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  1. It is just bored journalists having to come up with something fresh to grab attention now they are bored by the pandemic.
  2. For handheld use, you might like to consider a lower magnification. Perhaps a 7x50. You'll get a nice bright, wide field of view. At x10 and certainly at x15 you might have trouble with the wobbles unless you support them with a stand or tripod.
  3. I was very happy with the star I was given. I realised it did not have any reality, but appreciated the sentiments of the gift giver, who saw it as as a nice way to reflect their wishes towards me while at the same time reflecting my interest in astronomy.
  4. Wow! Sounds like good value. A Galaxy for the price of a star!!
  5. Was there a 'don't forget the checklist' in there anywhere?
  6. People can claim what they like. It doesn't mean anything. Best to ignore them and NEVER give them any of your hard won cash!
  7. The one I was given was INSIDE our galaxy! Was I swindled?!
  8. I got one of these certificates as a gift. It may not be official, but it is thoughtful gift that people enjoy giving. Who is to say that any catalogue by Earthlings will be recognised by the Galactic Governing Council anyway?
  9. If in doubt, get a GOTO mount, then you have the option of using or not. If you go for manual only you may be kicking yourself later.
  10. Sometimes mine goes off if I touch the power cable. I think the power lead connector that plugs into the black box thing is not making very reliable contact.
  11. I found the focus controller ran down the 9v battery in a few days even when not in use.... the circuit board was drawing current from the battery constantly. Fitting a small on/off switch in one of the battery wires fixed the problem.
  12. I think the mirrors are okay, so using a decent eyepiece should give some nice views. The mount probably leaves a bit to be desired, but for the price you can't expect a lot.
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