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  1. One on Astromart now if you fancy a wild ride importing. Depends if the seller is willing to sell outside of the states. https://astromart.com/classifieds/astromart-classifieds/telescope-refractor/show/tec-140-ed
  2. TEC, I’m sure you have the mount for it? Be prepared to wait though, rarer than hens teeth even more so in this strange new world. Good luck and a nice position to be in, patience not withstanding.
  3. That is sad to hear, I remember speaking to her nearly 5 years ago when ordering mine, which the boys subsequently fitted and is still here, one of my better astronomy purchases. She was a delight to deal with and even ensured payment and delivery details were organised ‘out of normal office hours’. I hope they sort out their admin affairs quickly, their observatories and workmanship are second to none.
  4. Ok thanks guys for the advice as always. I’m reluctant to spend more money on polar alignment equipment that will be only used once or very infrequently, so I may give the PA routine a try in the Sitech software and see how it goes. Regarding the below horizon warning I get after rebooting not sure about this one. I assumed after a one star sync and learning its park position the mount would ‘know’ where it’s pointing, but perhaps I’m a little to optimistic. Maybe another dive into the manual will glean some more advice. Regarding latitude and longitude found a really good website, British geographic website I think for entering your location in a mind boggling number of ways, and once set that’s it never need to reset it. As for time I have downloaded an app that provides accurate time to precise measurements, so will just reset the laptop upon switching it on each time. Regarding the c/w shaft I’m not sure what to do. I was surprised at the length when it arrived and it does move in all axis without any interference of any furniture or sides of the observatory. Maybe I’ll leave it and as others have suggested make a new one if it irritates me or becomes an issue. Thanks for the advice everyone,
  5. After having a couple of hours under reasonable skies last night, managed to - Enter accurate lat/long for my location, not sure it’s 100% correct as it requires degrees rather than hours minutes seconds etc. Time not sure about this one so used the time from my laptop. Sync to a star on the east and do an offset innit? set park, park, power down and restart. Unpark and it just started tracking just like everyone said! Managed to get a glimpse of Jupiter through the lowdown murkiness, low power nothing spectacular. One question if I may, aside from feeling slightly overwhelmed by the mount and software, has anyone tried the polar alignment routine within Sitech? Clear skies over the next week are looking sparse so would welcome comments and feedback if anyone has used it? And lastly seem to get a below horizon error occasionally when moving the mount around when clearly it isn’t. I presumed doing a one star sync would stop this? Not touched horizon limits tab yet, just working out the basics first. Also has anyone reduced the length of the counter weight shaft, as it’s quite long and is perhaps too long for my cosy observatory? Ps love how quiet the mount is. Thanks for reading,
  6. Everyone is suffering Andy, I did earlier in the year. I enquired about availability of an Esprit 120 in January and was told to place an order and wait. I didn’t want to do that as why should I pay the full amount for something that isn’t even in the country yet? I don’t with a car or house so why Astro gear? I received an email notification last week, approx 25 weeks later that they had stock. No thanks, managed to snag an Esprit 150 second hand in lovely condition for a few hundred more than originally planned. Have you considered second hand? Hope you get your delivery soon Andy.
  7. Managed a few hours under the skies before cloud and low mist rolled in. Wasn’t able to do a proper off set init as not many stars available to pick from due to the very light nights. I can now understand why fellow astronomers don’t image or wait for darker skies in the summer, as there doesn’t seem to be any . So a quick peep at the low moon was all I could manage unfortunately. Jobs to do before Autumn - I feel like I’ve jumped off the deep end of a swimming pool whilst struggling to swim! Recheck Lat / Long and current time? Work out how the mount knows where it is pointing? Learn to park, unpark, set park etc. Understand the difference between off set innit and syncing? Pick a suitable software package for tracking / modelling the sky. Try and polar align the mount, drift / software / polar scope? Work out adaptors and spacing for my camera / telescope / flattener. Buy a guide camera and learn PHD … oh the joy! Beg for assistance from anyone that can offer assistance to a fledgling new starter . So first light of the moon taken with my phone, held up to the eyepiece. A long journey awaits possibly full of self doubt, angst and a large dollop of trepidation. Thanks for reading.
  8. The 120, non EC version was very much on my watch list before pressing buy on the ‘mount we shall not name’ I see no reason going for the EC version if you want to guide. Happy hunting.
  9. I used to use an old canon 450d and yes it was noisy. My advice, olive branch and maybe a little chat to explain what you were doing and the equipment you use. I would want neighbours on my side than fighting against. Have you thought of wrapping a t shirt around the body to ‘muffle’ the sound or perhaps a ‘wind break’ around your equipment, this could stop a lot of the sound or deflect most of it away. It has been warm lately and probably will continue for the next few months. In autumn and winter and parts of spring it won’t be an issue hopefully. Good luck,
  10. They are indeed a top company @Keith Dutton, I have had mine for 4 years now and it is a pleasure to use. Some things are worth waiting for, including these guys and their products. Clear skies my friend
  11. So managed to get all the correct software downloaded and cables connected. Even managed to get my aging laptop upgraded to windows 10. Followed the idiots guide to first switching on by @Jonk thanks man! Now tracking I think, (well motors are making a soft hum), no idea where it is pointed at and haven't a clue how the software works, but its a first step.
