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  1. For me personally in uk clear nights are few and far between so I would go for colour and the 2600mc is an amazing camera if you have good clear skies then a mono could be considered .
  2. Polar align using sharpcap , no bending down on knees no need to use polar scope as all done using your guide scope,more likely star trails are caused by polar alignment error sharpcap will help solve that combined with guiding set your latitude in every program that asks for it , download phd2 and configure to your setup ,camera etc read up on phd2 website, plenty of info on YouTube,you will be able to see phd2 graph in Apt , configure apt for your camera , scope fl etc in profile you can have multiple profiles depending how many scopes cameras you have but make sure on the night you have the right profile selected ,download ASTAP and use that for your platesolving within Apt ,all programs need some sort of setting up so do each program and check platesolving is working by solving an image you have taken makes it less frustrating on the night so one program at a time , set apt up first and get platesolving working with Astap , then move on to phd2.
  3. What about this if you can put in the shed and run 12v to mount https://www.firstlightoptics.com/power-accessories/nevada-ps-08-6a-8a-regulated-linear-power-supply.html
  4. Try rotating ota upside down so knobs don’t foul the dovetail , long term is to use two metal blocks (risers) to lift ota high enough to clear dovetail , secondly what software are you using for capture you have a few options , the asair pro as recommended by others it’s compact but does lock you in to zwo products which is fine if you haven’t purchased any cameras yet ,note DSLR cameras are fine primarily guide cameras and cooled cameras , or go via ascom and use Nina or ASTROPHOTOGRAPYTOOL , I use Apt via a laptop both can use platesolving and I use sharpcap pro to polar align (£10) yearly subscription there are many options available.
  5. Upload to Dropbox then share link .
  6. By chance did you have a bright star in the Fov ? , maybe worth reading the threads on Apt forum.
  7. Bought many items , check their joining date and selling history , many sgl users post in their online name too , never had any problem so far.
  8. The best workaround is to use a computer that can utilise the power of the Gpu version, there is a lot of number crunching hence Ivo has already set the best route in developing the gpu version first, I will try on my processing pc later on my laptop yes it takes time but to be expected on a pc without a dedicated gpu . regards Dave
  9. Why do you need to run as administrator
  10. Stephens quintet 2.5rs zwo533mc taken during the week 200pds conditions not brilliant but hey ho , stacked in DSS processing inStartools .
  11. Using the slew buttons in Eqmod ,setting to slew speed 4 does it respond correctly or is it a backlash problem.
  12. I use Anydesk for my imaging pc I leave my pc on in the shed but I think Anydesk will wake on Lan if you put into sleep mode and connection via laptop in house I don’t log out but if you do it’s only a matter of logging in once Anydesk connects to the imaging pc .
  13. Bear in mind he’s a teacher by day so school work may bog him down .
  14. Juan at cheap Astro photography does a great job , he modded my 1000d and also replaced a damaged filter on my non modded 500D dslr done a great job considering the screws were rusted and he replaced the carriage inside from one of his I assume old parts cameras .
  15. Nowt wrong with that it was travelling at 17000 mph lols I took an image once looked like a stars wars fighter I’d be chuffed at that your workmates will be in Awe at that
  16. Sw200pds,zwo533mc L -Extreme filter 8.5 hrs over 5 nights processing in Startools , darks used no flats
  17. Did you sample stars for colour? Core showing Green try sampling a selection of the core for colour then press sample m31 works quite well this way and use the rgb sample to see if green channel is dominant then knock green channel down until you see green almost disappear that a nice image well done .
  18. You need a cover that will cover your largest scope to within 6” of floor
  19. I run Startools on the gpu version and it’s blisteringly fast on my lads old gaming pc .
  20. Just make sure there is air flow on underneath don’t tie it up , and a pc fan can be fitted underneath be it on the pier or in my case on the primary mirror of my newt just to keep air flow moving .
  21. Can’t speak for other makes but my telegizmo has served my well inner lining starting to wear due to weight of cover , but I’d buy again and I’ve had it a few years maybe 4 or 5 .
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