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  1. It is just bored journalists having to come up with something fresh to grab attention now they are bored by the pandemic.
  2. For handheld use, you might like to consider a lower magnification. Perhaps a 7x50. You'll get a nice bright, wide field of view. At x10 and certainly at x15 you might have trouble with the wobbles unless you support them with a stand or tripod.
  3. SkyWatcher Skyliner 250 PX 10" Dobsonian Telescope. This telescope needs a new home as I have used it very little, having become more interested in astrophotography rather than observing. In good condition with base modified with lazy Susan bearing, angle scale with pointer and bubble level, Machine-Dro digital RA angle gauge (needs new battery) to complement the scale on the base. Also included is a sturdy plywood base with adjustable feet to stand the telescope on so it can be leveled easily. Two eyepieces are included...10mm and 25mm. No finderscope is included, but these are r
  4. I was very happy with the star I was given. I realised it did not have any reality, but appreciated the sentiments of the gift giver, who saw it as as a nice way to reflect their wishes towards me while at the same time reflecting my interest in astronomy.
  5. How long were the exposures?
  6. As Oscar Wilde once said..."There's only one thing worse than being over-engineered....etc"
  7. Comes across as a bit 'passive aggressive', so may put some off.
  8. There is some more good news in that. Once the Mrs has gone, you can observe as much as you like!
  9. Isn't iso just a measure of the gain applied to the signal / photons captured by the pixels of the sensor chip? Exposure time / the number of photos captured will determine the signal to noise ratio. Changing iso will just stretch of compress this signal...... Won't it? Could be wrong.....
  10. Wow! Sounds like good value. A Galaxy for the price of a star!!
  11. That is marvelously simple! Do you think the leads could be made longer, say 10 to 20 metres?
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