  12. So if I’m correct, you placed on order near the end of January and was told to ‘hopefully’ expect delivery in May. May being 31 days in duration but you ‘assumed’ he meant middle of May. So you have now started legal proceedings some 11 days beyond his ‘hopeful’ delivery expectation during in what is commonly known as the summer season, when little meaningful observation or photopgraphy can be achieved due to the shorter / lighter nights. A couple of things come to mind, you possibly have got ‘buyers remorse’ and maybe regret your proposed purchase due to the expense, they aren’t cheap after all and you are looking at a convenient way of backing out of the deal. Or you genuinely believe you are being treated unfairly and have high expectations on the promises Lucas gave you. I just find it strange that after 11 days beyond your own strict deadline you decide to go down this route and are seeking legal proceedings against literally a one man operation, who along with many other manufacturers are dealing with unprecedented levels of materials shortage. A little perspective is perhaps needed here. I too ordered my Mesu e200 mount through Modern Astronomy in January of this year. I actually managed to get the last one from an earlier production run. However soon difficulties arose with my order, as there were no wedges available as Bernard had no stock of these. I waited nearly 2 months extra for the wedge. I then waited another month trying to arrange delivery. Bernard actually delivered it in person and gave me a quick run down on what goes where. That same night Lucas Mesu emailed me, no prompting from me he just said ‘hello Neil, pleased you have received your mount, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me and lastly enjoy your mount’. For me if the mount works half as well as my contact with the dealer, Bernard and the man himself, Lucas then I will be happy. However everyone’s experience can be different I am aware of this. Now if only someone could help my mount talk to my old laptop and make sense of the Sitech software I would be in heaven, but at least I have the time to get it sorted before Autumn. I hope you get it resolved.
  13. Is it these bolts? These are what I will be using when the skies clear
  14. Having had a Home Observatory fitted some 4 years ago, I can attest to their quality. Lovely people to deal with, both during ordering and delivery / installation. They get a thumbs up from me , I would recommend.
  15. Thanks for the heads up Richard, not sure what version I am running but I think I’ll start again and uninstall / reinstall all the software again. It’s likely user error! The mount is connected and working off the hand pad controller, so I know there is nothing wrong with the mechanical side of things, just the connection from the mount to the PC. Obviously doesn’t help when there is a dummy (aka me) in between
  16. Think I may have missed a few steps or downloaded the wrong version of software? So all cables from the Sitech controller connected up correctly, start laptop up, connect usb/serial connector to USB port. Start the Sitech config software, select com port from the one noted in device manager, select get data from controller and that is where it fails, just states error, error, error etc and message as below. Am I running latest version of the Sitech config software, 1.30? Any help welcome please or directions to the correct version if anyone could throw a few suggestions my way.
  17. It’s the 3 bolts beneath the RA drive, a little different to the previous version as there was a bespoke latitude adjustment. Users of this newer version have commented how easy it is to adjust, not tried it yet though so can’t comment at the moment.
  18. Now attached to my pier and adapter plate. So mechanically all in place. Looks good in its natural habitat Struggling connecting it to the laptop though, missing the usb/serial driver I think, will try again today
  19. Ouch again @manoss27, I’m glad the damage hasn’t affected the operation of the Mesu. I’m hoping to power mine up this weekend, just awaiting a few bolts and washers to allow attachment to the pier.
  20. Ouch, I feel your pain. I hope it’s not too serious and can be repaired easily. I had a similar warning from Mr Mesu when I sent him a picture of my completed assembly as below. He got a little ‘jittery’ when he saw the location of my mount upon the table. I now understand why …… All the best, Neil.
  21. So you’ve lurked on here for awhile and then asked the question ‘Why do I need a telescope anyway?’, on an astronomy forum, what kind of answer did you expect My suggestion and perhaps new question you should ask yourself would be ‘Is this the right hobby for me?’ Where your sanity is questioned by your partner when under your own free will you will spend many hours in the dark, cold night looking at faint objects in the night sky, or capturing light emitted from objects so far away it makes the mind boggle. On equipment that has probably cost a lot more than you care to admit (especially to your partner) and you possibly could have purchased a very nice family car with. Where you get excited because you look at the weather and you can see that for a precious 2 hours tonight you have no clouds and the air looks like it will be still. If you have to ask your original question - ‘Why do I need a telescope anyway?’ maybe this hobby isn’t for you and the person that needs convincing is not your wife.
  22. Have you considered buying used? The wait for a good one to turn up may be no different than waiting for a new scope. If bought second hand from an imager (who is willing to show images taken with the scope) it can be less hassle than buying new. I’ve recently gone down that route and don’t regret it. Especially with recent posts regarding issues with new optics. Good luck on your search.
  23. Thanks for the heads up regarding the set up guides. I have several now, one is 23 pages long and is the quick guide to installation which is kind of helpful but more related to the previous model to mine. I have another, some 230 pages and is the Sitech Operations manual, updated October 2009? And lastly a 9 page quick set up guide that is very specific to the e200 which I used last night to assemble my mount. Many thanks to everyone that have sent me these documents recently. Trying to get my head around offset innit etc
  24. It’s a long time @ollypenrice since she has been anywhere, but bless it just made me chuckle. Especially when she said ‘it doesn’t look a lot for 6k’! Her opinion improved marginally when it was assembled. Not looking forward to the battle with Sitech and all the associated software. I’m a little like you, I hope my meagre IT skills are not taxed too much in talking to the mount and setting it up.
  25. Delivered yesterday by Bernard, in several boxes. As the missus said looks like a few boxes of scrap metal Before and after assembly. Installation documents and PSU to arrive in the next few days. Managed to get it assembled by looking at various pictures on the internet and the ‘simple assembly guide’ on Mesus website.
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