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  1. Bahtinov mask from FLO Guide to using one Use you camera in live view if you have the screen. You can then zoom in and get a good accurate look at whats looking like.
  2. Saw this pop up on the Facebook page. Its to coincide with backyard astronomy week and seems like a good way for people starting out to get going. Sky at Night back garden astronomy guide
  3. Ive got a half moon shot i might be able to use. and the two cutouts i think are over triming after a stacking.
  4. Is always check you've done everything you needed before finishing a session. Then check again. Otherwise......... 25 Pane Mosiac failure. I didnt bother to finish getting the panes perfect after i found my mistake. ?
  5. InterestingNot sure what a Snap port looks like. I have the V4 handset which has the two ports. One for power the other i have a 9 pin serial cable that came with it. Then on the box i have a port for handset, power and autoguider.
  6. If i can use it from the PC in the house i just need wifi for the camera and no laptop outside.
  7. Wow, Didnt even know this was a thing. Onto the shopping list it goes.
  8. Hi Johnny, It can all seem daunting and frustrating at times. Any pictures you can supply of what you see through the eyepiece ( Use you mobile camera over the eyepiece, or a rough sketch ) and also your set-up on your focuser to maybe see what @Ricochet is identifying.
  9. Danny83uk


    Mostly moon and scenic images
  10. The best results ive found when imaging the moon has been to use a video and then run that through Registax. it helps to clean up the image and remove some of that shake.
  11. Ive got the lower of the two in the image and can confirm it unscrews at the join just above the writing. Hope this helps.
  12. Nice scope, Was my first. A good all round scope for local and deep sky. Clock drive can be a bit jumpy at times if your looking at imaging. It doesnt say anything about eyepieces included even though there is one in the image so id ask that question before you buy, otherwise you'll have to spend £40-50 on an EP (and you might need a few) The one i got came with a 10mm, 25mm and 2x barlow.
  13. Does anyone know if the Sky-Watcher EvoGuide 50ED Guidescope & ZWO ASI120MM Bundle would work on a Standard EQ5 mount. I DON'T have the PRO version.
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