i think are over triming after a stacking.
  4. Is always check you've done everything you needed before finishing a session. Then check again. Otherwise......... 25 Pane Mosiac failure. I didnt bother to finish getting the panes perfect after i found my mistake. ?
  5. Hi Johnny, It can all seem daunting and frustrating at times. Any pictures you can supply of what you see through the eyepiece ( Use you mobile camera over the eyepiece, or a rough sketch ) and also your set-up on your focuser to maybe see what @Ricochet is identifying.
  6. Danny83uk


    From the album: Astrophotography

    © Daniel Chapman

  7. Danny83uk


    Mostly moon and scenic images
  8. Danny83uk

    2nd April Mosaic.

    From the album: Astrophotography

    14 panes stitched to form one image

    © Daniel Chapman

  9. The best results ive found when imaging the moon has been to use a video and then run that through Registax. it helps to clean up the image and remove some of that shake.
  10. Ive got the lower of the two in the image and can confirm it unscrews at the join just above the writing. Hope this helps.
  11. Nice scope, Was my first. A good all round scope for local and deep sky. Clock drive can be a bit jumpy at times if your looking at imaging. It doesnt say anything about eyepieces included even though there is one in the image so id ask that question before you buy, otherwise you'll have to spend £40-50 on an EP (and you might need a few) The one i got came with a 10mm, 25mm and 2x barlow.
  12. Does anyone know if the Sky-Watcher EvoGuide 50ED Guidescope & ZWO ASI120MM Bundle would work on a Standard EQ5 mount. I DON'T have the PRO version.
  13. So if your looking at light from distant stars traveling over unfathomable distances that may or may not still be there are you still seeing them?
  14. Max i go for is 200x for uk skies. I was advised of a good rule (regarding Newton telescopes) and that was to max your magnification to the aperture size, allowing that 200x was your upper limit. So on my SW 130 i use an 8mm (wasnt a 6 EP on the market in my price range) for my SW200 i use a 5mm giving me 200x.
  15. Another option is Magic Lantern If your using a Canon. You can customize the exposure times past the standard 30seconds.
  16. So it turned out that it doesnt matter which style of mount you use if the clouds roll in untill 12 then you get so much light bleed from the very bright moon. Maybe next time.
  17. Lazy shoot method but more work if your mount isnt fixed ;). Ive take a few star trails now using a fixed mount. so might atleast try it.
  18. So it does. Its only available to me now as ive taken the short dovetail that came with it and moved the 1/4" bolt off the scope bracket passing it through from behind and binding it in (after a bit of Countersinking to lower the head of the bolt so the camera can attach.
  19. Interesting thanks, the part about shooting away from the radient was something i wasnt aware of. Doesnt say about the mount tho.
  20. So with tonight looking the best night to 'Fish' for shooting stars ive decided late(after modifying the bracket on my equatorial mount to fit a dslr) If it is actually benificial to use a tracking mount or would i be better using a static tripod like i usually do. Im not so interested in the star trails as i am one image with all my nights meteors on 1 frame(after stacking). Granted the foreground might shift between frames but i can always layer mask them out and keep one as a perspective frame. Thanks for any help and i understand this is late in the day researching it. Danny
  21. Hi, I use this mount to hold a 200mm Newt and have found it sturdy enough for imaging. I will point out i have the steel tube legs and not the aluminium oval legs and are much sturdier. An example of its use is this image of Andromeda:
  22. Missed the boat on that filter. note to self check forums more
  23. Had a quick play and the blend is better and i think i will play with it more. Got some stars poking through from the masked layers too contend with ie. Delete.
  24. Okay, i suppose i could also try a filter and blur? Edit: Oh the feather in the layer mask options. I see it.
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