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  1. To be frank as mentioned above filters and ccd is borrowed, scope and mount is mine. We Both are members of a astronomy club named afa.my scope and mount is at his place right now but yes I can show you my other setup. I usually keep it there as he lives about 2hrs from a dark area while I am 3hrs more away. Here below if my neq6 on my terrace with a 10''f4.3 astrograph belonging to the club
  2. I don't have it at the moment. It's on my pc which is down to repair I'll soon post the full resolution images as you'll wish to see them. Sorry for the inconvenience Varad
  3. Yes sorry, it is a bit cropped yes. I know what you say. This is a slightly less cropped reason is same, I didn't want the other nebulosity.
  4. I actually only want the Mexican part of the nebula more than the top. Which software is that? @johnrt
  5. A little of the sides have been cropped. I will soon post the color version, I've never processed O3 and Ha data so I'm taking my time. @swag72 Varad
  6. Wow that's great. Is your friend on sgl?
  7. 16 is my age. Well I want to do astrophysics and then research.
  8. Thanks for the comments and advice everyone. I just worked on it again.
  9. Hi all, This is a huge and great narrowband target which many great astrophotographers over here photograph. I felt I should try it. A miracle occurred as after 2months of rain I suddenly saw a cloud free sky. I got geared up and got my stuff out. Well enjoy and feel free to comment QSI 683 (borrowed) the ever popular evostar 80ed, neq6 mount star shoot autoguider, 60x15mins h alpha 20x15mins o3, Astrodon 3nm filters, pixinsight and photoshop Reference images were of these fine photographers Ollypenrice Swag72 Steppenwolf AND many more
  10. Marvelous, brilliant image Sara, how did you join 2 different ccd images qsi 683 and 690? Varad
  11. Nice image Jhon. I belive I will soon be as good as you'll. The color and contrast is really good. Varad
  12. Great image nice detail. Which ota and camera did you use?
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